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Anyone in Sydney able to house 2 CS:GO fans from Melbourne for IEM Sydney?

This is gonna be a rogue request. But, myself and a mate are driving up to Sydney from Melbourne next weekend for IEM Sydney and have little to no money for accommodation due to a few different unforeseen circumstances. Of course it would take a miracle to have someone volunteer, but if anyone is able to house us from Friday night through to Monday morning, we would be beyond grateful.

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5 Year Subreddit Veteran273 points·1 month ago

We have an airbnb and we can probably house you man. Send me a PM.

5 Year Subreddit Veteran100 points·1 month ago

Its right near the arena.

Renegades Fan28 points·1 month ago

Olympic park? Definitely a good offer for OP as a lot of those Airbnb's are booked out or pricey

5 Year Subreddit Veteran49 points·1 month ago

Yep Olympic park. We have a nice apartment to house 6. ☺

Renegades Fan5 points·29 days ago

ye heaps are booked out because of midnight mafia

Random acts of kindness like that make me restore my faith in humanity! You da real MVP

Natus Vincere Fan7 points·29 days ago

You are a damn legend MATE

Damn Yanneson for mvp

Cloud9 Fan2 points·29 days ago


Renegades Fan3 points·29 days ago

im coming from a few hours from sydney, im by myself because im meeting friends there and im a little strapped for cash. it'd be sikh as if you could extend that offer to me too, how much would it be?

Driving from Perth, fit 4?

Astralis Fan16 points·29 days ago

thats quite a treck my man

Sure fucking is, if I'm not active on Reddit in a week send a search party please

Isn't it almost cheaper just to fly? Bloody fuel is expensive!

Renegades Fan13 points·29 days ago

Depends on the car i guess. A fuel economical car would use around 5-6L/100km with highway driving the distance between perth and sydney ~4000km. So you would require 200-240L of petrol. Average price for e10 is around $1.38/L. So it would cost about $275-330. cheapest flight i could find for a one way trip is $170. So you would need more than 2 or more people for it to be worth it. ofc this doesn't count for food and motels and other expenses.

Cloud9 Fan8 points·29 days ago

You get enough drivers you don't even need a motel.


4000km are 40 hours at 100km/h. Even if you drive at 150km/h (cars get much less efficient at that speed) it'd be still 30 hours. You need breaks for that, even with multiple drivers. I mean you could probably get away with 1 night break and 2 x 20 hours, but one night is seriously minimum.

Ninjas in Pyjamas Fan1 point·29 days ago

Still depends on how many people you have. 5 drivers = around 8 hours per person, you can switch every 4 hours.

I don't rest well in cars/moving things, so it'd be a shitty trip for me if we drove "non-stop" for 40 hours. I'd much rather not go or pay for a plane ticket then.

Ninjas in Pyjamas Fan0 points·29 days ago

I mean, that's cool but it's not about you lol. I actually know people that have easier time falling a sleep in a moving car.

Natus Vincere Fan1 point·29 days ago


thats the spirit

reminds me of the "korean taxi" from the movie taxi (while we're still fresh of marseille)

1 taxi, 1 license, 2 drivers (link in french)

You get a lot of kms per tank if you set cruise control and stay the same speed

Its not almost cheaper. It's incredibly cheaper to fly. Especially given the competitiveness of airfares if you have booked well in advance.

Omg how longs that gonna take!? Im flying over😊

1 day 18 hours, we flew over last time for it. But now we are feeling adventurous

Renegades Fan2 points·29 days ago

It's a pretty great experience doing that drive mate have good one.

Original Poster1 point·29 days ago

You're able to fit 4 or you have 4 with you? 👌

I have a basement you may or may not get to leave.

-30 points·29 days ago(0 children)
Original Poster11 points·29 days ago

We are making progress lads. Thank you to everyones offers so far, means the world ❤

37 points·1 month ago

im reading this with australian accent :D

I'm reading in SpunJ's voice

Renegades Fan20 points·29 days ago

SpunJ is my inner monologue voice.

Original Poster8 points·29 days ago

SpunJ is every Australians best friend/dad. So wouldn't be too far off

Cloud9 Fan2 points·29 days ago

'Here we see the community playing such a unique brand of friendship. '

I'm reading in Chris Hemsworth's voice

100 Thieves Fan6 points·29 days ago

As an Australian I am also reading this in an Australian accent

Virtus.Pro Fan1 point·29 days ago

I began to read your comment in an Australian accent too which gave me a little surprise. :D

In case there's any confusion I did type this in an Australian accent.

depends, do you mind your butt hurting because you gonna fall down the stairs 3 times a night?

BIG Fan69 points·29 days ago

do you mind your butt hurting

I expected this to go a different direction

Inb4 two friends missing on the news

coming to Sydney from Perth by myself too, anyone want to meetup if coming by yourself or anything like that?

Original Poster3 points·29 days ago

Yeah man, hmu and we can get some boys together

here is a discord I made: or you can add me on steam mate:

cant join the discord though

OpTic Gaming Fan9 points·29 days ago

can come to my house,,,,, ;)

Astralis Fan3 points·29 days ago

Have you tried looking on couchsurfing? Maybe you can find something there

Renegades Fan3 points·29 days ago

Alright mad lads, join this discord. We all met up from reddit last year.

I also live in Sydney, got a spare couch if needed. Probs gonna be necking too many beers.

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