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Stickied postModerator of r/homeless

1. We've clarified the rules a bit

Present in the sidebar. Everything should be the same or similar, but it helps to be explicit:

  1. No posting of anything that violates Reddit Content Policy. You will be banned and forwarded to the admins.
  2. Be helpful and respectful to others. Reddiquette is required.
  3. Posts must be directly related to homelessness.
  4. No fundraising or crowdfunding. Exceptions can be made for serious organizations combating the issue. Message the mods first to ask for permission to fundraise or it will be removed.
  5. No posting of personal information. This is the same as Rule 1 but for some reason it's been a problem here recently and we need to be explicit.
  6. No calls to violence. This is the same as Rule 1 but for some reason it's been a problem here recently and we need to be explicit.

Again, functionally this is no different from the previous ruleset, we just moved some stuff around to make it a bit more explicit. Let us know if you'd also like a "no self promotion" rule.

In addition to this, we've added a report menu for your convenience.

2. Mods should be much more active now

Last year, this sub needed a lot more help than was available. I've recently been inducted, and also hired a few mods who are active daily and are associated with outreach programs.

We only just cleaned out the mod queue last week, so you'll have to forgive us for not keeping pace with old actions and modmail items. They should be fully up-to-date now. However if we missed something, the best thing to do is to contact us directly so we can take a look.

3. Wiki updates. We need help!

The wiki hasn't been updated in almost 3 years and there are a lot of dead links.

If you would like to chip in and give back, please contact us directly.

4. Suggestions are always welcome

If you have a suggestion for improving /r/homeless, please don't hesitate to reply to this thread or contact the mod team through one of the links above.


Well, I'm a trans guy and am getting kicked out of where I was staying and have no options of where I could live. I am also disabled and can't drive. I have looked all over my town for help and called 211 and searched online. I continue to look for something near me. I don't want to have to leave even though it sucks here. It's what I am familiar with. But if I can't get anywhere by staying in this town I am trying to find out where would be the most viable place to head for. I have gotten suggestions to go to new york, portland, san Francisco, or LA. It sounds like a major city is where they have more help. But there are also so many other homeless people to help, i am afraid I won't get help no matter where i go.


To formerly homeless people,

How did you get out of your situation? I'm near homeless, and I'm planning an exit strategy in case it happens. Did you get a gym membership to keep clean for interviews? How did you keep in contact with employers with no phone or adress? How did you get interview clothing and keep your clothes and yourself clean enough to be presentable?


I have a 1 year old and our living situation is pretty bad. No place in my city has shelter space for us, and I won't put my baby on the literal street. (I've been there before. Fine for new, but I don't want to have to go through that with a baby).

What cities have good shelter programs for homeless mothers and children? I'd love to be able to make some calls and get on a greyhound between the 7th and 16th (when I'll likely be able to get the money to go).


So, I’m almost homeless but in a better situation than most since I have some emergency funds.

Hopefully this isn’t against the rules, but is there anyone who has a spare room, or couch, that I can rent short term for 3 months? I’m looking for <$400 all inclusive and internet (or a library within walking distance) and can pay the first months rent upfront with a deposit and do weekly payments afterwards. Can relocate anywhere on the East Coast depending on flight costs.

Would rather not go into detail about my situation unless this is something that interests you and you want more details about my circumstances, but please no time wasters.

I am looking for someone who is LGBT friendly. I’m a 21 year old Asian male. I do not smoke, drink, or do ANY drugs. Like to keep to myself for the most part.

Want to PAY for a place to stay, so no weird propositions please.


I work 2 jobs and started an online store but because our trailer is uninhabitable, we are homeless. Why isn't there more assistance for people that have landlords that do what they want. I am not sure how but creating an organization that helps immediately and doesn't have red tape when it's a bad rental.


I can't think straight so I'm worried I'll be kicked out and have nothing reasonable prepared any tips at all would be forever appreciated. I have 50$ to my name and till the 14th of next month plausibly (possibly sooner)

I can't get help from ywca or any homeless places in my area because my mom is a dick and wont agree to take my name off the lease for our apartment or sign an eviction notice so I know I have time to pack because she wants to hold homelessness over my head. She can legally have me kicked out any 3 days she wants cause there's no proof I've ever paid rent.

I'm trying to prepare before she lets me know (if she lets me know) beforehand.

If you know anyone who is willing to assist with a peaceful end that would be appreciated too.


looking for a roommate in aurora illinois


Jeez guy, so you probably don't think I'm charismatic enough to appeal to the mainstream masses, huh? I was afraid someone would be clever enough to observe my utter lack of social grace or candor... But this is why I turned to "the community" for advice! So now that im aware of my egregious character flaw, what would make you a happier fan of my comedy? I hate letting my fans down so I'm willing to make the change necessary to satisfy my more die-hard fan base...Just let me know exactly what I need to do to satisfy such a high brow sense of humor, which you clearly possess cause I tried to phone it in with that post asking for help writing but you caught on quite fast and wouldn't have it. Thanks. You're right. I owe you and everyone else gold, 100% of the time, every time. It's the least anyone could do. Keep that bar impossibly high, we performers are lazy and need to be spoken to like the beasts we truly are. Thanks for recognizing me for the rotten egg I am...sure can't fool this one!


I am 20 years old now and am homeless for the third time. All because I keep helping my family. In my town I'm not allowed to sleep anywhere, I've been up for 3 days. I don't know what to do. The only option I can think of is to float down the Mississippi.


So, my friend is having a terrible time, or i should say a life threatening situation. He is extremely physically injured and unable to work. Not to mention the mental problems he has been having for a long time. Recently he needed to take care of his ill grandmother who had cancer and died 4 months ago. Her house was on the market and is now sold. He has nowhere to live. He has no family or friends who can help him. He is living in his car which is extremely miserable for a person who is constantly in physical pain. He is struggling with social security as they want to cancel the disabilities benefits that he has been getting which include the medications he needs to take for his nerves pain. He is seeking for a place to live and i am a student who lives in dorms and oceans far away from him, i cannot do anything but to help him online to seek for a solution. Not to mention that he has a bachelor in medieval european history and he is an excellent writer. He is very polite and educated. So i was wondering if there’s a spare room for him, maybe in the north of USA. Or anything that can keep him alive. Is there anyone who can offer him a place to stay like a spare room? Please help me and him to find a way. It’s a life or death situation.

He is currently in USA.

Posted byHomeless5 days ago

Homelessness has gotten to the point here, that homeless are regularly breaking into homes that are for sale and unoccupied, or camping on the lawns of these houses. So I got a job as a scarecrow.

This one house that belongs to a friend got broken into, then later camped... all within a month... so now he is paying me to sit on the property and be visible until it sells. Sure it means being there almost 24/7 but I live in my truck so what the hell, right?


I made the ill advised decision to post my perspective and circumstances of being homeless on the community subreddit where I live.

There is some increasing anger and resentment in my area, especially regarding unfortunate behavior people are witnessing homeless people doing, then posting it.

I attempted to humanize the issue, trying not to be political, argumentative, or make any value statements. Just described why I am homeless and what I try to do to get by.

I will say the response was overwhelmingly positive, though there was quite a bit of darkness in the comment section as well, which I fully expected.

I feel sick to my stomach that my circumstances, to some at least, are acceptable to be homeless, yet it seemed relatively acceptable to completely hate and dehumanize anyone that is experiencing mental illness, especially substance abuse, or made any mistake in their life, or have done anything negative in their community.

I was told to stop shitting on the sidewalk, to stop getting pity for homeless because of my (probably not true) circumstances, and other projections and assumptions I never spoke to.

Apparently there are two classes of homeless: people like me and the rest of the "infectious human waste".

I don't believe that. We are all human.


I have my car, my ssd, a P.O. box and camping equipment. I've called every homeless help option here and I'm on the waitlists. I've even called a lot of churches and no one wants or is able to help me. The housing help for those recovering from chemotherapy has a 3 year waitlist. I feel like my best option is just disappear or hurry up and die. I'm looking for suggestions and advise to continue.

Posted bygay, trans, trying his best8 days ago

I have been living with a mentally ill/abusive parent for the past year while looking for a new apartment to move to. I found a place but won't be able to move until June, however, my parent had an episode and kicked me out with no warning. I still have about a month to go before I can move and I don't have any transportation. All of my money is going towards my new home. None of my family members are willing to help me and all of my friends and my boyfriend live way too far away for me to couch surf until June. I didn't have enough time to pack very much before I had to leave my parent's house so I have pretty much no supplies. It's 7pm and I'm sitting in a McDonald's that closes in 4 hours writing this on an 18 year old practically dead laptop I managed to snag before escaping. I'm in a really dangerous/sketchy neighborhood right outside of west Baltimore so sleeping on the street isn't exactly safe. I'm 23 and I have no idea what I'm doing. Does anyone have any advice? All of the advice I've seen so far talk about sleeping in their cars.


I’ll be homeless soon and I’m a messed up in the head person and I feel like I’d be better locked up, I’d have food and a bed, what do you guys think? I’m not sure though how a prison would take me and if I can just ask. Thanks


Hi Guys, how are you all doing?

I'm currently homeless right now but despite that I ain't doing too bad to be honest. I actually have a job interview this week that looks pretty promising. In the meantime however, I am still ass out on money or toiletries. I was wondering if any of my fellow Toronto residents knew of any place in the city that gives out free soap or body lotion(even it's only samples)?

Much thanks in advance to anyone that is able to answer.


I used the website "" A LOT and ALL THE TIME.I explained my situation to people.

I met people on there who changed my worldview and I actually wrote about my situation, asking if people wanted to meet up to exchange points of view about that situation specifically.

I heard of people like Heidemarie Schwermer and Raphael Fellmer who lived well and without money ( check them out on youtube - though Heidemarie Schwermer passed - I contacted both of them and met Raphael Fellmer ).

You might also be interested in knowing about the following ( and perhaps wanting to do the same ? )

Not sure whether there is a website like this in English-speaking (and other language-speaking) countries.Basically, this is a website to "give away" food that is not going to be eaten by the person who purchased it and yet the person prefers to give it, rather than to throw it out.

This website allows people to connect with one another to exchange said food.

After a quick search I found one thing somewhat similar in Marin county in California :

I looked into tiny houses, earthships, living off the grid, permaculture, woofing and working online ( like on ).

All of these are things worth exploring when

Be well and all the best to everyone, and much love.

By the way, feel free to share any ressources that might support in the thread.

PS ( from another thread and about another topic, but you might benefit greatly from it as well, since using the Wim Hof Method which I show you here also allowed me to get back on track :

Edit : here's another link I came across lately ( somebody posted it on Reddit ),

As well as "for free" pages on facebook ( for example the "Gib und Nimm" Heidemarie Schwermer did put in place - though in German : )

Heidemarie Schwermer also appears in a TED Talk in English and in a movie called "Living without money" ( the trailer of which can be seen on youtube.

Raphael Fellmer is now supporting in creating "Sirplus", as he already was one of the creators of

Perhaps seeing the following three videos can be a way to find some ease, being secure in the knowledge that the current situation is but a transition.Whatever you go through, "this too shall pass."

And knowing that ( the second video is about homosexuality, yet I found the message to work for me too, being heterosexual and reflecting about the time on the streets ) ( this one is in the German language, but about a basic universal income and the project "Mein Grundeinkommen" ).

Second edit : and yes, wwoofing really works quite well, as someone pointed out in the comments' section.


I've been in the South and it's absolutely awful. Being queer with significant dietary restrictions has been a major challenge for me. I need to get somewhere with a larger LGBT community or that is at least tolerant and also able to provide dietary options. I know I shouldn't feel guilty, but living here I've been shamed so much for not only my identity but also medical/dietary requirements. A toxic place I'm desperate to escape.

I've also been trying to teach myself to code, which is slow given the limited resources, but I'm making progress. Any communities that have programs for teaching us a trade or that provide opportunities like this?

Any guidance, greatly appreciated.


I have been homeless on the street for almost three years, I live alongside highway 87 in San Jose California. I put together these tips based on what I've learned through my experience, I hope y'all find them helpful.

  1. Look before you leap! Some of those dumpsters are truly full of garbage, make sure there's something you want in there before getting in.

  2. Know the law! Here in California if the trash bin or dumpster is NOT on private property then we are legally allowed to dive. The case to cite is California v Greenwood. If you're diving on private property and are asked or told to leave don't argue, be polite, clean up, and go.

  3. Don't dive in dumpsters behind restaurants, there is nothing in there that will EVER be worth that smell!!

  4. Respect the one diver, one dumpster rule. If someone is already diving just move on to another one, if it's a really good spot you can always come back later on.

  5. Know your exit strategy before you get in. Don't dive in if you're not sure you can climb out.

  6. No matter how cold it is a dumpster is NOT a good place to hang out or sleep. Many people have accidentally been crushed by garbage trucks doing this.

  7. Wear gloves. Don't take them off.

  8. Don't leave the area trashed. Clean up after yourself, don't be unnecessarily destructive or noisy.

  9. Be aware of the type of area you're in. For example, if you're getting recyclable cans and bottles in a high-end townhome community where the units are owned not rented, don't go in there in full hobo regalia with a rattling shopping cart, an anti-social dog that barks constantly and isn't on a leash, and lights so bright they could light up a concert stage.


Some guys were hurting me and you were there, just minding your own biz. You told them to stop. They started hitting and kicking you. I just ran away. I've looked for you to say I'm sorry for leaving you and not trying to help. I just can't find you. I hope somehow you see this and know I am sorry you got hurt. I hope you are ok now. Thank you for helping me


I’m not homeless but I want to ask this community if it’s a common for the homeless to get poisoned. I’ve talked to a few guys and they are very Leary about eating food given to them.


Tomorrow the postal service (at least in my area) is collecting food donations. You put a box of nonpershiable food items outside of your mailbox and they collect it to give to local food banks.

What food items would be best to put in there? What’s useful/goes a long way? What do people want?

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