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I went to the Centrepoint Mall the other day and saw this bright EAT BKK Thai kitchen & bar sign from across the mall. Has anyone tried it? I saw a bit of the inside and the decoration looks interesting.


Only place I've found is Little Nickys, which are great.


Other than the Drake Hotel itself, of course


The guy who runs this place is an absolute sweetheart, a family man and class act. And the rotis are delicious. Everyone in the west end should go support his business.Venas restaurant roti review


Hi folks! wondering what coconut milk/spice voodoo happens in restaurant kitchens. I'm never able to recreate the same flavour in my home cooking experiments- particularly the watery/gummy/sweet coconut milk cans.


Hi! I'll be travelling to Toronto and I am looking for really epic foods like biggest pizza or like a feast. Please help for recommendations!


Everyone seems to have their favourite place for KFC, whats the consensus? I'm personally a big fan of Galleria's "mom KFC" and the Apkujung at Yonge and Steeles. Got a favourite place?


Did anyone ever eat at a Pakistani restaurant on Gerrard at Coxwell called 'The New G Ali Baba'? It closed maybe 4 years ago and I have dreamed about it ever since. They had the best rogan josh and chicken korma anywhere, and an amazing yogurt-y sauce, and it was cheap. I have not been able to recapture the magic. Looking for recommendations of best Pakistani food- doesn't have to be downtown, will travel. Scarborough? Brampton? Please help!!


Hi folks, asides from the articles from Narcity, TorontoLife etc, anyone know of any hidden restaurant gems? Something unique? A farm restaurant like Eigensinn? Looking north of Brampton up to Collingwood. Thanks!


Looking for everyone’s favourite spot for buck a shuck oysters on any specific day. Especially weekends!



Hi :) I am new to this city and really craving for good Indian street food! Can you recommend me your favorites?


My Wife and I are planning a small backyard wedding this August for 70 people and are looking for a Caterer. We've had Food Dudes at her staff party and it wasn't for us. We're looking for something a bit more refined but haven't tried any other caterer. hopping FoodToronto had some recommendations.

Edit: Thank you everyone! I'm going to ask for quotes this week and try and book some tastings with some of the recommended Caterers. Right now we are considering Daniel et Daniel Catering, Leat and Anthony Rose. I'll update the post after the tastings!

Edit 2 - 01.26.2018: We had our tasting with Daniel et Daniel Catering yesterday and it was phenomenal! Will update after the next tastings with Leat and Anthony.


Had some great ajiaco (chicken and potato stew) while I was in Colombia over Christmas, and would love to duplicate this recipe at home.

While most of the ingredients are very easy to find, guascas (a dried herb) is a must for this recipe to work, and I was wondering where to find it in TO. Thanks in advance!


Anyone have a suggestion of where to get good authentic chorizo in toronto?? Potentially vacuum packed as I was planning to fly with it

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