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The U.K. Just Went 55 Hours Without Using Coal for the First Time in History by Electric_Bicyle_9581Tomorrow in Futurology

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Eh no the UK formed through the joining of England and Scotland. Begone you welsh swine

Ketamine has "shown promise" in the rapid treatment of major depression and suicidal thoughts, a US study says. The double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study found use of the drug via a nasal spray led to "significant" improvements in depressive symptoms in the first 24 hours. by mveaMD-PhD-MBA in Futurology

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Right, I think it's akin to saying a diabetic is addicted to insulin, or an asthmatic to albuterol. People with depression already have a hard enough time as it is, comments like the above undermine the legitimacy of the disease, which is the last thing people with depression need.

Young people worldwide take up climate activism. Half the world’s population is now younger than 30 — and those youth are becoming increasingly powerful political and social advocates for action, including on climate change by Wagamaga in Futurology

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Also not specifically Africa. But when we blame the likes of China and India having higher carbon emissions overall than Western Countries we ignore that fact that on top of outsourcing a lot of our jobs, we also outsourced a lot of our pollution.

Guy tests to see if Google is always listening to your microphone. Results are scary. Is this where we are heading? by dailydiscipline in Futurology

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You cannot run wireshark on your mobile phone and unless you have a network configured properly and a good network card in your desktop, you can't necessarily see all the traffic on your network using wireshark.

That's completely irrelevant - the point is that it would require nobody on the entire internet to be able to promiscuously sniff their network traffic for someone to be able to get away with this kind of shenanigans.

It's not a question of how easy it is for the average user to spot - it's whether any of the thousands of independent security professionals in the world could have spotted it (many of whom are professionally paranoid, and watch their internal network traffic like a hawk) because as soon as one does, every other one in the world could trivially replicate their results and cause a privacy shitstorm of unprecedented proportions.

Legal marijuana is set to hit $75 billion in sales by 2030, according to a note from analysts at the investment bank Cowen. Weed is already putting pressure on alcohol sales. In states that have legalized marijuana, binge drinking rates are declining. by mveaMD-PhD-MBA in Futurology

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I've seen first hand what alcoholism does to a family and I'd rather have had a stoner for a father.

e: for everyone wanting to play at devil's advocate and contrarian, don't. While I'm sure there's instances out there, marijuana didn't help my father's depression and anger work themselves out physically on my mother, sister and me to the point of hospitalization, and then after emerging from jail help him commit one last heinous act of malice: suicide in front of us for one last family memory. So please take a moment before you hit [save] and go fuck yourselves.

Portugal reaches 100% renewables, ends fossil fuel subsidies by mveaMD-PhD-MBA in Futurology

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Cmon man. Drought. It’s right there in the comment you’re replying to.

China has started ranking citizens with a creepy 'social credit' system — here's what you can do wrong, and the embarrassing, demeaning ways they can punish you: The program is due to be fully operational by 2020, but is being piloted for millions of people already. The scheme is mandatory. by mveaMD-PhD-MBA in Futurology

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One of the most scary things about Zhima Credit (which isn’t mentioned in this article) is the fact that your credit will be tied to that of the people you know through social media. If you’re a bad citizen, it will drag the score down of those around you including your loved ones. If I say something bad about the government on social media, I will be affecting my wife, my colleagues, their families.... I will get deleted (probably not by my wife). This, in turn, forces a very scary form of peer pressure and fear of ostracisation.

What actions can we do that contribute to humanity becoming a spacefaring civilization? by hellowave in Futurology

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While important, the two most important technologies are brain-computer interfaces and synthetics brains. That because apace faring civilisation will all be synthetic.

In a few decades, we'll have brain computer interfaces that can recreate any experience you could have in the physical world as well as completely fantastical ones with entirely different laws of physics. Data will be written to and read from the brain directly.

This will make the human body obsolete as people will want to remain in VR where they're essentially gods. They'll still be able to interact with the real by controlling technology with their thoughts from within VR. For example, they could watch a CCTV camera or control a robot.

Given that people in comas have been maintained for decades and given the probable demand for such services so people can stay in VR permanently, it stands to reason that life support pods will be developed to maintain ourselves while we remain in VR. The body is obsolete though which is why the maintenance pod would be created in the first place. That means it's not the body that needs to be maintained. Only the brain does.

Plug and play brain pods will be developed that alone provide emergency backup power, brain fluid, computation and communications. The pods will plug into larger structure that provide enhanced capabilities. For example, they'd plug into "Brain Towers" which would provide more computation and communications capabilities with a constant source of power and brain fluid.

Society will be completely virtual by that point but this period will be short lived and won't fully develop the world. Instead, the transition from biological to synthetic will be swift. The biological brains will be converted too synthetic brains. This will be done by adding nanobots to the brain fluid which they convert biological neurons into synthetic replicas, one by one. This will be a two stage process. The first stage replaces the biological neuron with one that can communicate with both biological neurons and synthetic neurons. The second stage replaces those hybrid neurons with synthetic ones that can only communicates with other synthetic one.

These synthetic minds will be capable of living in any environment with appropriate shielding and power, including space itself. Furthermore, they will be immortal due to being able to easily replace components, back and restore data, etc. More importantly though, they'll still live in virtual society. Given that stars provide plenty of solar energy, synthetic minds will relocate from Earth to create a network in orbit around the Sun. This will ultimately become a Matrioshka brain.

Given the ever increasing data storage and computational requirements of this virtual, synthetic civilisation, all the matter in the solar system would eventually get consumed to meet those demands. This would necessitate expanding to other solar systems simply in order to prevent data loss.

Not all synthetic minds will join the collective though. Some will be nomads that roam the galaxy, some will create Matrioshka brains all for themselves.

This is how life will spread throughout the galaxy, regardless of whether it originates on Earth.

So, my contribution is to talk about this in order to get people to understand it. That way they can work towards the future instead of wasting time on something we know is already obsolete.

Mars Colony Would Be a Hedge Against World War III, Elon Musk Says by mveaMD-PhD-MBA in Futurology

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I'm calling bullshit. People said the same thing about the ISS, but the international cooperation it took to build that and maintain it over the years has been far superior to anything we could have done on earth with the same resources.

To prove my point, we have all kinds of money and resources and time now, but what have we done with it? We're constantly teetering on the edge of war. If we wanted to make the effort to save the world instead of making the effort to colonize Mars, we already would have. Whatever happens, the Martian colony is our best bet. How could a colony of smart, fit, scientifically inclined people be anything but good for the future?

Chemotherapy-free ‘cancer vaccine’ moves from mice to human trials at Stanford by moon-worshiper in Futurology

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Your immune system has 2 parts: innate and adaptive. Innate is like a beat cop who deals with common criminals. It's not very specialized and attacks somewhat indiscriminately. Your adaptive immune system is like the FBI. It's smart and learns. It's highly specialized and can remember specific threats years after initial exposure and it's very good at handling them. Your adaptive immune system has a special task force that deals specifically with cancer cells. Healthy people develop cancer cells randomly all the time but this special task force takes care of them. Cancer becomes established when the task force fails to do its job. There are lots of ways this can happen. One thing humans are trying to do to help is taking cells that belong to this task force, extracting them from the blood, and giving them better weapons in the laboratory before putting them back into the patient. When the special task force cells are reintroduced with their new badass weapons, they can do a much better job killing the cancer.

EDIT: This special task force can become ineffective by different means. One way is by lacking good enough tools to attack the cancer. For this, the CAR-T therapy I've outlined above is one potential avenue that is being actively explored. Another way this task force can become ineffective is by simply becoming complacent towards the cancer cells. In this paper, their approach injects substances that specifically activate this task force to stimulate it into action against the cancer. In the future, because this task force can fail in a variety of ways, there will likely be a variety of ways to help these task force cells do a better job.

Thanks for the gold!

Facebook data privacy scandal has one silver lining: Thousands of new jobs AI can't handle - The Facebook data privacy and Russian election interference scandals show that artificial intelligence is still not up to many critical jobs in the technology sector. by mveaMD-PhD-MBA in Futurology

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Propaganda is working and so are the bots to stifle dissent.

People learn not to post comments that ‘the mob’ filled with bots and shills, wouldn’t like because they will downvote you into oblivion.

There was no Russian interference; it was interference from the powers that be like the DNC rigging the primary as well as the deep state attempting a full blown coup right out in the open.

The delusion is real and it sits heavy on everyone. Stay true anyway. We need all the help we can get.

VW Just Gave Tesla a $25 Billion Battery Shock - Volkswagen AG secured 20 billion euros ($25 billion) in battery supplies to underpin an aggressive push into electric cars in the coming years, ramping up pressure on Tesla Inc. as it struggles with production issues for the mainstream Model 3. by speckz in Futurology

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Yeah, it just shows these arse clown auto makers could have kick started this long ago instead of increasing cancer rates in city centres with its "clean diesel" nonsense.

Glad they are being forced into this position now.

Stephen Hawking leaves behind 'breathtaking' final multiverse theory - A final theory explaining how mankind might detect parallel universes was completed by Stephen Hawking shortly before he died, it has emerged. by mveaMD-PhD-MBA in Futurology

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I'll try to break it down a bit:

The usual theory of inflation breaks down in eternal inflation.

Right, so we think that in the very early stages of the big bang the universe briefly expanded mindbogglingly fast before slowing down into a mere blisteringly fast. We are talking fast enough that points a few femtometers apart would already expand faster than the speed of light from each other.

This is why the real universe is much bigger than the bubble we can see (observable universe). The other parts were so far away during the big bang that the inflation carried them more than 13.8 billion lightyears away.

Eternal inflation proposes that inflation never actually stopped. The universe just keeps expanding at a mindboggling, exponential pace. It always has and always will. Our universe is one of infinitely many bubbles of spacetime that stopped expanding for whatever reason.

We derive a dual description of eternal inflation in terms of a deformed CFT located at the threshold of eternal inflation.

He does mathy stuff on how quantum fields behave near the border between slowly expanding space, and ludicrously expanding eternal inflation space. This is similar to the strategy that he used to figure out that black holes give off black body radiation.

The partition function gives the amplitude of different geometries of the threshold surface in the no-boundary state.

He says that the way the field is bent due to the border dictates the way this border looks to an observer. (So we should be able to observe this within our universe)

Its local and global behavior in dual toy models shows that the amplitude is low for surfaces which are not nearly conformal to the round three-sphere and essentially zero for surfaces with negative curvature. Based on this we conjecture that the exit from eternal inflation does not produce an infinite fractal-like multiverse, but is finite and reasonably smooth.

"Turns out the universes you get from eternal inflation aren't as chaotic as we thought!"

The usual idea is that the multiverse you get from eternal inflation is incredibly chaotic and infinite, with wild spacetime curvatures because the creation is so violent. But it turns out that eternal inflation can indeed create universes that are pretty smooth, just like ours.

Also this paper has been out since summer 2017. It's not exactly a new paper dragged out of steven's chair. It's just being posted here due to his recent death.