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How Graphene Transforms the Industries of the Future and Why the Time is Now with John Lettow of Vorbeck

John Lettow is the co-founder and President of Vorbeck (@vorbeck), a high tech graphene materials startup that’s raised over $20.7M to bring the promising future of graphene to today. Today they have several product lines focused on antennas, RFIDs, wearables, conductive ink and of course composites.

NOTE: Vorbeck’s proprietary graphene material Vor-x® was developed in the Chemical Engineering Laboratories of Princeton University. The Princeton team’s pioneering work enables large-scale production of graphene, of which Vorbeck owns an exclusive license on the patented graphene technology.

Prior to Vorbeck, John was a cofounder and manager of core technology development for H2Gen Innovations. John has also performed extensive research on nano-materials and materials process development while doing his PhD at MIT, Masters at Cambridge and undergrad at Princeton.

In our wide-ranging conversation, we cover many things, including:

  • How graphene is poised to transform numerous industries
  • Why graphene has taken awhile to come to market and where science fails
  • The exciting advances in meta-materials and material science and what it means for society
  • Why better tires trumps better batteries for fuel efficiency
  • How to commercialize university research
  • The future of wearable tech clothing and when it will happen
  • Why John is tired of today’s consumer waste economy, and how to fix it
  • How lifecycle design can decrease waste and increase function
  • Why John is a bit worried about privacy in today’s social media era
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