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Discussion | Esports

Shox on Twitter: I got my post-surgery meeting with the specialist this friday about my wrist, i would say its 80% recovered atm, the 20 last % are the longest ones, hope i will have good news friday! Will keep you updated about it 馃憤馃徎

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Fnatic Fanatic79 points1 month ago

And the nurse?

Well he did have a 'meeting" 馃槒

G2 Esports Fan13 points1 month ago

"the dresses came off"

Can't wait for the sex god to come back

Fnatic Fanatic117 points1 month ago

He didn't go anywhere? He just reached semifinals at DreamHack Marseille.

Cloud9 Fan5 points1 month ago

Dosia is the X God. Who do you think was responsible for shox?

Comment deleted1 month ago(2 children)
Cloud9 Fan30 points1 month ago (He's talking about dosia bro)

-11 points1 month ago(0 children)
Howl7 points1 month ago

dosia never left

also his gaze is on you now so be careful what you say next

Team Liquid Fan3 points1 month agoedited 1 month ago

What's with the salt in these comments? A player is trying to recover from a wrist injury and half these comments are just shitting on him and the French scene. Have some compassion people, geez.

Welcome to the Clutch5 points1 month ago

Literally only 1 comment down is talking about that lol. Just 1 person you could've replied to

-22 points1 month ago(10 children)
Team Liquid Fan38 points1 month ago

probably not gonna happen

"Probably"? This is 100% literally impossible.

Cloud9 Fan1 point1 month ago

its not literally impossible, but it probably wont happen

Probably? It won't.

400k Hype-2 points1 month ago

Well, after that s1mple + flamie to SK announcement, i will never say " never " again. Without those leaks less than 1% of the entire community would have expected such a move so you never know.

iBUYPOWER Fan3 points1 month ago

i love krimz but are you joking

Wish that could come true, sadly not going to happen

mousesports Fan1 point1 month ago


Natus Vincere Fan0 points1 month ago

Shox ex6 s1mple electronic krimz

400k Hype3 points1 month ago


Shox, s1mple, electronic, GOD A2Z.

-27 points1 month ago(1 child)
Cloud9 Fan9 points1 month ago

I'm assuming this is a joke but even still it's both in poor taste and not funny.

-30 points1 month ago(0 children)
Immortals Fan2 points1 month ago

How much?

Virtus.Pro Fan2 points1 month ago

That鈥檚 so fucked, everyone cares about shoxie

5 Year Subreddit Veteran1 point1 month ago

You don't speak for everyone, but nice try.

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