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15 days ago
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Hi r/hulu, happy June!

Sorry this post is a few days late - we wanted to keep our other two announcements on Live Guide and Mobile Spring Update up a little longer. Speaking of which, we made these updates as a result of all the feedback we’ve received over the past year, and we could not have done it without our awesome beta testers! So without further ado, here are the redditors who have scored the latest round of invites 🤗

As previously mentioned, at the beginning of every month, I will be pulling a report that shows the 50 most active users on r/hulu in the month prior, and the top 5 members who have demonstrated their eagerness and knowledge about our product will be receiving an invite to our private beta testing program. Your total engagement score will be calculated by the following formula: #Points x 20% + #Comments x 80%

We’ve decided to weigh engagement with a larger emphasis on comments than points, as points are more likely to be skewed by high-traffic posts like AMAs. Speaking of skewing, the top 5 eligible commenters per month will exclude the following:

  • Hulu official accounts
  • Those previously invited to beta
  • Those with under 5 comments that month

If you are on this list and eligible, you will need to send me a PM confirming you are interested in joining Beta so I can provide more info. If you are on this list but believe you have been marked ineligible by error, feel free to PM me as well. Please note that you must already also have Hulu, in addition to the other eligibility parameters listed above.

Congrats to our newest testers!


Rank Username Points x 20\% Weight Comments x 80\% Weight Total Score Eligible
1 u/JustifiablyAwesome 90 18 54 43.2 61.2 Yes
2 akmcbroom 100 20 46 36.8 56.8 No
3 u/atan420 119 23.8 32 25.6 49.4 Yes
4 WarpSeven 85 17 34 27.2 44.2 No
5 u/perfectviking 53 10.6 22 17.6 28.2 Yes
6 u/jmwebb22 69 13.8 15 12 18.6 Yes
7 anonRedd 54 10.8 16 12.8 23.6 No
8 u/Talrynn_Sorrowyn 66 13.2 11 8.8 22 Yes

This maybe a dumb question, but what’s the point of Cloud DVR? Why would I need to record shows if they’re automatically on there to watch whenever I want, or is that their offline feature? Sorry if this has been explained before, but I couldn’t find an answer I understood online anywhere.


Thinking about getting Hulu Plus and cutting off cable. Does Hulu Plus include Hulu Live TV or do I need to subscribe to a separate program?


I tried Hulu a couple months ago and found the streaming quality to be poor to unwatchable particularly for sports. The lack of a live guide was also an issue. How is it now? I’m using a wired ATV 4K. Hulu is the only service I know of that has locals for Lansing , Mi. Thanks for any feedback


Its not my internet all otehr apps and streaming services run without a hitch. I have 200 down and 5 up


Today’s matches besides Brazil v Costa Rica are nowhere to be seen.


I thought after you watched ads at those certain points they wouldnt be played again even if you go back? Also why does hulu play an ad everytime you resume a show even though theres no ad at that point?


When hulu says a show "expires Friday", but it's not available to watch on Friday, that means it technically expired Thursday.

I've tried to finish up a couple of different shows on what seemed to be the last day, only to find out it's already deleted. Grrrrrr.


I didn’t know if it was patented. It would be awesome since family matters intro is 1 minute and like 23 seconds. Just wondering. Tyia.


So I heard the skipping, buffering, multiple audio overlays has been greatly improved on Apple TV. I was able to chat and get a bonus trial period. Not flawless yet but definitely improved. I have the enhanced DVR with it. Can you really not FF through commercials if you had paused during a live program and want to catch up or if you missed something before a commercial break and rewound you have to watch the commercials again? I realize if It’s recorded you can but not possible at times with live tv on some channels?


I have two Nvidia Shield TVs that run Android TV and have been a Hulu subscriber for many years.

Its bad enough that the Shield TV can't use Hulu live but I never thought I wouldn't be able to access HBO when the same Hulu app is perfectly capable of watching showtime. Unfortunately I met that realiity shortly after I added HBO to my Hulu account.

The Hulu app for Android TV has not been updated for years. This is extremely ridiculous that Hulu has neglected all of their Android TV customers like this. ESPECIALLY considering Android TV is the exact same codebase as Fire TV. I will unfortunately be canceling my Hulu service over this.

Yes I am aware that Android TV is also a built in Chromecast and I can cast the newer Hulu app to the Shield. I didn't buy two $200 steaming devices for casting. I would have bought Chromecasts if I wanted to do that.


(i'm sorry if its not 100% on topic but better here rather than the switch reddit or gbatemp where i'd wind up w/ biased replies or lul-hate replies)

i'm debating on using the free trail on my switch for a month or so (to see if its a dollar to dollar worth reason to switch from Netflix or i fi can make the best and try to keep both up for awhile. and honestly theres not much thats Keeping me on netflix outside the new magic school bus[not exactly stirring my childhood as it got modernized and the teacher isnt Ms. Frizzle.. ] and the New voltron [which i belive is an netflix exclusive] )

Last experience i had with Hulu via a Console, was when i lived w/o friends and tried towards EoL , the Hulu Channel for the Wii. T'was not the grandest experience. (so much buffering alot of pixelation etc, and yes to buffering we had the Ethernet adapter)

i do carry my switch w/ my quite often to the store or doctor's office (when i go shopping the last 6 months its been by uber and late at night since my roomate works nights and is hardly home anymore and depending how late i went out, i've been caught w/ a wait of almost 2 Hours before i got a ride home.) and being able to watch something when i'm not in the mood to play what games i have on mine wouldnt be such a bad thing,

if anyone has a switch and tried it on thiers, What's it like? any playback problems? do you notice a rapid battery drain? (akin to like playing Skyrim or Breath of the wild) and while there'd be no real Point while docked, hows it like if there was undocked issues when docked?


Guys, very simple. I am looking for a streaming service that can do more than 3 TVs and that includes The Weather Channel (among others).

Does HLTV have TWC?



I've had Hulu for about 3 months now. The only reason I switched was because Netflix lost "It's Always Sunny" to Hulu. When I was thinking about getting Hulu, I had no idea they had a No-Commercials option that is the same price as Netflix and I didn't know they had an amazing catalog, a catalog that's comparable or even better than Netflix.

Now, I don't live under a rock, I'm on Reddit every day and watch sports on TV. The fact that I didn't know Hulu had a no-commercial option for the same price as Netflix and a really good catalog that includes Seinfeld, Futurama, old Nickelodeon shows like Hey! Arnold, Rugrats etc, American Greed and on and on is a pretty sizable failure by Hulu's marketing team. They need to really market that their service is the exact same as Netflix but with a better catalog.

Also, I like their mobile app a lot better than Netflix's because it doesn't constantly require me to quit the program and re-open it to communicate to my chromecast like Netflix's app has for years now. Also, auto-play plays a lot more than 3 episodes, the amount Netflix plays, which I've tried to figure out how to increase with no avail.


So my situation is a couple weeks ago I put my account on hold. The hold expires tonight but I still don’t have the funds to pay for the subscription.

I just got the HBO add on for $5.99 before I put it on hold, and I don’t want to cancel my account and then have to pay the full $15.99.

Is there anyway to extend my hold, and not lose my HBO deal. Also when does the 5.99 discount end. I wouldn’t mind canceling my account if I could just set it up later.


I was watching Naruto Shippuden on my television and out of no where the episodes started looking grainy. I changed the video quality and still, it looked grainy. I then started watching Attack on Titan and Cowboy Bebop and both those shows looked fine to me. I then went on Hulu on my phone to check if it was the episode or the show that was grainy and it seemed fine. It seems that only Naruto Shippuden on my television looks grainy. Has anyone else had this problem and how do you fix it.


Was watching Community and saw an error in the subtitles and was curious if there was any way to report it.


I've googled this and seen similar issues, but no resolution. Anyone have any ideas? I only have this problem with hulu on my smart tv, no other apps do this on my TV, and hulu plays fine on every other device.

Suggestions or ideas??


Since the latest tvos update (I think June 19) my appletv streaming issues, freezing, buffering, audio out of sync etc has improved dramatically. I watch a lot of MSNBC and CNN. These 2 have given me the worst live experience. They are running now, past 24hrs almost without a hiccup. My TBS east is buffering, not totally unwatchable, but frustrating. Hard to test every network but along with the need for this last update I'm believing that at least some of the problems come down to the integrity of the individual network feeds along with the local servers in each geographical area. Hope other AppleTV users who have been having problems similar to mine have noticed a dramatic improvement.


I changed both of them to Roku and no problems at all


Hulu keeps skipping atleast 1-3 seconds out of the movie I’m watching, I’ve gone and watch other shows and it still skips a few seconds. It’s really weird, and was wondering if there’s something everyone is having? Or just me

Edit: I’m on Xbox one app


Wondering why session 11 , Episode 1 isn't showing up? I heard it's a great episode, but it's not showing up on my list. I'm a live tv subscriber if it makes any difference and all other episodes are up. Any ideas?

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