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∞ transit umbra, lux permanet ☥Original Poster4 points · 1 year ago

I can understand technology streamlining the process, but as long as it is directed by the capitalist mode of distribution it will be be unlikely.

I'm thankful Capitalism has got us as far as it has. That said while I don't think it's going to disappear - it's an almost certainty that it's future is very much that of the junior partner in how we run our economies.

As paradoxical as it seems - Capitalism has dug itself into a corner it can't escape.

I'll refer you to my previous reply here. Capitalism as we know it cannot exist in a world where Robots/AI do most work - its structurally impossible.

Just as well we soon won't need it as much - as AI takes over more and more of the economy - what it provides constantly deflates in price towards free.

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Capitalism dug itself into the corner that Marx said it would over a century ago. It was a predictable trajectory with a lot of terrible consequences for many people.

What seems to be replacing capitalism is an oligarchy. Those with money pay the people with guns to protect the system that legitimizes the money. Absent some massive revolution and overthrow of the current power and wealth holders, technology that is developed will either be used directly against the people (drones in warfare, spying, manipulating opinion) or indirectly (people are required to have a personal phone to maintain employment thus have one more bill to pay keeping the wealthy rich.)

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