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When Walter was presumed to be deleted the at the relative time of the occurrence of his would-be inoculation in the final episode around 2015, it was because September/Donald was shot by someone due to the delay caused by Windmark.

This could have easily been prevented by Olivia allowing Peter to keep the Observer Implant Technology, and executing his intention of destroying Windmark.

Losing September would not have been damaging since he would cease to exist altogether, he would have never been grown either way. Walter would continue to exist from birth to his ceased-existence. September was disposable because either future would result in his nonexistence.

Also, there were inconsistencies in the ways that Cortexephan was described to work. It was stated in the episode where Olivia was captured by "Walternate" that Cortexephan was not the direct cause of her abilities, but rather caused synthetic pathways to form in her brain.

There were a number of other inconsistencies that I noticed (almost all of them at the end of season 4 and through 5) that could have easily been resolved, and potentially kept the show greenlit for a season 6.

Either way, it's the best show I've watched. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


So I’m up to the season premiere of season 3 on my first watch-through. If I’m not mistaken, this episode immediately follows from the season 2 finale.

In that finale, the Charlie Francis from the other universe had a shaved haircut, but in this season 3 premiere his hair is like that of the Charlie from the prime universe. Is this an error?


So, I'm rewatching season 2 of the show right now, and I'm af the point where the gang are going after T. J. N.

S02E19, Walter explains how Newton is going to open the door to the other side using something akin to three harmonic rods producing vibration set in a triangle. Moreover, he says that the vibrations could be deadly to people affected by it. A policeman from the main universe disintegrates due to the vibration. But Peter, as he's from the other side, doesn't. We also see at the end of the episode that Walternate, who's crossed over, is in a very unstable condition.

My question is, Newton is using the same method that our Walter devised. He stole Walter's brain pieces to figure out the method. But, as seen in the flashback in 'Peter', Walter travels to the other side quite easily. We don't see him prepare a triangle over Lake Reiden (although, it could've happened offscreen) and he is perfectly fine after crossing over, there is no harmful effects on his body. Moreover, he's able to bring Peter along with him, and the vibrations don't prove fatal to either of them.

Why is Newton's way of crossing over so much more difficult than Walter's when it is in essence, the same method that both of them used??


A great moment shared between Walter and Walternate.


Walter gives Astrid a little wink and a smile.


Does anyone know where I can find a site to watch Fringe online or download? I can't even find it to stream via Fox streaming service... And I can't find it to sell anymore in my country :/


Rewound to screen cap these detectives in the background while Walter does his own detective work on a video recording of an Observer.


Fringe is a fractal--multiple iterations of a similar set of problems, with the players moved around the board and the roles of villain, victim, and hero swapped. Season 4 is a brief retelling of Seasons 1-3 with every character's arc a mirror of their motivations and back-stories from the earlier seasons, and the larger themes are mirrored as well. Themes of single episodes recur, though conceptually and structurally inverted: And Those We've Left Behind and White Tulip are the same episode, every plot point replaced with it's exact opposite (person causing the problem wearing a Faraday Cage replaced with person who solves it wearing one, the husband developed the tech in one, the wife did in the other, etc...). As for the mirroring of larger themes between S1-3 and S4, a two-universe war where both Walters want a single Peter who's not supposed to exist for a very specific reason is replaced by a two-universe detente where neither Walter wants a Peter who's not supposed to exist for a completely different reason. A wary man warming up to his biological father/mad-but-good scientist is replaced by a trusting woman learning her adoptive mother/sane-but-evil scientist is a worse person than she believed. Cortexiphan helped Olivia jump between two universes, it helps Peter to stay in one. There are very on-the-nose literal inversions and more subtle conceptual ones. Overlaid atop one another, S1-3, S4, and S5 fill in the negative spaces left by their counterparts. Are there any other interesting dualities of motivation or theme or plot-line that you can find? Point them out in the comments!


What are the chances of a UHD release? I see Game of Thrones is having a season 1 4k rerelease. Would be interesting to hear of any movement on Fringe rerelease?


Captured this during my rewatch. With Peter erased from existence, the merged worlds have kept the price of gas very cheap!

Fringe S4E2


I'm enjoying a rewatch of the series. I had forgotten that it's young Olivia Dunham who first mentions an Alternate Universe to Walternate, putting that idea into his head...


It is one of favorite tv shows. Every episode a new case to solve, and all of that leading up to something big.
Anna Torv as Olivia was amazing, such a likeable character.
The thing that makes this show different is that it's deep dive into modern science.
And that classic line "Walter, are you telling me ....."
left me wishing for more.
EDIT : I went through most of comments and I am really glad so many others love and remember the show.
One can debate the quality of some seasons, but despite that show was one of its own. Such likeable characters.
So happy that there is still love for FRINGE.

13.0k points

I miss this show.

I want my wife to watch it, as she's never even heard of it, but I'm having trouble finding it so far.

Am I just going to have to buy the dvds?

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