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BI + Automation = Creativity Explosion7 points · 1 year ago

Heyo! I think 2016 is the first year we saw energy companies starting to feel threatened by solar, or at least the first year that their realization started to take effect. A lot of states in the US that were solar friendly started to see laws where the users couldn't sell back their energy to the grid and other changes that made solar a less useful investment, especially while still paying for grid maintenance and usage when solar didn't cut it.

Please also note that the article you've linked says that one of the reasons investment fell is because prices fell. Eg, even while the solar industry grew, companies could buy more for less, so meeting their targets of acquiring could be met with less investment.

Ofc it's not all sunny roses, but to me this seems like a road bump rather than a change in direction or speed. I've taken this big dip in solar to invest in it heavily - putting my money where my mouth is :).

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How are you investing? Setting up panels? Buying stock? Just curious.

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BI + Automation = Creativity Explosion3 points · 1 year ago

I'm big into etfs because I can buy and sell them easily in my discount brokerage account. I bought TAN which is the more popular (not necessarily better) solar aggregate ETF. It means I'm less invested in one company and more in the whole solar industry, which I think will skyrocket over the next 15 years.

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