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My short bio: I am Dr James Wootton, a researcher at the University of Basel. I work on the development of quantum computers.

Though useful applications of quantum computers are still a few years away, there are already devices that are publicly available for anyone to play with. So I try to help people get started with quantum programming by writing tutorial articles, coming up with simple examples of quantum programs (like simple games or a superposition of emoticons) and open sourcing the code behind my research papers.

Most recently, Ive been collaborating with IBM Research on a project called Hello Quantum. At the heart of this is a simple and casual puzzle game based on quantum programming.

My Proof: Me on Twitter

Edit: I'll have to call it a day now. Thanks for all your questions.

If you didn't get a question answered, perhaps it might have been answered in one of my previous AMAs.

You can also try asking question on the quantum computing Stack Exchange


I am a male nurse (RN) at a large city jail with a daily population of around 1,000 inmates in one of the most violent cities in the US. I am the "charge" nurse on my shift, and have been working in the jail for over 9 years now. I have seen stabbings, hangings (and other crazy suicide attempts) sent many people to the "butt naked room", and a lot of other crazy stuff. Ask me anything!


Edit: I will be answering questions until 11:00 P.M. Eastern Time I have to go to work. I will answer any questions left after 11:00P.M. tomorrow afternoon, so feel free to leave any.


Hello, I am Bat-Erdene, from Mongolia and I am an acrobat at the Mongolian National Circus. I perform teeterboard acrobatics, and as a guy of smaller size, I'm the one that gets launched in the air! Ask me anything!

Photos of me and Videos of my launches into the air:


I was released today after spending 2 years incarcerated for a victim less crime in both Chicago's Cook County Jail and the Illinois Department Of Corrections state prisons; some of the harshest detention centers in the united states. I'll answer any questions you have for me to my best ability.

Proof: Here's my release ID from the IDOC:


****Okay, gang. I'm off to record some podcasts. If you want to ask more questions and stuff I will be around on the Bunny Ears Facebook page tomorrow night from 5pm (PST)-6:30pm along with a lot of the website staff. Check it out and listen to Matt Cohen talk on the podcast every wednesday. Also... buy a T-Shirt because THEY told me you wouldn't. *********

It's me, Macaulay Culkin. I'm back to talk about Rampart, my comedy website called, and my podcast which is also called Bunny Ears. What else? The website has a lot more cool stuff to read now and we're selling shirts and pins! Also, I've done more episodes of the podcast. We've got an official Facebook page! I'm older, wiser and ready for more of your Q's! Hit me!



My short bio: I am a British puppeteer who worked on some projects of The Jim Henson Company and have been at the cutting edge of animatronic puppetry since 1979. My professional film credits include Master Puppeteer, Animatronic Designer and Supervisor, CG key frame Animator, and Director and Producer of animatronic and animation projects for film and television. I’m known for roles in a number of films, among them puppeteer for Yoda in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back and chief puppeteer for Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. For a brief rundown of those roles, check out this micro doc on me, produced by Great Big Story: That’s all for this AmA – thanks for submitting your questions!

My Proof:


UPDATE: Hey everyone! We're gonna wrap this thing up. We've got songs to practice and soylent to drink. Thanks for tuning in, and don't forget to check out the album and tour dates at

Like we said, we are TWRP: a band from Toronto, Canada - NOT Team Win Recovery Protocol, or Teen Wolf Roleplay. We just released a new full length album, you can check out the single "Synthesize Her" here:

We also just announced a North American Tour, which you can check out here:


Posted byMichael Xander14 hours ago

Hey reddit, we’re Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander, the authors of My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired. In the book we interview sixty-four of today’s most successful people, including three-time Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Soni, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, and General Stanley McChrystal, and offer advice on creating a routine of your own.

The book aside, we’ve been interviewing people about their morning routines for over five years over at, and in this time we’ve seen just about everything there is to see about what to do (and what not to do) in the morning. We love reddit, so please ask us literally anything about the book, the website, or anything related to morning routines in general. To read the introduction and the first interview in the book, sign up here and you can download a PDF right away.


Edit: We’ll continue checking this thread until 6:00pm ET today, and we’ll check in tomorrow for any questions that come in overnight. This has been fun so far! Keep your questions coming.


What symptoms did you have before the operation that made you think: "ehy maybe varicolece is giving me problems with testosterone production"?

What kind of doctor did you go for a diagnosis?

What kind of tests did you do to check for lack of testosterone?

What kind of operation did you do for varicocele?

What are the values before and after a few months from the operation?


I'd love to introduce myself to you as an award-winning composer, specializing in film and TV, by sharing one of my latest film scores. Please take a moment to check out a recent sample clip here: and comment back to let me know what you think. I currently have a collection of original, fully customizable, music ready to place in a variety of films of basically any genre. My compositions ring of gut-wrenching, heart-thumping overtones designed to transform cinematic works of art into blockbuster magic! My approach, and sole objective, is to captivate, excite and inspire viewers while leaving a lasting impression of the unique story being presented to them. My most recent acclaim includes an award for best original score in "If I Should Die Before I Wake" by Southwood Pictures directed by Eric Ayala. More of my work can be found at

I hope you're all having a wonderful week!


I work for the Sprint Connected Vehicle Program through Sykes customer service outsourcing, better known to the public as UConnect Access.

If you have ever pressed the Assist button on the rear view mirror and selected UConnect Care, you called my department. We are the Chrysler competitor to OnStar with embedded connectivity services in modern vehicles.

Ask me anything about UConnect radios, the experiences of a vehicular customer service rep, Chrysler vehicles, or anything else you can think of!

proof, work desktop and email from work


EDIT: That's all the time I have today! Follow me on twitter @kateflannery and on Instagram @therealkateflannery. And check out my new show ALL NIGHT on Hulu! And my live shows with Jane Lynch Thanks!

I'm best known for playing Meredith the drunk on NBC's The Office for 9 seasons and I am in the new Hulu original tv series ALL NIGHT! I play Principal Saperstein. You can watch the trailer here:

I'm currently touring with Jane Lynch in her anti cabaret act, SEE JANE SING, and you can also catch me performing with Scott Robinson as The Lampshades.

For more information you can check out our website:



My 5 Questions:

My general question is: what did you see and experience?

  1. What did you see?

  2. How much notice did you have before the imprisoning took place?

  3. Were you aware of any torture taking place - was there a sense of don't ask questions?

  4. At what point were you relieved of any responsibility to come into work, if ever? Did they have any caretakers still working there or just military/government staff? (I'm mainly interested in hearing from someone who was still working during the imprisonment period).

  5. Did the imprisoned guests still continue to receive lavish treatment? What about the richest within eg Alwaleed bin Talal?

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We are running an AMA with Legal Service Corporation's Opioid Task Force, which is working to roll out legal resources to help deal with the opioid crisis - including helping people in recovery with their legal issues.

Answers should start around 2 PM Eastern - please feel free to join us!

  1. What got you interested in your specific field in the PMC world?
  2. Have you ever doubted your job security?
  3. What makes your PMC different from the rest?
  4. Why did you pick your specific PMC?
  5. What benefits do you get from working that you really value?
  6. Is there any advice you'd offer to a hopeful PMC contractor?

My 5 Questions:

  1. Why have you been living with your parents for so long?
  2. How has this affected your relationship with your parents?
  3. What are your long term plans to be financially independent?
  4. Are you looking for a full time job now?
  5. What are your hobbies and interests?

Aloha reddit, after a short first attempt a couple weeks ago, I am back to answer any questions you have about the ongoing eruption; but since I'm pretty busy, I will do this AMA over the course of the next 2 days. So if I don't get to your question right away, I will try to get to it...eventually! Thanks for your patience.

I am a volcanologist working on a variety of topics related to volcanoes worldwide, and funded by National Science Foundation. My cruelly-in-need-of-updating website is here:

Many thanks to the US Geological Survey for providing updates on the eruption (imagery, seismicity, deformation, lava flow maps) every day despite the incredibly busy situation.



Are you unhappy even though you have the ideal life?

Are you emotion shamed, ridiculed or have other people’s trauma thrown in your face when you say you aren’t happy?

Are you envious of other people’s lives?

Ask me anything!!!

Twitter Proof

[Website for verification ](


Hi everyone, I’m Naaman Gambill, and I’ve been a beekeeper in Chicago for the last 7 years. I’m here to answer questions with help from Atlas Obscura. I’m founder and manager of a beekeeping supply store called the Hive, which is Chicago’s first fully devoted beekeeping store. The plight of bees has brought a surge in new beekeepers (there are about 1000 registered beekeepers in the Chicago area alone), so I established the store thinking there needed to be a place devoted to offering new and established beekeepers supplies, and even more importantly, to be a place where people could to actually talk to experienced beekeepers. Before opening the store, I was head Beekeeper for Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance and Westside Bee Boyz LLC. Currently, The Hive manages over 100 hives throughout the city and sorrounding area for clients like the Shedd Aquarium, Revolution Brewery, Right Bee Cider, Chicago Park District, and many more! I’ve also done school and community outreach to teach the importance of beekeeping in cities and in general. Looking forward to your questions!


EDIT: Thanks so much for the questions guys and gals, but I have to get back to my ladies as it is swarm season! If you have any follow up questions don’t hesitate to reach out on Facebook or Instagram or even come check us out on the Westside of Chicago!

Bee Good

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Ask your questions over at /r/Political_Revolution!

Hi! I'm Tim Canova, running for Congress in Florida's 23rd District.

For those who are unaware, I'm facing Debbie Wasserman Schultz in a rematch this year, but this time as an independent. With our decision to challenge the Democratic establishment in an open general election, South Florida is once again the epicenter of our political revolution. We all know how important it is to defeat a career politician like Wasserman Schultz, who rigged the Democratic presidential primaries and caucuses while pushing the agenda of her wealthy corporate donors – from Wall Street Banks and predatory payday lenders, to private prison companies, Big Pharma, and the fossil fuel industry.

We also recently won our public records lawsuit against Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes. The Court found that Supervisor Snipes violated state and federal laws by destroying all of the original paper ballots cast in our 2016 primary against Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Most egregiously, the Supervisor ordered the destruction of ballots after we sued to inspect and copy the ballots! Because of this, election integrity has become front and center in our progressive campaign. Without integrity in our elections, it will be that much more difficult to ensure progressive victories throughout our country.

With that said, our campaign is and always will be fighting for important issues like Single Payer Medicare For All, banning private prisons, ending the failed War on Drugs, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, "mending" not "ending" the Fed, fair not free trade deals, banning pipelines and fracking while converting to 100% renewable energy, and tuition free college tuition.

Join our campaign at

If interested in volunteering, please email Tony Dechario at

Small donations are always welcome, since I'll always refuse to take any predatory special interest money or PAC money, at

Follow us on Twitter at

Like us on Facebook at

Follow us on Instagram at



Q1-What was the most dangerous situation you have ever been in?

Q2-What does your paycheck look like?

Q3-How do you work around long flights without falling asleep?

Q4-Have there ever been any extremely rude passengers? (If so what were they like)

Q5-What airline do you fly for and how did you end up there?


Question 1: “How old were you when this was filmed?”

Question 2: “Did you continue to act after this? If so, in what?”

Question 3: “Do you know why so many of the lines were redubbed?”

Question 4: “What was it like working on set? What were the other kids like?”

Question 5: “What are you doing now? Where are you in life?”


Additional Question, for the Kazoo Kid himself.

Were you playing a character, or just being your genuine, kazoo-loving self?


I do NOT agree with everything RW says and in fact, disagree with a lot, but I am a sysop there. I have been a sysop for a little more than a year now. Ask Me Anything

My Proof:

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