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is Gob B still teamless? Would he do well on a team like C9?

With TL picking up S1mple, I just thought about who would be available to fill C9's IGL role. Or is C9 going to use someone currently on their roster for IGL?

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Cloud9 Fan2 points·2 years ago

Yes he is still teamless. Rumor has it he will be part of TSM's new team.

Fresh rumor is that it's off, he's not coming to NA and Stewie's not part of that team either anymore.

Cloud9 Fan1 point·2 years ago

Source for that? Picking it up from pro streams?

Stewie2k said this on stream yesterday.

Cloud9 Fan2 points·2 years ago

Thanks for the heads up!

Also, something interesting is that cadiaN followed TSM and one of their LoL players on Twitter, and got a follow from TSMDerrick very recently.

Ninjas in Pyjamas Fan1 point·2 years ago

Yeah he'll join C9 as long as the C9 guys start speaking German.

Bloodhound1 point·2 years ago

He can speak English despite what some people are saying based on the information of random people on reddit. There are plenty of interviews of him speaking English. Maybe a bit slow, but completely understandable.

Cache Veteran1 point·2 years ago

he speaks english to a similar level of s1mple, fox is a great example of how fast it can be picked up even if it is a lot of work

Bloodhound1 point·2 years ago

Sorry but his English is better I think from what I gave heard in interviews compared to fox. Cloud9 would have to slow down though.

Cloud9 Fan1 point·2 years ago

Rumor is that n0thing will be the IGL and that C9 will bring a rifler but I really don't know, we'll have to wait and see

Ninjas in Pyjamas Fan1 point·2 years ago

I mean even with some strats that are good the team would accomplish n0thing at all. Not enough skill to be consistent on an international stage imo.

I think n0thing is IGL for C9 right now, and i dont think Gob's english is good enough to lead a full american team

Natus Vincere Fan0 points·2 years ago

Sean is technically stiill part of C9....So Coach IGL hype.

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