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Hotline Miami
HLM2: Wrong Number
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Official Hotline Miami Links ----------

Official Website for Hotline Miami.

Jonatan's Twitter.

Dennis' Twitter.

Official Hotline Miami Twitter.

If you see any 'offical' Hotline Miami content outside of these sources, it's entirely unlikely that they're true. While both Dennis and Jonatan have Reddit accounts, they're entirely inactive at this point, and any other posts from users claiming to be either of them, should entirely be disregarded and reported.

Additional Subreddits ----------


A subreddit for posting Hotline Miami 2 level editor content.


A subreddit for any meme/spam related to Hotline Miami.

Important posts ----------

A PSA on HM2 Custom Music Wads

No, There Will Never Be A 'Hotline Miami 3'

Featured Content ----------

Throughout 9 chapters, SOVEREIGNS: MMRII focuses on a different style of gameplay and story, blending chaotic, headache-inducing high-speed gameplay & visuals with a more traditional narrative that explores the dream world and the beings that populate it, all backed by a hand-picked soundtrack featuring HEALTH, Crystal Castles & 7 original tracks by DonnJuann.

Red Star is a prequel to the Hunter series created and written by THELEGOMack that explores the Russian side of the Hawaiin war featuring the two main characters of snowfall along with two more playable characters. Red Star introduces 13 fully fledged levels made almost entirely of custom sprites and animated cutscenes.


I've been wanting to cosplay as Jacket for about 2 years now. Do you guys know anyone that is willing to create a Jacket mask that I can purchase? I am willing to do $90 or lower if possible, I don't mind it being from hlm or Payday 2. Also, do you guys have any tips on how to recreate his tape recorder from Payday 2? I've seen Mori Animation's recreation but I wanted some more buttons so I can input more lines. Thanks in advance.


I mean I don’t see why the shouldn’t. They’d make quite a bit of money, and all the fans will be happy too. I already have a mask off amazon that I’ve used a couple times, but I just don’t feel it captures the essence, you know?


After listening to some of the beta tracks, I read a comment on Bardo States saying Hotline 2 might've went into a more darker tone game. After listening to the beta version of Richard I can definitely think that. But what did you guys think it was gonna be?


How can i get those wooden blanks for the level editor to connect two buildings stylishly? They are mostly used in the Hunters series. The last level (Epilogue) of red Star was the most memoriable use of them. Are those sprites even public? Thanks in advance


Ive thought of this when imagining characters’ perspectives and their individual themes of loss and insanity they go through. And at the end of every level your just left with a building full of corpses that were once people and how this affects characters that didn’t want to experience these events such as richter.


Hey there everyone! I'm back again with another song. I'm actually really proud of this one. I feel like I got the mixing down alright, so everything should sound nice and clear. Feel free to use this in some sort of campaign, as long as I'm credited, I'm alright with you using it. As always, feedback is always valued and I always respond.

Click here to give it a listen!

(again: i have a discord. don't feel obligated to join though. if you enjoy what you here and you want to talk or something, the option is there

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Welcome to Miami, where you answer weird phone calls, put a mask on and go kill people. This subreddit is related to game series Hotline Miami by Dennaton games and published by Devolver Digital.

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  • The level editor for Hotline Miami 2 has been released! Here is the official manual from Dennaton Games.

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If you are interested in modding Hotline Miami using GameMaker, please reference this playlist.

If you are interested in modding Hotline Miami 2, start by downloading the HLMWadExplorer. Note that this limits you to only modifying assets (sprites, sounds, textures) within the game, and does not actually add any new content to the game.





Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami 2 : Wrong Number

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/r/DevolverDigital is the official Devolver Digital subreddit.

/r/gottagetagrip is a dedicated subreddit for shitposts, memes, and other low-quality content for the Hotline Miami series. Enter at your own risk.

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