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Keep going?

So I’ve basically been cutting for a pretty long time, 3+ months, have gone from 22 bf to 15. I want to keep going down to around 10 but Cutting this long is starting to catch up to me. Currently at 1800 calories a day and trying to decide if I should just transition into a recomp/slow bulk at this time since the summers almost over. Just have a fear of going about 20 bf again since I’d be starting a bulk around 15

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3 days ago

Bodyfat % / Need motivation / What can I expect from a 5 week cut

Hey there,
5'6/167cm 154lbs/70kg

First of all, can you give me a rough estimate of my bodyfat %? Just curious.
Secondly, I feel like shit lately and therefore eating my way to soothe my cravings, I'd be thankful for some motivation to get back on track (once there, I have discipline)

Lastly, what can I expect from a healthy -500 Calorie cut in 1-2 months (especially curious about the 5 week mark because there's a festival and I'd like to be topless mostly.

Thanks in advance! :)


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Help with personal macros

Hi, I’m 18, 177cm and currently weigh 157 pounds I’m 16.8% body fat. My macros over the last month have been 200grams of protein,40 grams of fat and 150 grams of carbs, I was wondering if the protein is too high for cutting and I should drop it and replace it with a higher carb amount?? Or is everything fine as it is



Skinny fat or just skinny? What do next?


I'm 6'2 and I cut down to 180lbs from 210lbs. Should I keep cutting? I really want to hit 10% bf and have visible abs, but my weight loss has plateaued for a few months. I'm eating 1700 calories a day but I usually end up binging once every 7-10 days or so.

Lift heavy 3x a week and I've taken multiple TDEE calculators that usually come out to 2300 calories for maintenance. I'm not sure what my next step should be - bulk or cut?



Need guidance--Cutting, feeling scrawny and weak as hell but still not shredded.


I started at 185 a while back and I felt fat, so I reduced my calories from 3500 to about 2000 (with 175 g protein). I've lost about 25 lbs since then. Of course I knew I'd get weaker, but my deadlift and squat have gone down like 30 lbs each and my bench has gone down like 20 lbs. And maybe this is a personal issue because I used to be crazy skinny (120 at 5'10), but I feel like I look frail now. Like I'm losing all my muscle and I look like I used to back before I started working out.

Basically, I'm skinnyfat and looking for guidance. Do I abort the cut and bulk back up? or do I keep pushing for abs?


Got measured for body fat at Boeing using the water tank 204lbs 22% need help to lose 10% more.

So I got the test done I am 37 years old 5'9" measured in at 158 lbs lean muscle and 22% bf.

Currently I am stalled at 198 to 205 lbs. I weight train 4 times a week using Jim stoppini shortcut to size. 30 min of cardio each day. 3 days a week I do an hour of Brazilian jiu jitsu. I'm eating aprx. 2400 to 2800 cal a day depending on if I'm doing jiu jitsu. Ive been stuck at 198 to 205 for 2 months. I meal prep religiously. No supplements currently except multi vitamin and joint pills.

Any help would be appreciated.


Carb refeeds vs. maintenance week(s)?

Been cutting/dieting for some weeks now and i'am starting to see my body/metabolism slowly adapting to it. Should i do carb refeeds every 7-14 days or do 2-3 weeks where i eat about my maintenance calories?

Any suggestions?


3 months in and feeling no real progress

So I've been cutting for 3 months or so but I've just can't see any real improvement in my body.

3 months ago:

1 week ago:

This is what happens whenever I try to bulk/cut, a few weeks of what feels like progress then everything stops. What am I doing wrong?


Cutting success

Been cutting since April . So far I've lost 22 lbs (10kg) is that to quick . I'm not a very fat guy . Probably was at 25ish %BF at 104 kg when I started and now I'm 93 kg at maybe 18% . Should i up my calories a little ?


Should I Cut or try Recomposition

I'm 24 years old, 5ft 8in, 195lbs, 24% body fat, 29.6 BMI. My goal weight's around 160. I used to run track in high-school so one of my main goals is to be able to run 2 straight miles again consistently. I know cardio is good for fat loss, but I don't want to get skinny. Strength is another goal, but I'm not sure how to incorporate the two.


Is it truly bad to cut too fast?

I'm about 22% body fat 5' 10" 185lbs 21yo male and concerned about cutting too quickly and "ruining" my metabolism so to speak and losing muscle.

I have a powerlifting workout routine I have done for quite a while so I hope this will prevent tons of muscle loss. I am eating about 1700 calories a day with lots of vegetables and protein. I have tried cutting on 2000 in the past but my psyche functions better with "difficult and extreme" approaches. And I can back it up by saying I successfully followed a extremely strict paleo diet for 4 years and lost HUGE weight and gained muscle.

So thoughts on how fast is too fast of a cut? Thanks! My main goal is to get shredded, hence this sub.


Drinking water when cutting?

Would it make sense to drink a lot of water when cutting to fill your stomach with water which is void of calories but will stop you from feeling hungry? Or if you're feeling hungry should you actually just eat?


5’3 143 M. What do I do now Hi there. about 2 months ago I started watching my nutrition and lifting weights with the intent of getting shredded. Ive lost some of the belly fat and was now wondering if I have enough mass to get lean or to bulk as Im not sure what to do as I still haven’t lost all the belly fat that I hve wanted to lose. Thank you. Attached a pic

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