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Posted byCheckmate, Schwarzkopf!1 year ago
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Greetings, beloved Frasier Fans! Thank you for all your great content, spot-on references, impeccable memes, and interesting insights into this excellent series. I appreciate you all very much and am proud to be Corkmaster of this fine club!

This post is regarding highly common posts. The following come up very often, frequently by new members, which is understandable, but to keep the subreddit from having tons of redundant content, the following will be removed (at least for a little while) if they are posted:

- New Additions:

"Was Bulldog one of the main cast or meant to have a bigger role? He's in all the promotional materials and DVD covers!

Photos of products just because they were featured/mentioned in the show are low-content and just show you went to the grocery store -- Examples: Orangina, a mélange, paté -- sherry might be alright if you specify the brand/kind and give a review.

  • I hate (Does anyone else hate) that they made Daphne fat(?)

  • Who was your favorite/least favorite woman for Frasier?

  • Who should Frasier have ended up with?

  • Who was your favorite/least favorite recurring/minor/one-time character?

  • Lilith/Mel wasn't so bad, right?

  • The tunneling electron microscope quote/video post

  • Niles' physical comedy scene in Three Valentines

  • Frasier's Condo Floor Plan

  • Who could have played Maris?, posting dogs saying they're Maris

  • "Flesh Is Burning, na-na-na-na-na-na"

  • "What's new? I'm listenin'..."

  • Actors in other shows/movies (yes, Frasier was not the only place they appeared and a quick trip to IMDB will give you anyone's full filmography)

Multiple instances of these are posted weekly. I just saw one that was posted twice in the same day. Things being posted multiple times is totally fine, new people want to engage in discussion and read the opinions of others, but these particular ones have been beaten to death. If you'd like to see input on these matters, you may search for them and find tons of posts/comments on the topics.

Remember: Champagne after sherry makes tummy grow wary.


Roz has slowly turned into one of my favorite characters. Her struggling to grow older and finally coming to terms with it and enjoying life regardless really has helped me through some difficult transitions. And As a single woman I can also relate to her character from her enjoying single life to her struggling with loneliness and breakups. Love this show.

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Posted byDear god, there's my rosemary bread!1 day ago

"You take the one thing I love and you heeeave it out the window!!!"


Yeah, that's the best title I could come up with...

Ok, so the other day a co-worker of mine was reading her Bible out loud in the office we share (she was on the phone with someone). It was before working hours and I'm Christian as well. Anyway, she was reading it in French since she is from Haiti. All of a sudden I start thinking about Frasier's speech in Klyngon during Freddy's bar mitzvah. I can just barely hold in the laughter. I had no problem with what she was doing. It's just that it reminded me so much of that speech, which was hilarious.

Another time I heard my coworker one office over speaking to an automated system. I hear her making the choices by saying the option #s. Then I hear her say "Representative" pause RRE-PPRE-SSEENN-TTAAA-TTIIIVVE!!!!“ I cracked up so hard!!! 😆😆😆

Have you guys experienced any moments like that where something that someone says or does cues the Frasier fanatic in you and you just crack up?


Duke offers the boys a Boilermaker, at which they predictably look down their noses. When Martin reveals in his toast that Duke's is being torn down by Meadow Wood Properties, the boys are so taken aback that they shoot the whiskey without even taking the chaser.

This seems like something Frasier would be able to tolerate more so than Niles, but even the latter does it, too. And this is all before they ask for a second. Little intricacies about this show make it all worth rewatching endless times.

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Hi all!

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this here, but I (a psychologist) have started a youtube show in which I answer questions people send to me during the week. Frasier made me want to study psychology, now I'm doing this. Join the KACL-ish community!

This is the latest video (question about psychoanalysis and sex)


I just finished watching the last episode for the nth time, and it still makes me tear up. I don't know why I don't get tired of Frasier no matter how many times I rewatch it. I hope I never do. I think that its themes of family, friendship and (frustrating) love isn't uncommon in sitcoms.

But recently I've been able to relate to it more than I used to when I was younger. Currently I'm in a foreign country, looking for employment so that I can stay here. I quit my job to come here, so it's quite a big risk. One that I'm not sure how it will turn out, but I'm hoping for the best. There were some upheavals in my family in the last 6 months, and like the characters in Frasier, we are all going our own ways. Of course we'll still meet for holidays and talk on the phone, but it's different. Just a bit sadder, I guess.

So how about you? What are your reasons for not getting tired of the show? :)


Hey all, I just wanted to ask if any of you knows what Randy says regarding car maintenance when he says something to the effect of "If there's one thing you should get out of this class, that would be it." --- what is that one thing??? I wish I could hear it.

Frasier and Niles are quibbling over orchestras so I can never make out what the instructor says. (Also with Frasier so clearly wrong about the percussion section).

Posted byTofu, putty, oatmeal, almond, harvest wheat, and buff.3 days ago

Hi guys,

With /u/K3R3G3 's permission, I am posting my recently published longread on Frasier for Little White Lies magazine. I agonised over this, trying to immortalise once and for all what this show means to me, so I hope I've done it proud.

I'd love for you guys to check this out and let me know your thoughts, let's just have a giant celebration of this show on it's anniversary. Post your favourite moments, lines, clips, trivia, anything!

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

All the best,


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