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Welcome to /r/halflife. You have chosen, or have been chosen to subscribe to our subreddit.

You've come to the right place - the place - to discuss Half-Life.

I just want to share with you how happy it makes me to see that people are still only now, starting their journey with this universe.

This franchise is still relevant and it always will be because it defined an entire generation of other popular shooters. As a gamer, you owe it to yourself to run through Half-Life in its entirety.

Now there are a lot of frequently asked questions about play through order and such, so allow me to clear up them right away:

1. Half-Life 1 or Half-Life Source?

Half-Life 1 in a heartbeat. Half-Life Source is the same game but ported across to the Source engine. This transition did not occur without its quirks or bugs. Trust us and play Half-Life 1 how it was meant to be played.

2. Which order do I play the games in?

This order:

  • Half-Life 1
  • Half-Life Blue Shift
  • Half-Life Opposing Force
  • Half-Life 2
  • Half-Life 2 Episode 1
  • Portal 1
  • Half-Life 2 Episode 2
  • Portal 2

There is some ambiguity with the Portal story. We still don't know exactly when they occurred in relation to the rest of the story, but they play an important part. I've placed Portal 1 between Episode 1 and Episode 2 here. Without revealing too much, I've done this so you're clued up before being presented with a scene in Episode 2. You could play them whenever you wanted, though.

3. Should I mod Half-Life 2 before playing?

Not for your first time. I do recommend the Community Update though. Aside from that you'll want to be playing it as it was meant to be played.

4. When's Half-Life 3 coming out?

Nobody knows. This is the saddest subreddit for a reason. When posting here, please refer to the Whirlpool of Grief, as it is a constant process for us and we are all at different stages.

5. Okay, I've played and now I want more.

Welcome to the club. We frequently discuss lore related stuff here and there are tons of mods to keep you going.

If it's lore you're after, you can start a thread or you can read through some of my own articles (shameless plug I know, but I'm a total lore buff when it comes to Half-Life) I strongly suggest you finish playing the games before reading these. They are spoiler heavy and will ruin your experience:

Check out Black Mesa - a full remake of Half-Life 1 (Xen is not implemented yet though.)

Play Codename: Gordon. Download FREE on Steam right now by punching this into your address bar: steam://install/92 (Thanks /u/hovercraft_of_eels)

Play Half-Life: Uplink - the original Half-Life demo. (Thanks /u/hovercraft_of_eels)

Play Half-Life: Decay - A Playstation 2 addition to the original Half-Life.

Play through Lost Coast - a cut chapter from Half-Life 2.

Check out for tons of community created content and competitions.

Share your experiences and don't be afraid to ask us questions. I know that this subreddit may appear cluttered with irrelevant stuff from time to time, but there are some really decent folk here, and we're all willing to discuss things.

It's safer here!

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Posted byThe Sagas of Gordon "No Witnesses" Freeman2 hours ago

Like the title says. What is your favorite of the two? When I first started with the series I thought the MP5 was damn cool, it gave me an "Aliens" sort of vibe to the game, however the M4 is a subjectively better idea for a weapon, especially for the Marines. (if only 5.56 ammo was available...) I am also asking as I am a novice modder working on a personal Half Life project (nothing major, I may release it when its done, whenever that is) and am unsure which version to use. I cannot decide which one I like more. Anyways, thoughts?

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Posted byGardon Dankman3 hours ago

I'm in dire need of replaying this game again, I have played it many times, some with cinematic mod on.

I love the cinematic mod ( I play without the shitty porn models )

I'd like to know any other good graphics mod for the game, or slight game play mods.

Thanks in advance. :)


I just received a 4.1MB update to Half-Life

Does anyone know why Valve would be updating such an old game at this point? Seems very bizarre to me...

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Hello again everyone.

I am cross-posting this from my page at as I know many people have been discussing my mod Half-Life: Echoes here, and I wished to mention this to you all at reddit too :)

If you are not familiar with my mod, check it out here:

This has all been so overwhelming, the reaction to my work has much more incredible than I could ever have anticipated.

My intention was to make something that would reflect what Half-Life meant to me - the horror, the comedy, the action, and the realism of the world around you. Half-Life and it's many community made mods have stuck with me my entire life since I was young and changed the way I looked at games. A lot of the feedback from you all so far seems to show that I might have made some other people remember the same feelings Half-Life brought us when it was first released.

You are all brilliant. All the feedback, videos, reviews, comments have all meant the world to me. Thank you. I dabbled in Half-Life level editing when I was a teenager (sometime around 2000/2001), and never went back to it, but I decided to try my hand at making something worthwhile to release, around five years ago - perhaps spurred on by a lack of Episode 3. A lot has happened in this time - and releasing this marks the end of a long journey for me. The reception I have received has definitely made it all worth while.

I have just released v1.2 - which I hope should fix the last few crashes. A couple of minor bugs may remain, but I no longer have any real time to spend on this aside from fixing issues that prevent it from working - but please do not hesitate to send any issues to me.

On a personal note - I have something to ask. A few months ago, I became a father to the most wonderful little boy in the world. However, when he was born, we found out moments later he had an un-diagnosed heart condition which meant he would not live without immediate open heart surgery. For my wife and I, this was the hardest and most difficult time of our lives, but thanks to the incredible team at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow - he has made a full recovery after surgery and is expected to lead a normal healthy life. There is nothing that can prepare you for this kind of situation, and not everyone is as fortunate as we were.

I would like to ask - if you enjoyed my work and have the means or the inclination - please make a donation to the Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity to support these wonderful people who saved my son's life. Donations will help save, help and enrich the lives of other children.

Thank you, James


I recently revisited the Half-Life games to re-experience what I think is one of the better game franchises out there, and as I was playing, I had been thinking a bit about the G-Man’s role in the games, since he is very much an enigmatic yet important figure in the series. Looking at some other theories about him, I decided to come up with my own theory that accounts for observations that I made about him that I haven’t seen very much in the other theories I have read. Some notes I wanted to make before I begin:

  • This theory assumes the Opposing Force and Blue Shift games ARE canon in the Half-Life universe. (I mention this since there is some dispute about this point.)
  • This theory only takes into consideration information from the Half-Life games and supplementary material; therefore, media like “Epistle 3” are not considered in this theory.
  • This theory assumes that the G-Man is an extradimensional/extraterrestrial/extra-universal entity without proof (although such a proof can easily be done).

This theory aims to get at the motivations and rationale for the various things the G-Man does throughout the series. Although I only provide a gist of what I think, I hope it makes sense to at least some of you, and I can elaborate on any points I make.


The G-Man is an extradimensional/extraterrestrial/extra-universal entity who is a member of an alien faction (who I'll call the "Employers" for convenience) in some conflict with the Combine. Although the specifics of this conflict aren't known, the G-Man's remarks in Half-Life 2 and the Episode games can be taken to imply that the Employers are losing to the Combine or are otherwise at a serious disadvantage compared to the Combine. This is exemplified with the G-Man's mentions of "restrictions" or not being at liberty to disclose certain information to Gordon; based on his words, I think that acting outside of these restrictions (for example, directly taking action against the Combine) could put the Employers at risk of being discovered and captured or killed by the Combine, which ultimately gives the Combine control of all life in all universes, which the Employers cannot tolerate. This is the basis for most of the G-Man's actions, and I'll discuss how they manifest in the various games momentarily.


The G-Man’s speech at the end of Half-Life could be an indication that the Employers wanted to take control of Xen from the Nihilanth, who might have been serving the Combine due to the presence of Combine-looking machinery attached to it. However, in order for the Employers to take control of Xen, they have to influence humanity in a way that would allow them to establish a link to the Nihilanth from Earth, and allow able-minded and able-bodied humans to travel to Xen and kill it with as minimal Employer influence as possible. Given how the Black Mesa incident unfolds and that the Employers’ plan succeeded, their plan was most likely as follows (can elaborate if needed):

  1. Provide Black Mesa with a Xen crystal that, when subject to the appropriate conditions, can establish a link between the Nihilanth and Earth.
  2. Create enough chaos and confusion at Black Mesa to distract the Nihilanth and his forces long enough for able-bodied and able-minded humans to infiltrate Xen and eliminate their presence there.
  3. While the Black Mesa incident is unfolding, identify potential humans that could be potential assets or threats to the Employers in the future.
  4. After identifying all possible assets/threats and accomplishing as many goals as possible, perform damage control and erase any and all evidence of the Employers’ presence at Black Mesa.


Although it is unclear whether or not the portal storms and the subsequent Seven Hour War was intended by the Employers to be a consequence of the Nihilanth’s death, it is clear that the Employers want to rid Earth of the Combine, given the G-Man’s commentary and Gordon’s assisting the Resistance in Half-Life 2 and the Episode games. A few notable events in Half-Life 2 and the Episodes could show what Gordon's relationship with the Employers look like:

  • The fact that the G-Man mentions having received “several interesting offers for [Gordon’s] services” at the end of Half-Life 2 indicate that Gordon is contracted out to those who make a sufficient offer to the Employers (it is not known what kinds of “offers” are sufficient); given this, it is very likely that Gordon’s assistance to the Resistance in Half-Life 2 was the result of a contract negotiated between the G-Man and the leadership of the Resistance (possibly Eli Vance)
  • The G-Man continues to observe Gordon from afar during his fight against the Combine; this could be a form of “quality assurance” provided by the Employers so that Gordon performs all the tasks that were negotiated in the contract.
  • The G-Man/Employers appear to handle which contracts Gordon will be a part of, as the G-Man notes to Gordon that “rather than give you the illusion of free choice, I will take the liberty of choosing for you, if and when your time comes around again.”

In addition, several notable events and circumstances throughout Half-Life 2 and the Episodes could provide insight into the specifics of the G-Man’s contract with the Resistance:

  • Gordon arrives in City 17 on the eve of the Resistance’s uprising against the Combine (as alluded to by several characters) and at a time where an embedded Resistance agent is able to recover him (Barney at the start of Half-Life 2); this could indicate that the Employers know when to act on a specific contract in order to get the most benefit from it.
  • The fact that the Resistance and the Employers have the same goal of eliminating the Combine’s presence on Earth could possibly show that the Employers prioritize contracts whose benefits to the Employers end up helping them achieve their own goals.
  • It is possible that Eli Vance, the leader of the Resistance, was the one who negotiated with the G-Man/Employers for Gordon’s assistance, since he appeared to be expecting Gordon’s arrival in Half-Life 2, where most other characters were surprised to see him in City 17.
  • The fact that the G-Man reacts with confusion and anger to the Vortigaunts’ rescue of Gordon from stasis at the start of Episode 1 could point to the fact that Gordon’s contract with the Resistance ended with the destruction of the Citadel’s dark energy reactor and that this “rescue” is considered to be “theft of services” and a breach of the Resistance’s contract by the G-Man. Between the start of Episode 1 and the first part of Episode 2, the G-Man is essentially trying to recover stolen goods and bring Gordon back into the control of the Employers.
  • Gordon’s task of escorting Alyx to the White Forest base could be a way for the Employers to get some additional benefits from Gordon while they find a way to recover him from Earth, as well as helping the G-Man preserve his other "investments."
  • Since the G-Man considered Eli to be the one responsible for violating the Resistance’s contract with the Employers (the Vortigaunts can reasonably be assumed to be under Eli’s authority), his warning of “prepare for unforeseen consequences” can be taken to mean “prepare to pay for your violation of our agreement”, given the previous points made. Eli’s death at the end of Episode 2 is the Employers’ way of resolving the breach of contract, despite Gordon and the Resistance’s actions benefiting the Employers (hypothetically speaking) even further. This could also serve to be motivation to the G-Man’s “investment”, Alyx, to do what he wants her to do (go to the Borealis and use it to stop the Combine) and not what her father wanted her to do (destroy the Borealis).

I could be WAY off on some of these things, but I thought it would be a fun thought experiment if nothing else. I'd be happy to elaborate on anything I've presented, especially since there can be more than one interpretation of events.


Anyone remember a half life 2 style short film where it's shot in first person? The main character has a small cube that has a connection to what looks like the citadel. I've been searching, and I can't seem to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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