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Hi, Chair of the Cville Green Party here. Im deploying to Iraq in 2 months and our party needs a new chair, none of the current officers appears to be up for it, so if you live anywhere in central Virginia and not already part of a local, contact me! We can elect you new chair!


Ian Schlakman - Green Party nominee for Governor of Maryland - applauds the Baltimore City Council for passing a proposal for banning the sale of Baltimore's water system to private operators.

"Giving the people the choice to ban the privatization of their water is a good first step," Schlakman said. "But we need to take a step further and socialize our water utility so we can work toward providing quality water to all Baltimoreans regardless of their ability to afford it. I urge Baltimore and all jurisdictions in Maryland to move toward a public water utility."

Schlakman urges the city to further steps to establish community control and accountability over utilities that are vital to the everyday lives of Baltimoreans.

"I want the city of Baltimore and state of Maryland to investigate taking over Comcast and providing broadband internet access as a public utility," said Schlakman.

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party's nominee for Governor of New York, is calling on the state to take over Spectrum, the state's leading internet provider, after Spectrum's party company Charter failed to live up to the requirements of a 2016 merger with Time Warner Cable. "The New York State Public Service Commission has ordered Spectrum to be sold after their merger requirements weren't met," said Schlakman. "I call on the Maryland Public Service Commission to examine Comcast's treatment of consumers and investigate ways to establish public control of internet as a utility."

Schlakman also urges the Maryland Public Service Commission to investigate BGE's and PEPCO's treatment of electricity consumers and make recommendations for establishing a public electricity utility. "We need to make dramatic changes in the way we power our lives," said Schlakman. "In response to the climate crisis, I have already called for a massive investment so we establish a 100% clean renewable energy infrastructure. As we are making this transition we need to make a transition in how our energy is administered and paid for. I support greening and socializing our grid and treating electricity as a publicly-owned utility."

Schlakman considers health care and housing to be human rights and supports programs for universal, single-payer health care and universal housing.

"I support a National Improved Medicare-for-All system," said Schlakman, "and would work to create a system that provides care for every Marylander regardless of their ability to pay. We have world-leading medical resources in Maryland and need to leverage them in a way that benefits everyone."

"We also have an amazing stock of existing housing that is more than enough for everyone who needs affordable housing," said Schlakman. "We can provide good quality jobs for tens of thousands of Marylanders by rehabbing and retrofitting thousands of vacant homes and providing them at low or no cost to Marylanders experiencing homelessness.

"Public housing, particularly in Baltimore, is a joke," Schlakman said. "My running mate Rev. Annie Chambers fights this battle every day as a public housing resident and member of the city's Resident Advisory Board. Our campaign is committed to radical changes in public housing policy. Our first priority will not be to realtors, builders, or investors. It will be to people struggling to pay for housing or experiencing homelessness." 

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