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Yes he is still teamless. Rumor has it he will be part of TSM's new team.

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Fresh rumor is that it's off, he's not coming to NA and Stewie's not part of that team either anymore.

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Source for that? Picking it up from pro streams?

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Stewie2k said this on stream yesterday.

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Thanks for the heads up!

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Also, something interesting is that cadiaN followed TSM and one of their LoL players on Twitter, and got a follow from TSMDerrick very recently.

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Yeah he'll join C9 as long as the C9 guys start speaking German.

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He can speak English despite what some people are saying based on the information of random people on reddit. There are plenty of interviews of him speaking English. Maybe a bit slow, but completely understandable.

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he speaks english to a similar level of s1mple, fox is a great example of how fast it can be picked up even if it is a lot of work

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Sorry but his English is better I think from what I gave heard in interviews compared to fox. Cloud9 would have to slow down though.

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Rumor is that n0thing will be the IGL and that C9 will bring a rifler but I really don't know, we'll have to wait and see

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I mean even with some strats that are good the team would accomplish n0thing at all. Not enough skill to be consistent on an international stage imo.

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I think n0thing is IGL for C9 right now, and i dont think Gob's english is good enough to lead a full american team

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Sean is technically stiill part of C9....So Coach IGL hype.