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I'd like to make a list of all the fruits available in Guyana and the seasons their typical seasons. I'm going back and want to make sure I go when the delicious fruits are available. Thanks!


IDK about all of you but the more I sit and think about it, the less "West Indian" or "Caribbean" I feel. Yes, we share a common history, music, food, language, etc. But when you get down to it, their concerns rarely truly overlap with ours.

Furthermore, we keep taking and borrowing things from them, learning about them, but the reciprocal is never done it seems. I also feel like we don't take advantage of our local enivornment. Most of our cuisine is imported. Why dont we make use of native flora and fauna in our diet? I know our origins are largely migrant in nature as a people (minus our Amerindian brothers) but it seems sad we haven't adapted our culture to our local environment.

I'm just kind of sick of Guyanese always trying to be like others instead of trying to be ourselves and determine our own culture our own way of doing things.

Sorry I just felt like ranting about this.


Hello everyone!

I'm going to Trinidad in July for ~3 weeks (from the US) and want to do about a 1 week round trip at the end of July from there to Guyana before returning home. Was wondering if anyone can give me recommendations on what to do there that would be unique, especially compared to Trinidad. I've done some research on Guyana and also read some of the other posts here. I would be flying into Georgetown and probably stay around there, unless there is a better location, or if I go on multi-day tours. One major concern with any tour is that I'm going by myself, and I know there is a minimum number otherwise they cancel. In July, is there a good number of tourists that I would be safe booking in person? I think I can be flexible with tours (like Kaieteur) if there's enough other things to explore.

Things I'm interested in:

  • FOOD: street food, local specialties, must-try restaurants
  • Culture, history, traditions, indigenous groups
  • Religions: Mainly Hinduism, Obeah, and indigenous religions. I want to do puja at a Kali temple, and at any other major temples in Guyana.
  • Superstitions: I know it can be a very sensitive topic, which is why I'm asking here first. Just like Gods, I like learning about Jumbees/exorcisms/folktales and would like to explore that in Guyana. I've read a bit about LajaBless, Ole Higue, Dutchman, Moongazer, and Choorile.
  • Adventures: jungle camping, waterfalls, caves, water activities, etc.
  • Maybe a nearby beach or two, if there's a popular food stall or place to lime during down time.

Things I want to see but need more info about (especially how to get there, good tour companies, expected price):

  • Kaieteur Falls - If anyone has a recommended tour that would be best, since it's hard to tell online which are worth the money. This is probably the most important activity
  • Museums or centers to explore the interests listed above
  • Best Hindu temple(s) in Guyana
  • I want to learn about and buy an Obeah charm, like crabs eye

Full moon is on July 27th. Is there anything special for full moons that I could go to?

If there's anything else I should know, please let me know!!


Today I was around a Guyanese person who called the yolk of an egg something different than yolk. I asked them t repeat it but they don't want to tell me! Is there a word in Guyanese dialect for the yolk of an egg?


Looking for my Granddad's family history (Williams) Golden Grove Guyana. I don't know much about them though, apart from that he moved to England in the 1950s and the rest moved to Antigua in the late 1980s.

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