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I'm not a violent man, but I will page Sanchez.
10 months ago
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Greetings, beloved Frasier Fans! Thank you for all your great content, spot-on references, impeccable memes, and interesting insights into this excellent series. I appreciate you all very much and am proud to be Corkmaster of this fine club!

This post is regarding highly common posts. The following come up very often, frequently by new members, which is understandable, but to keep the subreddit from having tons of redundant content, the following will be removed (at least for a little while) if they are posted:

  • Who was your favorite/least favorite woman for Frasier?

  • Who should Frasier have ended up with?

  • Who was your favorite/least favorite recurring/minor/one-time character?

  • Lilith/Mel wasn't so bad, right?

  • The tunneling electron microscope quote/video post

  • Niles' physical comedy scene in Three Valentines

  • Frasier's Condo Floor Plan

  • Who could have played Maris?

  • Actors in other shows/movies (yes, Frasier was not the only place they appeared and a quick trip to IMDB will give you anyone's full filmography)

Multiple instances of these are posted weekly. I just saw one that was posted twice in the same day. Things being posted multiple times is totally fine, new people want to engage in discussion and read the opinions of others, but these particular ones have been beaten to death. If you'd like to see input on these matters, you may search for them and find tons of posts/comments on the topics. Plenty are well under 6 months old so you can still reply to anyone who posted there to discuss, if you are so inclined.

Remember: Champagne after sherry makes tummy grow wary.


I’ve noticed a recurring theme of characters planning their own jokes for later. The ones I’ve found so far are:

Martin telling Daphne “we can’t all be as chaste and restrained as the royal family” then saying “I’ve been saving it!”

Frasier saying about Martin going hunting that he’ll “grouse about the grouse and carp about the carp” then explaining “there was traffic” when asked if he rehearsed it

Frasier saying “Que Serat Serat” about missing a Serat exhibit and Faye saying “Yeah, that was funnier the first time”

Which ones am I missing? I want to collect them all lol


Hands down. There's no reason for her to exist other than to occasionally reference Roz being a kickass single mother or whatever. In "Love Stinks" they do that from-the-mouths-of-babes thing where Roz is trying to explain why she can't date the garbage man and Alice asks why a trillion times and says "Rodthjer" with that insufferable kid lisp and I have to fast-forward through it every time. I can't stand that kid. It was super lame how they just skirted the issue with the father too!


"Of course, you are! You should not worry about that"

Summarizes my attitude to elitism

Posted by1 day agoGilded1

Okay so I took pics of the entire pivotal scene. There's also a bit of the dance which is different from what we see on television, and a slightly different version of Daphne admitting her feeling for Niles (plus a slightly different Frasier "boutonniere" line):

And some quick trivia facts:

1) Annie and Roz's ex are engaged, not just dating.

2) The reason Roz doesn't want to go with Frasier isn't a consistency error, it's specifically because she doesn't want to be seen with her boss in front of her ex.

3) In the original draft Niles leaves his cell phone at Frasier's apartment that's why he comes back to get it apparently. There's some dialogue about it. And it's why Daphne isn't able to call him while he's away with Mel. He calls Frasier at work to tell him he'll be over to get it.

4) On the day where Daphne is waiting for Niles to arrive to talk to him, Donny also comes to the apartment. She sends him away.

5) Daphne is snacking on leftover lasagne rather than cookies, and then potato chips.

6) Roz brings Frasier scones as a peace offering to win him back as her wedding date (the bit where Frasier says "you want me back don't you" and she says "and I'm sick about it!" etc.)

7) Frasier's date is "Leslie Collins" from his wine club.

8) Mrs. Moon insinuates Simon swiped grammy Moon's wedding ring off of her finger at her wake.

9) Roz tells her ex Tim Walsh that Simon is taking her to Paris for their three monthaversary, and asks Tim if she can get him anything from Paris.

10) Phil Corbett a famous weatherman is there, and there's a recurring joke about how handsome he is.

There are other minor tidbits here and there, slightly altered lines. But mostly the same. Also a joke about Daphne's brothers peeing on people's shoes that are left outside for shining, and using suspenders to launch food into one of Daphne's relative's cleavage while she's asleep.

I was also quite surprised that in this version Frasier admits to Niles that he was the one who told Daphne.

P.S. Thank you for the gold whoever gave it to me, much appreciated :)

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The Fine Arts Forgery Department
1 day ago

It's one of the times Frasier is telling Niles about a criticism he received and Niles says something like 'I can't believe they said something so mean and so very accurate' but in a much better way. It's not the episode where there's a poem on the bathroom wall about Frasier, it might be one of the episodes where Frasier gets into it with the newspaper guy (is that just one episode or is there more than one?).


If anyone else has prime, Cheers is on Amazon Prime and Frasier makes his debut in season 3 episode 1.


Imagine my surprise when out of the mouth of this unsuspecting alien came the voice of none other than our beloved Dan Bulter! He plays such a Bulldog-esk character too, and shapeshifts so if you've ever wanted to see Bulldog as a sexy zombie alien now is your chance! Episode is season 4 episode 20, vis a vis of Star Trek Voyager.


S4, E24. frasier gets a message from an unknown person (laura) who has called by mistake looking for a ride from the airport. in the message, she gives her flight information- american airlines flight 11. the same exact flight david angell (frasier creator and executive producer) was on when he died on 9/11, about 4 years later


What's the point of wiping down objects he deems unsanitary if he's just going to put the hankie back into his pocket? Does he not know how germs are transferred? Does his hankie have special disinfectant properties that we don't know about? Seems like he would realize he's just transferring germs to a cloth and putting it back into his pocket.


I was reading the article (more like a collection of memes) in the link pasted below and it got me thinking - would Frasier survive in the new PC culture? For example, Niles makes many jokes about MPD, OCD, sexual addiction and such jokes probably wouldn't fly today. Article:


Frasier is having Coffee with Marty and then Marty storms off saying "I know why you say I'm listening, because you always are".

Well, then Frasier gets up and sees a couple of guys sniggering, he shouts at them then they sign something to each other and Frasier leaves in shame.

Does anyone know what they said?


I decided to create a game. It's modeled after the one Frasier and company were playing in the Room Full of Heroes episode.

To keep it uncluttered, I'l reply to my own message to get the ball rolling and reply to that with your answers. If you want to add your own to keep the game going, just respond to this message. We'll then reply to yours with an answer.


In one episode, when Niles makes some joke about Roz's "promiscuity" and Roz Niles kisses him, Niles says "EVERYBODY kisses better than Maris!"....implying there may be more people? Kinda implies he's maybe kissed a few other women....Behind Maris' back?

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I'm not a violent man, but I will page Sanchez.
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