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How has he lasted so long? He’s literally been hosting the show longer than anyone but Richard Dawson ... and he (in my opinion) is trash.


So today, I just saw the first episode of season 3. In the very first choice, I saw number 1 looked just like an actor from God's Not Dead. My thoughts were confirmed when he said he was Paul Kwo. With that said, are there a lot of lesser known actors in this show? If there are, how do some of the panel members not recognize some of them?


I just started following ratings and such for tv shows, and wondered if TKO getting .9 out of BB's 1.5 is good or bad. I ask because the never-ending commercials for TKO have turned me off, and the recent ones make the show look like an indoor version of Wipeout, or a Wipeout version of American Gladiators. Is TKO already a Dead Show Walking, or do summer games shows have different criteria, and can last with lower ratings/retention?

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I was watching Double Dare with my daughter this morning and it occurred to me it’s the only game show I can think of that has a cold open; where gameplay begins before the show open and before the rules are even explained to the audience.

Are there any other game shows that have done this?


To start off, you have to know the people controlling the show and the 50/50 choices listens to what's happening in the show. If a person says they can't choose between A and B then they remove C and D where if the contestants say nothing then they remove two random incorrect answers and they can never remove the correct answer.

For this fake question say the answer is A. You can't choose between A and C and you are sure its A.

To trick the booth guy state as humanly as you can "I can't seem to choose between C and D, but I'm sure its D but let's use a 50/50. At this point the booth guy must choose what to remove and since they cant remove the correct answer their best choice is to remove C and B as they are incorrect and going to draw interest to D as that's the one you said you thought was right but in reality you were rooting for A and answer A and win the question.


There's a longstanding rule in Family Feud that when you get three strikes, not only does the opposing family get a chance to steal the bank, but the bank is FROZEN. Whatever answer the opposing team gets if they get it right, those points are NOT added to the bank that they steal. TIL that starting with the extended version of the Combs Feud, "Family Feud Challenge," this rule did NOT apply. Points WERE added to the stolen bank. The freeze rule did not return until the set overhaul of the Karn era where the one strike Triple round was removed. The more you know.


I'm on s3e09, and one of the questions was "Hannibal Lecter said "I just got a job at Hotdog on a Stick. To be honest, I really prefer Hot(blank) on a stick"

The lady gave the obvious answer and said "human"

She matched with 5 of the 6 celebrities. She failed to match with Caroline Rhea who said "chick" but succesfuly matched with Thomas Lennon who said "Doug" (this did lead to Mark Duplass saying something like "it's okay, the judges don't don't consider women human" or something, which was hilarious)

Her second question was: "They finally found a way to make congressmen read those 3,000 page laws they vote on. Just stick a (blank) in the middle of it"

She answered with "a woman"

Caroline Rhea was the only celebrity she could match with, and she said "centerfold"

The judges didn't give it to her.

The other contestant only matched with 1 celebrity on the first one, so she had to match with all 5 to win. She got a softball question: "Insecure Ivan is so insecure he won't even let his boyfriend be near fictional men. That's why he went through the liquor cabinet and threw out all the bottles of (blank)"

She answered with "whiskey" and Alec pretty much told her she fucked up.

All 5 celebrities she matched with answered with "Jack Daniel's"... and the judges accepted it.

Jack Daniel's is a damn good answer, but they accepted it when she said whiskey, but wouldn't count Caroline's for the other contestant's guesses

I don't know why this bothers me so much, but it does. I guess I just feel bad for the lady who lost, because she got boned by the judges


Hello guys,

Just found an old version of big jon's tpir on my old computer (7.10.1) i heard that there is a version 7.14.1, since his website is down as any of you got the file ?

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Is it just me or do most modern gameshows seem to emphasize luck over knowing answers.Just saw a preview of the modern version of to tell the truth and it seems like the focus is too much on how "wacky" are the celebrity guests.Alex Trebek as one of the panelists asks a thought out question and gets called out and laughed at for being "Mr Jeopardy" Whats going on here?


Is there anyplace I could rewatch TPIR episodes when I miss them ? ** noy in the US**


I missed this when it originally aired, and apparently GSN has no plan to reair it...anyone happen to have a link?

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