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How does it affect your daily life? Your answer does not have to be written on your arm.

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Well, my case isn't too bad compared to some people, but I'd say the most common day-to-day annoyance is literally being itchy. Seriously, I scratch even mildly hard and I'll have bright red marks popping up on my skin within minutes. It not only looks weird, but it also burns, so being really itchy can be very painful.

It can be fun, though. I can easily entertain people with it and/ or freak them out, so I'm honestly happy I have this!

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Could you write "Thanks Obama"?

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Will you draw us a cock n balls? Please?

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Why not zoidberg?

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"Do you know de wey?"

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Dang, OP delivered. May De Wey guide you on your journey.

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Can you write 'OOF' on your wrist ?

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That moment when imgur is banned where you currently are. ._.

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Do we even have to ask? Dickbutt.

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What interesting insights do you have besides being able to write on your skin? I hope this doesn't get a lot of upvotes.

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How that feels?

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Well, it usually has a stinging/ burning feeling about three minutes after I write on or scratch my skin. It's not overwhelmingly painful, but it's not exactly pleasant, either.

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I know someone that developed this at 16 without any prior signs or anything, how and when did you get it?

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I don't know if I can answer "how" I got it, because for all I know, I was born with it. If I had to guess around what age I realized I had it/ got it, though, I'd probably say around 14 years old?

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      Would you kindly write "Te amo" on your forearm?

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      Thank you for waiting so patiently!

      Te amo

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      Oh, thank you a lot! It means "Love you" in portuguese. It made my girlfriend happy haha

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      That's really beautiful! I'm glad I could make someone happy :)

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      I also think I have dermatographia as well, but, where I scratch, it doesn't come out as defined as your and others. Do you have any other symptoms as well such as upset stomach during flare ups?

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      I've never had an upset stomach after writing on myself before. The only thing that happens is usually that the marks I make feel like they're burning. And the only reason these marks are turing out so clearly is because I'm trying to write hard enough to make it clear when I take the picture (to make up for bad camera quality).

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      Can you please write the following? YAASSS QUEEN SLAY QUEEN ORIGINAL GAY Hehe you don't have to but my friends and I would laugh uncontrollably if you did it.

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      I can't believe I actually did this

      Edit: Sorry, I know it's a really bad picture, but I tried (and mostly failed) :/

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      OMG, thanks so much honestly. It was really kind of you 😊

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      Two questions;can you put a happy face and sad face below it?Lastly can I use it for a possible album cover?

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