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To anyone in that airport who doesn't speak English this just looks like a tale of a super human who punched someone in the crotch and is flying away whilst being chased off by a good simaritan

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Somebody give this guy a gold

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No u

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Didn't expect to get a laugh out of this

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Everyone is thinking in 3 dimensions but you transcended to the 9th dimension

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!Reddit Silver

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That’s a lot of leftvotes

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Planes are fat and aerodynamic. I am also fat but not aerodynamic.

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“But also, maybe you’re going the wrong direction on the moving walkway”

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airplanes take off into the wind to get more lift(i think). it must save fuel.

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You’re right

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Planes are pushing against the air so it really doesn't matter to the airplane, essentially the same energy and time either way, it just requires less distance on the runway if they go against the wind.

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Yep, you get airborne at a lower ground speed taking off into the wind. It's safer and uses less runway. The only exception is if there is a serious gradient i.e. some alpine airports.

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Yeah but if there a wind of 20 and the plane is at 80, for the same energy the plane will go at 100 with the wind and 60 against

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Yes your ground speed will be higher and your air speed will be lower. The exact opposite of what you want! You want the 100 air speed (for max lift) and 60 ground speed (for short take off roll). Anyone with a pilot's licence (including me) will confirm this!

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Good ol’ radelaide!

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Since when did Australians spell "Aeroplane" as "Airplane"?

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its an international airport i think. people might get confused with reading aeroplane and not airplane.

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Ah my hometown

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Never thought of it that way.,,I like it!

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Weather in the air ?

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So if wind is b hind a plane it can’t take off?! No wonder flights are delayed all the damn time!

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If the wind is behind they take off in the opposite direction of the runway.

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But what happens when they get over there and then the wind changes?!? Ahhh!!

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i think they request for permission to take off at another runway or the opposite side if there is one

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And then what happens if the wind changes once over there ?!?!

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Then the person stops asking stupid questions or they go until they get it in the right position. they would also look at weather graphs for the best possible direction to take off

Edit: Also planes don't get delayed on the runway they get delayed due to different reasons for example weather in the air

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Weather ...in the air ?

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Don’t want to kick your hope but I plane take off with the wind because of speed and land against it to break easily.

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It may be faster but you won't get any lift and the plane will never take off

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You can still get lift and take-off flying with the wind; flying into the wind just makes it go wheels up faster.

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That’s the rule we used for little plane, thought it was the same in a giant airport

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Clearly you don't have a pilot's licence!

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I’have one with little plane and we used this rule...

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Apart from the longer take off roll. If you take off with the wind you'll be operating in the opposite direction to the circuit and thus be flying head on into any landing traffic. Unless you have a private airstrip it's a really bad idea!

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Yeah 🤔