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Can I use the water collected in the basin of my dehumidifier (standard issue in Georgia) to water my houseplants? I empty out about 1 gallon a day in the summer of what I assume is water clean enough for my simple houseplants. The bonus (aside from not using tap water) is that since the basin sits in my house I know the water is room temperature and won’t shock my plants. Thx


A battery storage like Tesla Powerwall,

Treble glazing, from double glazing,

Solar panel (UK),

Underfloor heating.

Which is the best for the environment and the best for financial investment?


I want to figure out the best monitoring solution on the market and for the cheapest price. How efficient are your systems and how easy are they to use? Do they offer insights on when your system needs maintenance?


Hi all. Running out of chances, so figured I would ask here. Basically looking for a solar panel that powers a battery pack, which I could use to plug in devices etc. Anyone have anything like this?

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