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This subreddit is dedicated to those of us who are catfree and wish to remain so, it is also for people who dislike, hate, or just don't care for the creatures.

Don't come here if you love cats and wish to argue or change the minds of users who do not feel the same way. If you do like cats but wish to actively participate in discussions regarding them or how they impact others' lives then feel free as long as you are respectful and willing to acknowledge our users are not bad people for disliking cats.


There's this weird office (?????) space on a busy main street here, and they appear to have gotten a black cat. Dumb thing looks absolutely miserable to be stuck in the office after everyone else has gone home.

It has decided to take out its rage on every single fucking passing dog. The place has these big glass doors and it just lays inside, pressed up against the glass. Until it sees a dog. Then it goes from 100% chill to 0 chills at all and tries to smack every dog it sees. You'd think it would remember the fucking glass, but nope. I literally watched this fucker try to hit my dog, bash its paw into the glass, pause, and do it all over again a good 6 times. Such smart animals. This dumb thing is gonna break its foot one day.

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Ugh. My mom really pissed me the fuck off.

Apparently, one of her friends is an irresponsible sack of shit and lets her unspayed female cat roam.

Surprising fucking no one, her cat had kittens. All but two were claimed. My mom decided to try and bribe/guilt trip me with fucking kittens.

What did she want in return for the kittens?

Bitch wants me to re-home all my birds.

All fourteen birds.

For animals I don't even want.

Because the kitty witties need homes.

Sure, mom. Let's displace FOURTEEN ANIMALS to give TWO homes. That's the fucking responsible thing to do here.

Fourteen birds who I've devoted my life to for two kittens I don't even know.

'Oh but they're babieeeeesddddssssdctfhtgtgd'.

Five of my birds are babies. I'm not getting rid of baby animals for baby animals.

Fuck you.

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Cats aren’t for everybody.

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