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Feel free to jump in and contribute or comment. We don't bite. This is a very low key, low volume sub. If you want to link to your own work, that's totally fine.

Please drop us a line or comment here if you have any questions. And tell your friends!


This is a total long shot, but I'm going to try anyway.

My girlfriend follows food writing very closely, and she has every issue of the magazine Cherry Bombe except for the first. As a birthday gift, I'm hoping to track down a copy of that first issue to surprise her. It is completely sold out on the internet aside from someone trying to sell a severely worn copy on eBay. I am not sure where to go after the internet as the food scene is not a place I frequent.

I'm hoping someone here knows someone with this specific issue and is willing to sell it? I am certainly willing to pay someone for their copy and look forward to negotiating that price once I locate the person. Any ideas?


I've had a lot of questions from friends asking me what it's like to spend some Christmases with family in Goa, so I thought I'd write a piece about it. I hope you'll find it both parts enlightening and entertaining.

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A subreddit to share links and discuss food writing. We like to cook, we love to eat, and when we're not cooking or eating, we love to read about food!

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