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We made a small adjustment to the rules regarding colorized photographs. We have always allowed these as the basis for them are historical photographs and when done well do add a lot of context. This is at the same time also what makes these submissions somewhat problematic when talking about historical accuracy. Ideally, all colorizations are done based on thorough research to be as accurate as possible.This is however not always the case resulting in images that bring the original black and white alive but not accurately.

To better reflect this and make people visiting this subreddit aware of this we have added the following rules:

  • Colorized photographs need to be tagged with [Colorized] and link to the original photograph in the comments.
  • Colorized photographs that take too many artistic liberties will be removed, this includes (but is not limited to) removing details or adding things like patterns on clothing that are not visible in the original.

The first rule allows colorized photographs to be submitted while also making people aware that these are not the original but in fact colorized and gives everyone the possibility to check out the original as well. Effectively this shouldn't change things too much as many colorized photos already declare that in the title and link to the original, so this just formalizes that process. The second rule also clarifies something that we already enforce, also formalizing this aspect.

These new rules will be applied effectively immediately for all new posts, posts made before this announcement not conforming with these rules will not be removed.

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