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Have you ever thought about taking the casing off of the arm, putting in some robotic looking contact lenses, repeating some morbid phrase and scaring the shit out of people?

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The casing is clued on so I can´t take it of :(

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A little glue never really stopped anyone.

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But 30000€

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30k has stopped at least one person lol

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how does it know how your brain wants it to move?

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I have two muscles left that would tilt my hand forward and backward. In my prosthetic I have two metal plates that detect a tiny electrical potential, if I contract one or both of my muscles. One muscle opens the prosthetic hand the other closes it. If the hand is already open it switches between two grid patterns. Pressing the button on the back of the hand enables two more grip patterns to switch in between. Rotating the thumb enables 4 more grip patterns.

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Thats super cool, something i have never had to consider. Thanks for the AMA, you're a good guy to do it and hopefully it helps your mentality and brings positivity.

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Did you ask for this?

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Yeah, I saw it in the internet and asked my prosthetist if I can try it out.

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So you asked for this, you asked to be shown how human you were, and how much more you could become

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I love the innocence of this reply.

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Do people call you Big Boss?

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no but they often call me cyborg.

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Have you tried spanking the monkey with it? Dead serious question.

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It has sharp edges that would really hurt and ENT in a bludy mess

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I bet you're used to it already, but do u find it heavy? I mean, it bothers you? and how's the precision?? How do u feel about the future of this technologies? It's good enough already? or not even close??

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Afte wearing it for a while the wight is not a problem. The hand is about 300g if you are interested. The precision is not really grat because I ahve no feelins in it and that mekes it not even close to a normal hand.

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How do people react when they see your arm and how do you wish they would react?

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People see it and of say something like wow this is a cool arm and ask me questions about it and thats what I want. Befor I had the bionic arm people would just awkwarly stare at me whit was really annoying.

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How long did it take you to learn how to use your bionic arm? Can you use it just as well as your right hand?

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I ahd a less funktional prostehtic befor that helped me a lot. Within a week I was able to use it fluent.

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How up to date is it ? How do you see the future of this tech ?

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It's one of the best things you can get. The future sure will be mind controlled.

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I misread the title as "bionic firearm" at first. Since I'm here, what kind of crush pressure does the hand have? Can it be adjusted?

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It's really weak but enough to lift a full bottle of water. I had a less functional hand before that could crush walnuts.

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As a 15 year old, what are your plans for college/future? Are you thinking about working on smart prosthetics too?

You would have the motivation to create something better considering you have a personal benefit.

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Thought about going into the prosthetics industry but my dream job is aero and space engineering

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Your dream job is aero and space engineering, do that!

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do you type with one hand or the bionic one as well?

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I have learned to type with my elbow before I got the bionic arm.

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How does elbow typing work??

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With a lot of practice

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Elbow grease

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Can you do anything cool or weird that others physically can't?

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I still have my left elbow and I can bend it like 20° backwards.

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Do you ever arm wrestle with it? And if so how does that go?

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I'm not wrestling with it. It's way to dangerous.

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Good point you don't wanna crush they're hands with your awesome robot arm.

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How did you afford it?

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100% German health insurance

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Mein gott. To this American that's more of a superpower than the bionic arm.

Follow up question: are you allowed to decorate/modify it? Maybe some kickass decals?

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My prosthetist is open for design changes because he makes the arm and the hand gets clicked onto it.

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Interesting but I meant you personally.

Like can you paint it?

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I could but I don't want because I like the design as it is.

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How do you clean the device?

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I can wash the part that hold on my arm. The rest is not water tight.

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Privat oder gesetzlich?

For the rest of the world: Germany's health care system is divided into a legal part and a private part. Everbody who earns up to a certain amount of money is in the legal system. Even unemployed people. If you earn more or if you are self employed or a state official, than you you can choose a private health insurance. Main difference: they pay more and you get a doctor's appointment much quicker.

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Gesetzlich AOK Regelt.

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Does it run on battery power or can it be charged? How long does the power last?

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I have to change it every night

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Can you catch different objects? If so how big?

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I can catch small objects but it's really hard

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Have you jerked off with it?

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It has sharp edges inside

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That thing looks badass by the way, like some Deus Ex level badass. How dexterous is it? Are you easily able to do things that require dexterity, for example tying a knot?

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I don't have any feelings in it so making a knot is really hard.

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How hard is it to do smaller more precise tasks? Like can you play instruments or type with your arm?

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No because I don't have feelings

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Do you plan on fighting crime?

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Like Deus ex style?

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Definitely like Deus ex style

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With your bionic arm, how many words can you type per minute, on average?

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Haven't tested that

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How did you go about getting a bionic arm?

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Do you like the nickname terminator?

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When u write notes do you keep your left hand over the book/table?

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Of course, it really helps there

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From what company is it, type?

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It's the bebionic v3 small

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How much can you lift with that hand? Has it ever been defected?

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It often has software problems/bugs. I could lift up to 40kg but I'm really weak on my left arm.

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Ah, okay. Really interesting actually! Thanks!

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Ever seen the cartoon called the bionic 6? It is cool

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i bet u love mccree from overwatch, right?

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As an engineer I want to know, is it awesome? I'm a bit jealous.

Are there any daily tasks that you find yourself struggling with? Suggestions for future design? Have you thought of upgrading to a swiss army arm like this one

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Yeah it´s awsone but having no feelins is a huge bottleneck because I an´t do persice things.

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    It's to heavy and unpersice so it's not good for gaming. But I don't need it for that, I have learned to press the keys with my elbow and my laptop doesn't allow much gaming :(.

    To the yanking: it has really sharp edges inside. It would hurt much.

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    I know this is a weird question but I was just wondering if you have ever masturbated with it? Can you even masturbate with it? Can you feel pleasure from it if you have?