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The path to 1.5¢/kWh solar power, and lower. 24¢/w solar panels and utility scale fixed-tilt systems at $0.70/W by 2022. Average solar panel efficiency 20%, and single axis trackers using bifacial solar panels brings capacity factor to 38%. With tax credit - 1.1¢/kWh.

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The year you break ground in matters - 12/31/2021 means you get 22%, as long as you complete before 12/31/2023.

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  • It's already economically irrational to use trackers in Canada. Just add more panels, it's cheaper.

  • Efficiencies are between 16-21% for available premium panels.

  • The problem with solar/wind/etc. is reliability and storage (see the "duck curve problem")

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That’s called an opportunity, not a problem.

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At 1.5¢/kWh a Kilogram of hydrogen would cost ~75¢ (add a few cents for compression) (50 kWh/Kg)

At that price, a full tank on a Mirai or Clarity would cost less than $5.00 - and that $5.00 would move 4 adults and a 4,000 pound car ~300 miles.

Maybe Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and Mercedes aren't so dumb about hydrogen after all.

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No they aren't dumb about hydrogen. The hydrogen would cost more than 75¢, like maybe 2$ but that's still cheaper than gasoline. Hydrogen economy is much closer than it seems and there needs to be more public awareness.

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More importantly: what are the numbers like without government subsidy?

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It says it right there at the start of the article - 1.5¢/kWh

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Do you mean the the trillions of dollars car and oil companies have received?

You're right, the world would look different without these numbers.

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TBH, the world would be better off if the governments stopped handing out public tax dollars to multi-billion dollar corporations in every industry.

I live in Alberta, and I can confirm that government is in fact doing this with oil here, so this guy's not wrong.

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Here is another study, IMF.

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