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The path to 1.5¢/kWh solar power, and lower. 24¢/w solar panels and utility scale fixed-tilt systems at $0.70/W by 2022. Average solar panel efficiency 20%, and single axis trackers using bifacial solar panels brings capacity factor to 38%. With tax credit - 1.1¢/kWh.

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The year you break ground in matters - 12/31/2021 means you get 22%, as long as you complete before 12/31/2023.

  • It's already economically irrational to use trackers in Canada. Just add more panels, it's cheaper.

  • Efficiencies are between 16-21% for available premium panels.

  • The problem with solar/wind/etc. is reliability and storage (see the "duck curve problem")

That’s called an opportunity, not a problem.

At 1.5¢/kWh a Kilogram of hydrogen would cost ~75¢ (add a few cents for compression) (50 kWh/Kg)

At that price, a full tank on a Mirai or Clarity would cost less than $5.00 - and that $5.00 would move 4 adults and a 4,000 pound car ~300 miles.

Maybe Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and Mercedes aren't so dumb about hydrogen after all.

No they aren't dumb about hydrogen. The hydrogen would cost more than 75¢, like maybe 2$ but that's still cheaper than gasoline. Hydrogen economy is much closer than it seems and there needs to be more public awareness.

More importantly: what are the numbers like without government subsidy?

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It says it right there at the start of the article - 1.5¢/kWh

Do you mean the the trillions of dollars car and oil companies have received?

You're right, the world would look different without these numbers.

TBH, the world would be better off if the governments stopped handing out public tax dollars to multi-billion dollar corporations in every industry.

I live in Alberta, and I can confirm that government is in fact doing this with oil here, so this guy's not wrong.

Here is another study, IMF.

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