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Not to mention the weird dress-switching (the dress Emily wears to the actual wedding is different from the one Monica tries on; the dress Monica wears in the expensive wedding dress shop is sooo different from the one she shows from the magazine AND the one she tries to get at Kleinman’s AND the supposedly same Kleinman’s dress she tries on again at home), but I think the wedding looks are all pretty sloppy. The dresses don’t fit very well (especially Emily’s), and they look very cheap. The styling is weird too: Monica and Phoebe look way too casual with their hair down - they had a hair stylist in the crew, why not make a simple bun or something?

And my last mention is that weird that Monica puts on when she tries on Emily’s dress. What IS that!

Maybe these looks were fashionable in their own time, but I certainly think they didn’t age very well!


Why can’t he taste his ex wife’s breast milk? He was with her for 7 years, probably touched every single part of her body, and he can’t taste her breast milk? I get the others being grossed out, she’s just a person they know, but Ross? Really?

I’ve only just truly noticed how unrealistic this is; I’d suggest it’s part of Ross’s sexist character but it’s not just him who is disgusted by it so that can’t be it.

I dunno. Just putting it out there. I’m not a Ross hater btw. If anyone else has moments with the characters you just can’t figure out then do I’ve grown up I’ve simply seen how ridiculous the whole thing is.


I don't get it cuz she seems like a normal person to me.


I know there is an infinite debate about this topic. In my opinion, they are equally bad for each other. All the drama would be gone if they were honest with each other. There is a big lack of communication between them and a lot of immaturity and childish behavior.

Currently rewatching season 9 when Rachel moves with Joey again and oh my god it seems like they didn’t learn anything from their mistakes. I actually like them both very much, but separately. And I liked their relationship as friends.


Hello guys,forgive my ignorance but what's this? Is this real? I mean, I can't seem to find anything about it

-much-. Thanks!


Mine is 100% Ross, look he’s a nice guy and everything and he did bring a lot of humour to the show. But Ross and Rachel? The list? I feel like he looks down on other people thinking they are not as smart as he is (e.g. “Just a waitress?”). And he always has to be right and have everyone follow his way of thinking (e.g. The evolution thing with Phoebe) K before you Ross fans get angry, he does have some good qualities too like he’s caring and does a lot for his friends. So there. I said it.


So it all goes down in season 6. In episode 5, Denise goes out of town until December 26th, so Rachel moves in, but Rachel doesn’t move out until the fire, which happens in episode 18. Episode 18 happens after Christmas because episode 9 is Thanksgiving (right before Christmas), and episode 17 is after Valentine’s Day. Does Phoebe like living with Rachel so much that she kicks Denise out permanently? Very rude, poor Denise. Or is Denise actually Santa Claus and decides to permanently relocate to the North Pole?


im way to busy with my other servers since they have started growing i cannot do the friends discord justice.

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