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Hey guys. Recently submitted my application to DAAD for a summer internship and was wondering if anyone else out there did too. I've seen a lot of threads from previous years, but haven't found anything for this upcoming summer.


About 2 years ago, I was in Prague when I bought a tote bag from dm and it was the perfect size / the strap was ideal, but unfortunately I recently lost it. This is where my huge request comes in.... I was wondering if anyone would be willing to buy another one for me (if it still exists / is sold), and have it shipped to me.

I live in Canada and won't be anywhere in Europe until much later this year but I really miss this bag. I've attached a photo I found on Google for reference (I just really like the one long strap).

Please please send me a message if you can help out!!!


Years ago, my German teacher introduced me to the music of PUR. I've been a fan ever since - I own several albums now. But while PUR is popular in my house, I have no idea how people in Germany regard the band.

The Internet tells me PUR has been around for decades and is still playing and touring. A new album is scheduled for release in September! But is PUR still popular? Will it be easy for me to find the new album in stores in Munich? If I walk down the street wearing a PUR t-shirt, will people secretly judge me?

I'd also like to find more music similar to PUR. Googling for it has overwhelmed me. Can you recommend some? I'm looking for music with clear, easily-heard lyrics (preferably no cursing, violence, or sex). I speak and understand only a little German, but I'm working on that. We'll be visiting Germany in September! I'm hoping that listening to more German music will help me get a better feel for the language, plus give me something interesting to translate. :)



So after I read about people talking how the girls in the red light districts have sex without condoms, I decided to go there myself and put it to test. I went to the Breite Gasse street in Frankfurt and I was really shocked by what I saw there.

Many of the girls working in that street seem to be forced into this horrific business. I entered a room to find a girl who was 18-20 years old, in her room she literally had some toys you see children playing with. The girl seemed so much psychologically disrupted. After I saw how she was suffering in an undisclosed way, I felt a lot of anger towards the government, which is turning a blind eye to all these criminal gangs who are forcing young girls into this.

Roaming the Puff in the Breite Gasse literally gave me the feeling that I am roaming an insane asylum. The girls didn't seem right at all and I suspect that a good number of them suffers some kind of mental illness.

This is simply and clearly said an abuse of young women made legal!

The last building in the street even had iron doors inside with locks on them, it felt way too much like a zoo or something.

I feel really sad for these victims of sexual abuse that is facilitated by a group of an incompetent police forces and law makers. It's funny how lawmakers make the argument that allowing this crap to happen is better than forbidding prostitution.

I met with some escorts before, who seemed to have chosen the job by themselves. They looked very normal and even happy with what they were doing, but these broken women I saw today at the Puff are a different story.

I made a quick approximate calculation and came to the conclusion that these girls are not even making enough money to compensate the abuse they're taking. They must be seeing between 10-14 monsters a day and they must pay more than a 100€ in rent, let alone the cut of the gang or whatever it's who brought them into this.


I'm moving to Germany and I couldn't find some simple explanations about US retirees in Germany. My dad is getting up there and expressed interest spending time in Germany while I work there. How possible is it to have my dad stay with me (much longer than 3 months) in Germany while I work?


I'm currently finishing my Associate of Science at Houston Community College (TX). My plan was to transfer to University of Houston and finish there to get my Bachelor's, but being and international student here in the U.S. is proving to be really expensive. I'm thinking that instead of spending my money here I could go to Germany and finish over there. I'm considering TU Berlin and TU Munich. Here's some background about me:

High-school: Venezuela, Honors

Associate of Science: Computer Science, HCC. 3.8 GPA (Summa cum laude)

SAT: 80th percentile

Current German level: A2

I know I still don't qualify due to my German level, however, I'm working on it at the moment (I plan to transfer in one year, plenty of time to practice). The decision boils down whenever I can transfer my credits from my Associate of Science to a TU in Germany so I don't start from scratch.

Any redditors here have had any luck transferring an Associate's degree to Germany? I can find general information about going to study an undergraduate program at Germany, but not a lot about transferring a degree below Bachelor's.


Hi guys!

My wife just received her admission letter for her Masters from FAU University, Erlangen Germany. While we know that students going to Germany for study have to show an amount of Rs. 8700 Euros in a blocked account which remains there for a year, I haven't been able to find any information on the blocked amount required if she is taking our daughter (2.5 years old) with her. I am working full time here in Pakistan and sponsoring her for her studies, so our daughter will have to stay with my wife. I cannot find the procedure or information on how to go about it! Do we need to ask university to give us some kind of letter to show to the embassy or just apply for the visa and how much amount do we have to block for our daughter to go along. Any help will be much appreciated, thanks.



I have read the FAQ about health insurance for international students in Germany, specifically where it says it covers pre-existing conditions (I have rheumatoid arthritis and I take medication weekly - I want to know if the statutory insurance would cover the cost of the medications) . I would like to ask for the source(s) for the information?

I need to show this information to someone else, and I would like to back it up with a more formal source than a reddit post.



Hi guys,

At the moment I am driving around Germany with my girlfriend in our Ford transit campervan. We have just figured out that the guy who sold us the car didn't include the jack kit. (I know I should have checked first)

We are from New Zealand and at home we have a place called pick a part where you can go and get old car parts out of vehicles such as a jack kit. I was wondering if anyone knows of such a thing over here and where I could find one. We really don't want to get caught out with a flat tyre.

At the moment we are around lake constance and want to get it sorted before we head through to Italy.



And what do you think about lebanon in general? :)


I'm trying to find out if Germany had immigrants migrating in prior to world war 2, and if so, from what regions / countries and what did they do, and if those groups were persecuted at all during the rise up to world war 2? Trying to win an argument against Donal Trump.


Hi guys, I have two phones a Google Pixel and iPhone 8. We got identical sim cards from o2, when we went to Austria and Iceland, the roaming worked as expected on the Pixel. On the iPhone however it simply said No Service. Both obviously work just fine within Germany. Any ideas?

P.S. o2 really sucks, I shouldn't have been cheap and got Vodafone :o


Would you agree with me if I explain that Berlin was equivalent to a mix of Toronto and Montreal vibes, and Vancouver was like Munich??

Nothing really like a useless but satisfying city-vibe gut-feeling equivalency. Has anyone been to all of the above cities?

My favorite?Montreal and Berlin tied for #1.Toronto #2.Munich#3and with no medal at all, Vancouver with #4

Thanks for reading my ramble, feel free to contribute!


Looks like majority of my hair age comes from Western Europe, and the historical documents takes about a man called “Peter Antle” being born in Germany in 1718. Supposed he’s from Germany anyway, I’ve seen some sources say he was born in “Rotterdam, Germany” (idk either), was Dutch, English (apparently he had an English father who came from either Horsley or Minchinhampton) or was born in Frederick county, Virginia in a town called Winchester. The most common story is that he married a woman called Ann Henry and emigrated with her to Philadelphia in 1755 on a ship called the Phoenix. They eventually moved down to Virginia and acquired 436 acres of land from Lord Fairfax along Bullskin Run in the Shenandoah valley, and were also neighbors to George Washington apparently. According to a will supposedly written by him, Peter eventually passed away in either 1769 or 1770, and the land was divided up among his wife and sons, who all eventually dispersed across the Midwest.

What I want to know is more about Peter specifically, where exactly it was he came from, and if he was Even German to begin with.


Hi, I was told by r/german to post this here!

I received a letter today from Uni-assist saying I am ineligible to study in Germany because I have an unweighted gpa of 2.97 when a 3.0 is required. My question is simply what can I do? How can I best move forward? (Please no more comments telling me why I can’t study here. I’m looking for solutions!)

Details: I’m a Canadian who grew up and went to school in the USA. —- Im 27. I’ve spent the last few years working, not fresh out of Highschool. —— I have a weighted gpa of 3.15— I have over 1300 on the required SAT——- I have also successfully completed 1 year of university where I got a 3.5 gpa. The only issue is my tiny bit too low Highschool gpa . —— Studium Kolleg is not an option.—— I speak german at a B2 level. Taking the testdaf next month—— I moved to Germany a few months ago.


Edit: I understand the criticism I’ve received. I do.


Simple but maybe silly question. Germany accepts many migrants (international workers, freelancers or refugees) from all over the world.

I am from Japan and I got my new job in Germany and finally arrived here in May. As a Japanese passport holder, I did not need visa up to 90-day-stay entry (as a tourist) and just could go to the immigration office and applied for my working visa.

Surprisingly, they checked my documents (work contract, degree etc) and issued me the visa within 20 minutes. The visa is called EU Blue Card which allows me to work first 4 year then of course I can extend. And if I want, I can even apply for the permanent residency after 2 years. They said my educational and professional background as well as my salary matter for what I have gained. I have just a bachelor's degree and have worked 3 years+ in Japan (in the same industry I am currently working for here).

It is of course good, I appreciate it but I do not know if I deserve this... I don't even speak German well, I just started learning 3 months ago. And the authority seems issuing many for everybody who meets the requirements. I know UK and US are very tough to get the visa even you got a work contract.

I met a random guy in S-Bahn station yesterday, he asked me where I am from, what I am doing here and if Japan accepts migrants like you guys do. Although the policy is shifting to accept economic migrants due to population decrease, Japan rarely accepts refugees. I think we have accepted only 9 or 10 last year. He told me how accepting migrants is important, both economically and socially, like they stimulate creativity in the host country.

We talked about my job which is microelectronics and semiconductor, then he told me he was in the Silicon Valley for the past 5 years, he told it as if he was a good engineer in IC industry. He also condemned Trump regime and praised Obama for his liberalism, yeah.

But it finally came out that he was selling bicycles illegally (without the work permit) and got dispatched. It was under the Obama presidency period. I did not say much to him, ha.

Now...what was my question...? well I love living in Germany. People are smart, kind, open-minded and the society is well organized compared to Kazakhstan which I spent 1 year.


So from what I've learned, ''Mann aus Sachsen'' is like the German equivalent of ''Florida Man''. What kind of weird shit goes down in Saxony?


Hi all,

First of all, apologies for the disturbance. The facts are that I lost my Sparkasse EC Karte on Friday in Hamburg (not sure how- could be stolen). I then went into a branch in Hamburg on Saturday and locked my card. I could not order a new card as I opened up the account with a branch in BW and did not change my address as I am currently only temporarily staying here. I then rang my bank in BW on Monday to send money for me to Hamburg which they did no problem. However my question is this:

If my card was stolen could they still pay for something per Lastschrift (payment without using my pin)? My bank in BW told me no - my German is quite good so I dont think I misunderstood- but have been told by some other sparkasse users that it is still possible. Also current bills to be debited out of that account (TV, Internet), will they still be debited or rejected?
Also my account balance was fine when I checked on Monday morning so at least that is ok :)

Merely a question for more opinions/reassurance - thanks for any help you can give me!


I have recently been granted admission in TUM and now I want to book my accommodation as soon as possible as it is required in the visa application form that I state my place of residence. Can anyone suggest a website or any place I can look for accommodations around Munich. A friend is going to be accompanying me and it would be better if we both could book shared accommodation at the same place.

Looking forward to your suggestions.


UPDATE: Okay, i went and checked the papers. The only thing i signed for, is the vertrag of the phone, on which it states, the full cost of the phone, the einmalig (1 euro) and the monatlich rate (47,5 euros). I have photos of the vertrag if needed. And then i have a receipt of paying 60 euros and the description is bargeld einzahlung. Do i gave any legal ground to sue on?

TL,DR: Guy who works at o2 ripped me off (85 euros). I bought a phone with a monatlich of 47,5 euros and einmalig of 60 euros but on the website the einmalig is 1 euro, but ive heard that foreigners get a higher einmalig but a lowered monatlich.

Please bear with me, this is a bit long.

So I broke my phone about a month ago and had to buy one. since my SIM card is from O2, I headed over there (theres a retail outlet close by) to check out some of their deals on smartphones and the iPhone X was my decision. Later in the day (after I got the phone and signed the contract and everything), my friend told me, you shouldn't have done that, the guy basically robbed you. He told me that on the website, the einmalig is 1 euro and the monatlich is 47,5 euros, but since im a foreign student (very risky person basically) they take a higher einmalig but they reduce the monatlich. Well the guy in the shop took a 60 euro einmalig but the monatlich stayed the same. so after hearing what my friend said, I went back to the guy and showed him the website. He immediately started explaining that we take 60 euros because we need to open a new file in the register that we sold a phone and because usually the phone comes with a SIM card but since you already have a SIM card I didn't give it to you. I told him that was dumb because I get zero benefits from this SIM card so why should I have to pay 60 euros? he started backtracking on what he said and in the end, he tried to shut me up with a SIM card that had 15GB Data. so I took it because it just wasn't worth making a fight over the remaining amount (15 gigs probably cost like 30 euros or something). Well I ended up not using the SIM card at all but nevertheless, I opened up my Sparkasse application and I see a -55€ on my account. well what the fuck. so I open the Rechnung and apparently its for the free SIM card that he gave me. okay, so now this guy tried to rip me off twice. is there anything an idiot like me can do to fix this?


Hello! I’m looking to continue my studies in Germany, but as I heard Masters degree is quite expensive in terms of time and money as well. So I am looking for IT colleges (English programs) that are more practice-oriented and short time-wise.


Hello people!

Soon enough I will start searching for accommodation in Frankfurt however I want to take into account distances. So one question I had is this:

Which neighborhoods are active during day and/or night (like an active nightlife). Let's say I want to go out Friday - Saturday night (e.g. bars) where do young people mostly go (no high schoolers though)?

I suppose Innenstadt/ Altstadt should have bars and restaurants but how about other Stadtteils?


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