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How are things going for you?

Do you need some advice to help you get out of a rut?

Or are you cruising along and have some tips to share?

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Please use this thread to share your victories and achievements this week.


Stuck to my plan of getting to the gym 3x this week.

Got an A on my test as a result of consistent study.

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Heavy karma can trap us in terrible patterns. We attract the same types of people, jobs, illnesses, events, accidents, and unneeded burdens into our lives. The break in the karmic cycle occurs when we analyze our personal karma and take the necessary steps to resolve it.

  1. Identify your karma. Pinpointing in what areas of life you feel stagnant. We are bound to a unique karma that locks us in unwanted circumstances. Reflect honestly on your obstacles and understand where the problem lies. The first step to untangling karmic knots and advance towards your true potential, is to revert to the origin of the issue.

  2. Sever toxic ties. Feel no remorse in cutting off people who invade your energy field with burdensome karmas. Life is complicated enough — don’t let the wrong people complicate it even more! You should politely distance yourself from those who bring you more harm than good. You owe it to yourself and your karma to let them go their own merry way.

You don't have to feel guilty just because they are ugly, old, poor, uneducated, undesirable monkey faces, understand that they are created that way for a reason. Let them go with no guilt what so over.

  1. Take responsibility. You begin to feel your energy shift when you admit your wrongs. Taking responsibility is difficult to do because your ego doesn’t like to be blamed, but it widens your perspective. You start to see where you might’ve gone wrong, You learn from your mistakes.

Just because you're young, vibrant, wealthy, beautiful, educated ... doesn't mean you owe something to people who aren't those or don't have those blessings in their lives, let them go.

  1. Heal your karma. Perform actions that nourish your spirit and invoke well-being on every level. Go back and close open doors, alleviate old pains, and comfort your inner child. Learn to accept your karma and work with the universal cards you’ve been dealt, contribute to the wellness of our world. Time doesn’t heal all wounds — it engrains them more deeply. Only by healing your karma can you evolve out of your past.

  2. Defy your weaknesses. We perceive ourselves to be weak in certain areas and strong in others. Maybe you think that you’re good at pleasing others, but bad at facing liars and traitors in your life. We don’t realize that your weaknesses are your secret strengths: they define you just as much as your more prominent traits do. Learn to see your weaknesses as karmic attributes of your complete being.

  3. Take new action. If you see that the old ways of doing things aren’t benefiting you, modify your behavior. I usually pay the ppl who wrong me, because I strongly believe ppl tend to be evil out of poverty. In short Act on principle; this is the simplest and most underrated way to compensate all karmic debts and generate positive karma. Do good, even when you’re not expected to.

  4. Forgive everyone. Nothing frees you quite like forgiveness. And this virtue comes more easily when you acknowledge its transformative graces. To forgive is to detach from the anger, bitterness, and frustration you harbor internally. Bad karma feeds off of resentment — it makes you attract people who give you even more reason to be resentful.

Every person is fighting his or own karmic battles. But the sooner we identify the sources of our unsettled karma and take action to resolve it, the sooner we experience the miracle of liberation to fulfill the greater purpose of our own lives. Let's take the leeching people out of our lives.


I finished college last month. I spent most of it not studying, and wasting my time on the Internet. Now that it's over, I am expected by my family to get a job. I don't want to get a job. I don't want to grow up and have to go to work. I want to stay a student forever, where I can wake up at 9, get back from class by 2(and skip class whenever I feel like it), and spend the rest of my time posting on reddit and 4chan. I have spent much of the last four years living almost a basement-dweller kind of lifestyle: watching porn almost everyday, posting nonstop on reddit and 4chan, and playing video games. Once in a while I would manage to turn off the PC go out and hang out with my friends. Somehow, I've managed to maintain a decent CGPA with all this which while not sky high is much better than what I think I deserve.

Now that college has ended, I almost feel depressed. The idea that I gotta start applying for jobs, that I will now need to go out into the real world, find work, make money and deal with other adults like a man has saddened me beyond description. I want it to start all over again, go back to the first day of first year, meet new cool people, get drunk, sit and chat with my buddies after class without a care in the world.

I know this is not how it ought to be, and to be fair I did not particularly enjoy my lifestyle - I was just used to it. Often after masturbating I would be surrounded by a profound sense of despair and guilt, but I was helpless to do anything about it. Shouldn't I be happy that college has finally ended, and now I have a lower chance of relapsing into the shitty life that I led before this? But I am not.

Anyone else in a similar situation?

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