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An @OpTicGaming CS team in utter disarray under infinite?

FTFY. Their CoD team is rumored to be leaving the org. Their Halo team left their org recently. Things really haven't looked good for OpTic.

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Meanwhile their Dota 2 team seems to be performing better than ever

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and their OW team is good too

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Eh. Outlaws are very middle of the pack with no real chances at playoffs. Their lack of a Tracer player has really hurt, and while Jake is improving rapidly at her its too late to reach the playoffs (most likely) and hes way behind other Tracer players in the League.

Next season they could be really scary though. Linkzr and Muma are two of the best players for their roles in the league, and if they drop players like Mendo and SPREE, who have done nothing on the bench, and pick up someone who actually plays Tracer and another off-tank they'll be set.

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Spree is a godly zarya, if she becomes meta again he will be the go-to. I agree with dropping mendo

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Stage playoffs maybe, Season playoffs are still attainable since the middle of the pack is so heavily contested. Right now they're down in the standings because they started the stage playing basically the top 4 teams in the league.

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is there a way to see which org owns which OW team? Whenever I looked it would be like robert kraft or kroenke own them. Honestly as an esport fan I dislike the city team model especially as there is no base for it. they don't play in that city (and as a seattlite we won't have one anyways)

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Fuel = EnvyUs

Mayhem = Misfits

Valiant = Immortals

Spitfire = Cloud9

Outlaws = Optic

Shock = NRG

The rest are mostly outside investors afaik

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The teams will move into the cities they are representing in season 2 IIRC.

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yeah I thought I heard that. suppose it will help maybe, though everyone I know seems to be big on the florida mayhem and thats from people from houston, cali, and seattle haha

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I'd never trust someone that can beef a rollout as hard as Muma

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I’ll never understand how somebody can win invite and not know the process rollout.

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not process, muma beefed in badlands

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i mean he beefed on all maps. On process, he went sewer every mid.

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Muma beefed Process plenty of times too though, it's just that he managed to fuck up Badlands multiple times on LAN

And he had that Gully backcap beef against RONIN too

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if 6s was still a 'large' esport kids in silver (like i was) will know its okay to make mistakes

of all the rollouts an invite player could fuck up why did it have to be process lmao

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Idk it's got ramps and everything. Only Viaduct is easier lmao

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who/what is a tracer? and why does a competitive computer game need such a thing or they'll auto lose?

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Tracer is the hero in Overwatch that blinks (teleports short distances), uses a pulse bomb (basically sticky grenade), and is the postergirl for the game. Shes also one of the strongest characters in the game - Tracer is to Overwatch what the AK-47 is to CS:GO. Her high mobility allows her to attack your opposing teams backline, normally their healers, with ease, as well as harassing tanks - the pulse bomb can be used to pick off a support, and shes mobile enough to use the tanks to farm her ultimate to get pulse bomb again and again.

While Tracer is one of the harder characters to play, shes also one of the strongest and most impact, and not having a Tracer "specialist" on your team is a big deal - the Outlaws are the only team in the OWL to not have a Tracer specialist, or at least someone who can play Tracer, and it has significantly hurt them as a team. One of their players, Jake, is learning and improving at Tracer rapidly, but hes playing against literally the best Tracers in the world, and its a night and day comparison between him and them.

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Kinda sounds more akin to having a good AWP'er to me.

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Spree is still amazing on King's Row with his Zarya though. I would bet on that map re-entering the pool next stage, it's just too good not to.

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I mean it could be worse. You could be a Dallas fan... like me... :(((

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I'm a Mayhem fan man. At least until Chicago gets our team.

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I am interested to see if and when expansion teams are created. I’m however much more excited to see Stadiums in each city, so I can just drive 2.5 hours to Philly instead of flying to LA.

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I don't know how Blizzard will do stadiums in each city, especially because each team is (ideally) only going to be playing once a week when the league is expanded. Maybe they'll be able to like rent stadiums out from sports teams in the off-season, but I have no idea.

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Well there’s already an arena being built in Dallas/Fort-Worth that is expected to be used by both Dallas and Houston so they’re already getting a move on.

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Outlaws getting Effect would be so good

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Fuel will never trade Effect or let him leave. At this point Fuel is dysfunctional enough to just cut most of the players and build a new team around Effect. Besides Effect, OGE, Seagull and Unkoe is a solid enough core that you can fill with other great players, and hell you can even keep Taimou on as DPS and hope he finds his old form again, which was insane. But the supports, Mickie and AKM are deadweight and honestly need to go.

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Gotta agree sadly. Poor Effect.
Seagull will never be traded either due to his brand and stream. I still think Mickie could mesh well with OGE given enough time. The old Envyus healers need to go though; Chips and Harry.
I haven't watched much of unkoe.
Letting Rascal go was a bad move i think. Effect, Rascal, OGE, Seagull/Mickie + 2 healers is a decent core

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They're a Dota org now

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Bet dota 2 all

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Their League team too, they finished 9 out of 10.

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Dota LUL dead game.

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Ever since they got bought out things haven’t been the best for optic and has lost that family feel the org once had

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For me I lost that feeling when they dropped Nadeshot back in AW

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He wasn’t technically dropped but I know what you mean

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Still remember back when both FaZe and Optic joined the CS scene, I argued that FaZe had made the better choice going for EU teams, especially in terms of building a brand.

Keep in mind back in the old CoD days, Optic was known for being the big competitive org, while FaZe was just a bunch of trickshotters and snipers.

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Its a really hard time being a optic fan, especially since i only care about cs and cod.

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you can still be a fan of the cod team though even if they play for a different org

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Well it is rumoured that they dont like eachother and are splitting

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oh ok nvm then

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Its hard to have so much success in one team. Egos are a thing, no matter how much people wish they weren't - all 4 of those guys had success before this roster and will afterward. Probably all see the game differently to.

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The biggest problem is personalities. Formal doesn't want to have anything to do with the other guys unless it's in game. When they go to events he apparently sleeps at a separate hotel with his girlfriend. Scump doesn't have the motivation any more, and refuse regularly to scrim or train.

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Yeah but how can you not be excited for the rumoured Scump/Crim/Octane/John or Scump/Crim/Formal/Gunless

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I honestly hope karma will take revenge on all of them and get his fourth ring

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If the roster with Gunless works out Karma could definitely get a place on Rise

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What do you mean by "under infinite"?

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Infinite esports. It is an investment group that Hecz sold majority stake of OpTic to.

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At least he cashed out.

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hecz got so much hate for this....i fell bad for the guy

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Honestly I hope they move the Danes back to EU, pick up snappi and jugi and be #2 DK easy top 10 team but the chances of that happening right

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Bro, your timing is insane! :D

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How is this surprising? It was the planned roster before, but things fell through. Now they got the original roster they wanted.

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It isn‘t surprising but the time he posted it was the funny point ;)

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Original plan involved Dennis and Rubino.

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Got a source for that it was the planned roster? I don’t remember seeing that.

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I’m sure a top tier planned roster would consist of 3 danish players and 2 NA players, including taking a player who has never played at the top level before. This roster was almost definitely a work in progress the moment it was announced

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200 iq

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Snappi, is that u?

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Can you hope me some lottery numbers?

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You have impeccable timing.

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This comment aged well

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This aged well

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Should just build a full NA or EU team with what they have left and let them live at home. Saves money and probably have better results.

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I guess the problem is that optic has NA spots for Pro League and ECS.

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The entire org is in shambles since Hecz sold his majority owner stake. He was the org and now he's a nobody in it with no real power.

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I wasn't aware that happened. When did that happen?

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Couple months ago.

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why did he?

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Investment for OWL and LoL spots.

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He has always said he would sell OpTic if the price was right, he just got an offer that meant him and his family could live stress free for a very long time.

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I mean, their OW team is good, their Dota 2 roster is doing good, and given the new full danish line-up and the names on that line-up, I'm guessing they will do better than heroic ever did, so they're fine.

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Gears team is still really good too.

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Is the Gears scene a thing? Not asking as a joke, I love gears but always assumed that the pro scene was pretty much nonexistent.

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It's bigger than Halo and somewhat rising in numbers or staying consistent. Not that big though no like 50k viewers for grand finals.

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I mean, their ideas are always random as hell.

I thought the previous lineup had a lot of potential and shouldve had more time. However the current lineup seemed really odd and even more risky.

I think they underestimate how much time a new team needs to gel together properly. This isnt one team replacing one or two new players. You're throwing 5 random players together and hope it works out pmuch.

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I think previous lineup was one of the most random and risky ones I have ever seen. You get 5 random players from different lineups and countries. Put them under a player that never tried IGLing even though he is quite experienced. Not to mention none of the other teammates were type of players who can help him. Like in SK for example it is rumored Cold does some work and helps Fallen sometimes, C9 had IGL problem but it was known that Stewie and Auti were helping Tarik occasionally. In optic you have 2 really young players and 2 others aren't really known for this type of thing.

In CS terms this lineup had more change for success. It has a good IGL and good fit of roles. The only problem was different cultural approaches to CS and teamwork etc. According to statements of players from the last lineup they had split into groups within team and that messed up teamwork overall. I can see the same happening here unfortunately. Though there is no point in speculating about those stuff, if we just look at it in CS perspective I think this lineup was better structured compared to last.

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This obviously wasn't their first choice of a team but they were forced to do it because the season started in like 2 days.

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What's happening to OpTic? Not only their CS team but the entire org seems to be in disarray.

So that k0nfig tweet may not be bait at all.

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Hecz sold out. He sold 80% of the company to infinite, who have no idea what theyre doing

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They don't need have a clue though as long as they stick to economical decisions in general and let the people who already did a good job at Optic do the esports related things like rosters etc.

Is there any reason to believe that that isn't the case? Because if there isn't, then there is no point in saying Infinite doesn't know what they are doing.

Also selling out is simply a bad term. If you want to grow and be able to participate in esports such as LoL and OWL, then you need a certain financial backing that you won't just be gifted. Selling stakes to other companies is just the natural flow of things in the business world. It can benefit both parties incredibly well as long as it's done right and I haven't seen any reason to doubt that so far. If you have any sources stating otherwise I'm very interesting in seeing them!

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One of OpTics main flaws is making players move. I dont get why they need it so much. For content? 9/10 times its the same 4 people anyway... just let players live in EU so u can put together a good fucking team with good teams to practise against

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Bro NA is ez mode with ez money. If you are in NA, half of Pro League is literally EU Premier or worse level teams. LAN qualifications are much easier in NA, and therefore it's easy to get brand exposure and sponsors.

[–]TotllynotadinosaurOpTic Gaming Fan 2 points3 points  (1 child)

But when it comes to the real thing they wont have good enough practise to damage the EU teams

[–]RadiantSunmousesports Fan 2 points3 points  (0 children)

If you are in EU, chances are that it won't ever "come to the real thing". Besides, I think they will probably bootcamp and practice a lot in EU too (same as a team like SK), they're just going to be based in NA.

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Not surprising. Optic should have just sold their NA league spots last year and moved the EU team back to EU. No EU team core will ever work in NA long term. Also imo this is going to be harsh but it serves them right for wasting tarik, mixwell, rush and nafs time signing players like JasonR as a 5th. (No offense to Jason good player but it was never going to work with his stream) They should have signed literally any igl they could have gotten. Look at where that core 4 are now rush and tarik won a major, mixwell is on G2, and naf is dominating on Liquid.

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Mixwell hasnt really done much since leaving. The other 3 have found much more success outside of OpTic, whereas Mixwell had more success in it.

[–]Xubone 5 points6 points  (1 child)

That's because mixwell thinks he's a rifler when he could be a top tier awper

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+1 he's like a better version of JDM, better rifle although it isn't the best but even BETTER awping

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just like 15 hours ago gade and cajun were still playing some faceit matches in EU (probably DPL) and in the next 10 hours they will have to play pro matches in NA, so I guess something is up????

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They already forfeited their match against CoL so something is up for sure.

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Meh I’m thinking of changing to SK flair

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come to Liquid we got naf.

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Im thinking about it.

I miss NAF :(

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But C9 has Tarik, Rush and NA CS mastermind FNS...

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hard to choose

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New lineup has huge potential and actually looks really strong. Definitely stick around bro.

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I don't know why you would try to make it black and white. Root for them all in tourneys for a while and soon enough you'll know which you're most connected with.

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That's me I root for Optic first and then NA next. Mostly C9 and Liquid cause of former Optic guys and their skill.

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Oh it's not. I know I like to watch SK, C9, and liquid.

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I dont understand the title... rumors say the danish core wants jugi and snappi afaik.

Now thats fucking far away from being in shambles, more like a ressurection

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I feel bad for the org and Hecz but to be honest the some of the organizational decisions they have made after Stan left were questionable.

Im gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and say right after Stan left they were in a bad spot under really bad circumstances so not gonna comment on those.

However after Tarik and Rush left I think they started rushing into very sub-optimal chain of decisions. Gathering random players with lots of question marks, friberg as IGL was a huge question mark, HS in a team without a true IGL was a huge question mark, allu was a huge question mark, allu&mixwell AWP situation and the list can go on. Not to mention the other type of logistic problems like all EU lineup moving to NA and moving back to EU etc.

After that lineup crashed, they tried the same formula with a little bit of variation and improvement. This time they had Stan as a proven IGL but the lineup is still a question mark as in teamwork and chemistry. To be honest this lineup has more potential compared to the last but anyone could see there were a lot of possible issues.

I feel like they were too eager to own a CS team, maybe because they didn't want to go missing from the scene and lose their fans but those fans were lost anyway. Either way you can see them(org) trusting players and the scene in general and wanting to invest in it and not letting it go. I hope things go well for them in the end and they don't give up on CS if this team also breaks up.

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Hecz isn't in the picture anymore he sold his share

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They should stop trying to focus on these wildcard international rosters and just build upon an established team

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Who would have thought these guy to be even friends together lmao (i'm tired not sure if my sentence made sense)

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Who would have guessed that DoA (Danes of America) would be DoA (Dead on Arrival)

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fuck man they got absolutely blue balled.

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flashback from one piece - shambulusu

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here is the down fall of one of the greatest orgs in esports boys

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Wow, that didn't age well...

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Hey look, it's Tom from from MySpace!

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Is that Tom from MySpace?

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Not surprised whatsoever.

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Optic is always in shambles lol

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honestly? good. i'm even mad that faze succeeded. i hate when orgs feel that they can just buy a ticket to a good team. the classic orgs actually BUILD ROSTERS over time, so they continuously have good teams. just trying to purchase success should be punished and apparently karma got optic. optic is also slowly dying as an org as call of duty gets less and less popular.

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Without knowing the contract situation for each player, I'd say that if the team decided to split, the players on the roster are pretty talented and should/would have some interesting options available to them.


[–]FelixTheInnovatorTeam Liquid Fan 2 points3 points  (1 child)

ryu with the wisdum, who would've thunk these guys could still get good teams


[–]Ryu-Renegades Fan -1 points0 points  (0 children)


But I don't know if he competes anymore


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What you need to sign a reply for?


[–]hansjcMisfits Fan 4 points5 points  (1 child)

just Ryu- things.


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He just wants to be special


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An @OpTicGaming CS team in utter disarray?


Well I never.

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A team that has Shahzam on it is in disarray? Get out of town!

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if anyone doesn't pay attention to optic other than cs, the COD team is dismantling or something like that and everyone thats a COD fan that supports OG is up in arms about a dead game

[–]TrivzNA 0 points1 point  (3 children)

I wouldn’t really call CoD a dead game

[–]XYMOOSEOpTic Gaming Fan 0 points1 point  (2 children)

yes it is

[–]TrivzNA 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I mean considering the last CoD champs had 250k+ viewers, a podcast thats being held by an analyst is getting on average 50k-80k views on YouTube, Scump still gets 150k vies per video, and Cod:WWII was the best selling game of 2017, I would have to disagree

[–]XYMOOSEOpTic Gaming Fan 0 points1 point  (0 children)

yeah and fl0m get more views than CWL and shroud get more the CWL Finals and yeah scumps content gets views and the only reason why wwII is the best selling game is becasue people by it, play it for 2 weeks and then set it down and never touch it again. cod been dead since AW

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Honestly if Optic is so intent on keeping a roster in NA than there are plenty of talent out in the scene to build a decent EPL level team. There are still players from CLG floating around, they already have a good AWPer and IGL in the form of Stan and Shaz, all they need is a good support and some star players and I'll guarantee they'll make a mark in the NA scene.

[–]WyattDoggerOpTic Gaming Fan[S] 0 points1 point  (2 children)

What players from clg are still “floating” around? Rickeh is an awper, cutler is on splyce and is trash, koosta on torqued, Ethan on nrg and fns on c9.

[–]joshualorberG2 Esports Fan 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I mean if Optic would rather Rickeh instead of Shaz then maybe, the others are on teams that Optic could easily buyout if needed. Plus there are players like N0thing and Sean out there that they could pickup if either want to play again. There's plenty of free talent floating around in the NA scene to easily build a good EPL level team

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Rickeh isn't really an AWPer though, he's a hybrid and better at rifleing than straight awping.

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I’ll manage OpTic And because I’m rich I’ll fund the team by buying Simple, Flamie, Electronic, Stanislaw, Konfig