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Do you have any advice for an American who'd like to travel almost anywhere?

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Yes, keep traveling to your heart's content, you don't want to regret it later. That's what I did and I spent most of my 20's abroad. Of course, be able to fly cheap and you can stay out longer! Oh and bring a little travel toothbrush, never know when you may need that badboy.

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Thanks! I will try. So what can I do to try and get cheap flights?

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If you're in the US, I doubt you'd want to travel too far to another departure airport from your nearest one (as some airports have lower taxes than others, it often makes tickets cheaper). So, I'd recommend keeping tabs on flights going out from where you are by setting up fare alerts on Google Flights or Skyscanner. You'll get an email when the price drops and you can grab it. This method does take a bit of time though as you need to wait for it to drop but as soon as you've flown out of the US, there are bargains to be had for flights around Europe, Asia and S.America with low cost airlines. Combine one way trips and you can save a bunch!

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You know that you should go to bed when you read "keep traveling to your continent's heart" and think it might actually be a good idea lol

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Why stop now, take it with you to your dreams and keep the travels going!

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What is your advice for people who don't live near large American airports? Even if I find cheap international flights, for flight to the American airport can be pretty expensive.

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It's a tough one as it will depend on where you are in the states and the method of getting to the airport. Of course, if you fly to that airport as you have alluded to, then the sole or few airlines which fly that route will have a monopoly. You may be able to save some money by renting a car from where you live and dropping it off at the airport where you have found your cheap flight from. It will be a time/cost tradeoff.

My advice would be to find a ticket cheap enough to offset the cost of getting to the airport in the first place so if you are flexible on travel dates, this could be achieved.

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What's your opinion on travel agents?

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Honestly, I don't think most travel agents have the clients best interests at heart. They usually have large overheads so charge the client aswel as the airlines to make their money. The point of a travel agent is to save the client money and whenever I walk past one in the street, the prices the are advertising are abysmal..

That's not to say some aren't good though, I don't know of any, but there must be one or two?

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Amsterdam to Sydney return, anytime in June, 10 days (flexible), business class, not via the US. What can you find?

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Business class deals are rare and are usually best found in sales etc. There are some occasions where misprices happen and can be booked but there is a risk of cancellation.

They also change by the day so today's best price for that route is around €2500 but could be less tomorrow. Your parameters are quite specific so deals are not going to be as common.

Of course, you could get to Asia for cheap such as flying first to Kuala Lumpur and then getting a connecting business class flights which will be much cheaper, €200/300 to Asia and between €900-1200 extra to Oz.

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Any advice for someone that prefers business class on long (10+ hour) international flights?

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Depending on where you are flying from, business class ticket prices fluctuate like crazy. I've seen them as low as £600-700 from the UK to China. Timing is crucial and they are fairly rare. I tend to focus on economy as these have the greatest wiggle room in price.

I'd say make sure you are flexible on times and dates, check for flights from smaller airports (with lower overheads), sign up to emails from your favourite business class carriers as you will be sent deals first and also set some business class fare alerts on Skyscanner to inform you when it drops below a certain price point.

Often if it is an "open jaw" ticket, it tends to be cheaper. Also try combining the ticket so that if you need to stop over somewhere anyway, then you could fly the shorter portion economy and connect to a business class flight at the next airport shaving possibly 1000's from the cost.

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Interesting. Thanks for the response.

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If you'd like a challenge I'd love some help! Trying to get from the UK (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted) to Kathmandu this year in April. I've been looking and would love any advice you can offer. Also what has been the best place you've visited? Anywhere you're in love with?

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Looking to conquer the ol' Mount Everest are you? I hope you are, that would be awesome!

I'm finding flights in April to Kathmandu from Heathrow in the high £300's - low £400's range with a single stopover. If you can tell me how long you would want to go for, I can send you some links.

The best place I've visited would have to be Japan I think. I have lived there for a year straight and then have been back every year for the past 5 years! I've probably seen more of Japan than most Japanese people have and not least because my flights have been sub £200 mostly;)

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I need these japan details! I'd love to visit there. We've been to the USA, Italy, Austria and Scotland in the past 12 months and I'd love to take more trips this year. I really want to go to the Isle of Faroe. We aren't going to do Everest, I'm not that skilled! We will be doing a lot of hiking though!

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Japan is a place unlike any other, I'm obsessed with it and am already planning my next trip! Let me know if you need any Japan tips. You sound like you're quite the avid adventurer, I hope you keep it up this year and are able to see some amazing new places.

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Looking to go to Japan with friends but the flight prices are looking a bit daughting as uni students

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How about a classic from NYC to London around mid to late March? Would be in the UK for a weeks time.

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I'm confused by how expensive flights from Central America to South America. I found that Southwest will take me round trip from San Francisco to San Jose Costa Rica for $265. I need to get to Santiago Chile in late May and return in early June. I thought spending a few says in Costa Rica would be cool. But it's much more to get from SJO to SCL, like over $600. Is there a cheaper option you know how to find?

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South America can be really expensive when certain airlines have a monopoly on the route on any particular day. You will normally find if more than one airline is running that route that day, it will be cheaper.

Saying that, Costa Rica to Lima is normally the cheapest gateway to S.America and can be had during your travel time for $290 currently here: https://www.momondo.com/flightsearch/?Search=true&TripType=2&SegNo=2&SO0=SJO&SD0=LIM&SDP0=27-05-2018&SO1=LIM&SD1=SJO&SDP1=09-06-2018&AD=1&TK=eco&DO=false&NA=false&currency=EUR&cmp2=true

Then low and behold, you've got $238 return flights to Chile from Peru: https://www.momondo.com/flightsearch/?Search=true&TripType=2&SegNo=2&SO0=LIM&SD0=SCL&SDP0=31-05-2018&SO1=SCL&SD1=LIM&SDP1=06-06-2018&AD=1&TK=eco&DO=false&NA=false&currency=EUR&cmp2=true

While it is still coming up to around $500 for the flights, you are able to see Peru too which is a bonus. I've just come back from there recently and can vouch that it is definitely something for the bucketlist.

If you would rather fly from San Jose direct to Santiago then COPA will fly you there for about $525 rtn during that time. Unfortunately, due to the monopolies that happen in S.A, you are unlikely to find a cheaper route at this time.

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Any advice on getting cheap business flight tickets?

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I have answered a similar question in this thread so will use that as part of my response.

Depending on where you are flying from, business class ticket prices fluctuate like crazy. I've seen them as low as £600-700 from the UK to China. Timing is crucial and they are fairly rare.

I'd say make sure you are flexible on times and dates, check for flights from smaller airports (with lower overheads), sign up to emails from your favourite business class carriers as you will be sent deals first and also set some business class fare alerts on Skyscanner to inform you when it drops below a certain price point.

Often if it is an "open jaw" ticket, it tends to be cheaper. Also try combining the ticket so that if you need to stop over somewhere anyway, then you could fly the shorter portion economy and connect to a business class flight at the next airport shaving possibly 1000's from the cost.

Depending on the place of origin, your flight price will vary drastically. If you book with, say, Cathay Pacific to fly to Japan from the UK, then you will expect to pay £4-5000. If you book from another European destination, i.e take a quick 1-2 hour flight to another airport, you will probably end up paying about half of that. There have been instances where I have seen business class flights from Budapest to New Zealand around £1900 just because it is Budapest and not London (and that was with Emirates)..

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Thanks for this! I’m planning to move home from Hong Kong but I want to try and bring as much home with me as possible and I know business give you a more generous luggage allowance. Also, it’ll be way more comfortable.

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The great thing about traveling business is that you can sleep! I for one can't sleep in a seated position so it would do wonders for me. Business class is a rarity for me though!

You can also add luggage onto economy class tickets, I think most airlines allow up to 6 extra suitcases.

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I don't see why this wouldn't be replaced by a machine learning algo that can scan and store all flight prices. Is there something you're doing that's unique that can't be replaced by such?

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If a one stop automated solution existed, it would be everyone's 'go to' service. While websites like Skyscanner and the like work well by searching in real time (on your particular search parameter), they are restricted on wider search variables which reduces the quality of results. They also don't search absolutely all online booking sites which often have cheaper prices.

I spend around 4 hours a day searching all over the web using my own system which was developed by myself and a few developer friends. Think of it as churning out raw cheap flight deals which are then refined a little by hand to get the absolute best price. I believe that it is the best possible price at any given time for that route. Error fares and limited time deals are not normally picked up by websites as crawl rates are not instant so I am able to dig these out.

I suppose the unique aspect is that I invest the time to go through hundreds of deals per day which flight comparison sites simply don't pick up on and then I send these deals out.

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What if these travel sites like Skyscanner could incorporate the data feed you create into their algo and price alerting functionality?

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It would be possible to include the data but the question is whether those sites would want to? They work by making a commission on websites who appear on their searches. The booking sites with cheaper prices don't appear as they would need to pay the search site a provision and so their prices would not be as competitive any more. Those which don't appear are cheaper as they have lower overheads.

Also, large search sites allow you to set a price alert for a particular flight route at a particular time. If a massive saving appears for the same route but one day later, they won't tell you. The deals I send out are for people who are flexible on dates (and destination) as this presents the best opportunity to save money.

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How do you search for flights? And is it cheaper to buy early or last minute?
I am based in Germany if that matters...

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Probably the best way someone at home could search for flights is by being a little flexible on dates and on airports as even another airport in the same country can be around half the price of your original choice. If it is long haul, it may be worth it to do that and then take ground transport to your destination. For example, by intending to go to Cape Town, you would fly to Johannesburg first and take car to Cape town and pay €300 return instead of €600 return. It adds up.

Being an early bird or booking last minute doesn't really matter as I've found flights don't follow that pattern. You might get a great deal 3 months before, which then goes up in price, only to drop again to the first price on the same week..

Start your search in Skyscanner or Google Flights and then use different variables to get the cheapest price!

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Do you ever use fuel-dumping for your deals?

Anyway, I would like to help you out with the site. My main area of expertise is Italy and the Eurozone. I already helped Fly4Free 3 times!

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Fuel dumping, while it can be good to save big money, is not great when sending this out to people as they might have to call customer services for example and this would highlight the irregularity and risk the ticket getting cancelled. I've flown fuel dumped flights before and it can be great, but as alot of the flights I find now are simply great deals, it's just easier and safer for the passenger if they book those.

Send me an email and we can be in touch.

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I just sent an e-mail to the info e.mail I found at the bottom of the website. I mentioned my username so that it's clear who I am right away!

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going to japan this summer, probably last two weeks of june. we can fly out of SFO and into either tokyo or osaka, and then come back from whichever airport we didnt fly into (we want to see both cities). any advice?

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Brilliant! I was waiting for Japan to turn up. I've lived there for 18 months and fly there at least twice a year now so have been around the block a few times.

Japan is a place where it's cheaper to fly in and out of the same airport. A safe foreigner, you are entitled to something called a "JR Pass" which will give you unlimited access to the Japanese bullet train (all over the country, as many times as you want) for periods of 7,14 and 21 days. It's by far the cheapest option for inter-Japan travel and I always buy it without fail. Train travel in Japan is notoriously expensive and a ticket from Tokyo to Osaka (and vice versa) can easily set you back $150 one way. Whereas a JR Pass for 7 days costs just $250 and let's you travel anywhere you like unlimited on reserved ticket seats.

Osaka is probably your cheaper option at the end of June which currently sits at around $700 return. Not the cheapest at the moment, but cheap deals from SFO are frequent so it may be cheaper in the next few weeks, I would keep trying and not be hasty. As it's only about 2 hours between those two cities, it's easy to get back to Osaka for your flight home.

P.s you won't want to spend all 2 weeks in just Osaka and Tokyo, there's a whole country to see! The most amazing place I've ever been to.

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I'd like to go from Amsterdam or an airport near there to San Francisco. Somewhere in August or end of July. What's the cheapest you can find?

I do not really care about how long or how many overlays.

Thank you very much in advance!

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Flights from A'dam to San Fran at that time are in the 600+ Euros currently so there are some work arounds.

There are flights from Stockholm, Sweden to San Fran around 300 Euros return in August. You would only need to get the flight from Amsterdam to Stockholm which can be had for about 100 Euros return or even from Brussels for about 50 Euros (if its worth the cost to get to Brussels for the savings on the flight..)

These are searches from today though so it could be cheaper over the next few days/weeks. As it is peak season, a special flash sale or error price would help out alot! Time will tell, but if it comes up, I will post it.

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Thank you!

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    Those are great places to start. I often use them myself when doing a broad search. If you try running those searches as you have been doing, you will notice that booking websites come up which are cheaper than the main airline. Go to those booking websites and give other searches a try, it may surprise you!

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    do you use proxies while searching around? does it actually lower the cost?

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    Yes and No. Proxies are useful against dynamic pricing to prevent the website from raising the price if you don't book the deal right away and come back to it later. Clearing cookies won't work in this situation as it is tracked by IP. However, most airlines price their flights in their local currency so going through another currency or country (via a proxy) will only convert it to the price it was set at, probably at a less favourable rate too.

    There has been some talk of it reducing prices if it seems you are based in another country but I am yet to see it in practice for flights from the UK/Ireland.

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    We have an assistance dog.

    How easy would it be to fly with him?

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    In the UK, airlines are obliged to accept all assistance dogs without charge. Airlines will normally accommodate you on the front seat of the plane and the dog will sit in the space infront of you. If the dog is of a particularly large breed, they may ask you to pay for a second seat. You will need to bring documentation to show it is an assistance dog and you will also need the usual harness.

    When taking the dog abroad, you will also need to make sure he is immunised properly. You can read more about this here: https://www.gov.uk/take-pet-abroad

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    I need a one-way trip from the Poland / Germany / Czech region to South East Asia in the 2nd-14th of February period.

    I don't worry about multi-day stopovers on the way, as I love to discover new places. Can you help me work out the way to find the cheapest tickets to get there, and where should I buy them?

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    Where in South East Asia do you mean? Type out the countries you are wanting to travel to and I will narrow it down for you.

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    Cool! The idea was to get to Singapore / Malaysia / Thailand / Cambodia or Vietnam and then go overland slowly towards Bangkok. If I get to Bangkok directly that would be fine.

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    There are tickets to places like Ho Chi Minh, Singapore and Bangkok from Frankfurt around 450 Euros return for approximately those dates. There are cheaper tickets from other countries in the high 300's but getting there will cancel out any savings.

    Kuala Lumpur can be had for 500 Euros return on the 2nd till the 14th which may be your best bet really as it is with Qatar, a 5 star airline and also Kuala Lumpur is perfect for cheap flights to the other countries. 25 Euros one way to Phnom Penh, 23 Euros to Singapore, 27 Euros to Ho Chi Minh. Air Asia is the way to go once you are in SE Asia and you will be spoilt for choice once you are there.

    If you want a good balance of luxury and value, go with Qatar. Those prices are for return as I assume you will be coming back? But I will also update this with One Way flights in a moment.

    Flights to SE Asia can normally be had in the 200 Euros area when dates are not an issue but for those dates, this is the best at the moment.

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    Your cheapest One Way to SE Asia will be from Frankfurt to Singapore for 290 Euros. Check this link here:


    I have cross referenced it with all combinations and there are some slightly cheaper options but take almost 30 hours to get there. This one is a simple 15 hour trip so for best time/cost, this will be it. Flying out on the 3rd Feb

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    Nearly 30 hours would not be worth further savings, indeed. I might even get to acclimatize in Athens while changing planes. Nice work, thanks!

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    Wow, that's a great collection, thanks! Sure thing, I plan on coming back sometime, but at the moment I do not know. Would prefer to just get the one-way for now and keep things flexible, taking it slowly. I would not mind spending a few days in say India if that happened to make the total flights cost to there cheaper.

    Just need to be in the SEA area on the 14th the latest. I like to plan as I go ...

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    If you want to go via India, it can be had for cheaper. Flying to say Mumbai or New Delhi will cost about 200 Euros from Prague, then you could take an Air Asia flight from there to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Thailand for about 85 Euros. So for 285 Euros you could get to SEA this way? Not much difference on the fare compared to above, but at least you've seen India on your way which I think is a great bonus.

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    You're handsome . Wanna find a cheap flight and I will sort out the hotel? ;)

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    I'm flattered:)

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    Np. I signed up for your mailing list :) Where are you from if I may ask? Your name sounds Croatian (that's where I'm from)

    [–]Vedran_Beader[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Thanks:) Keep an eye out for some mail from me soon. Yes indeed, I am from Sibenik. I've been in London most of my life though but my Croatian is fine.

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    Want to take my girlfriend somewhere exciting in February for Valentines, dates being anything between 9 to 20. Literally anywhere out of London or Berlin (we are in diff cities) to a cheap destination! Been checking Morocco, Greece and Turkey, but all are expensive returns. Anywhere in mind?

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    That's nice of you, I'm sure she will appreciate it;) So it seems you are looking at coastal destinations based on your prior searches. I'm thinking you are after a bit of sunshine? However, the airlines aren't uninformed. They know its A) Valentines and B) Half Term Break so they will naturally up the prices beyond seasonal norms. At this point in January, most people have booked up so it will also push up prices.

    However, there are sure to be some picks remaining. While Europe is still not really out of the winter no matter where you go, you will most likely find it around the Med. Italy, Budapest, Portugal and Spain make an appearance. The main issue of course is you are both in different places. So, the very best option is for whoever is in Berlin to fly to London on the 10th Feb (going back 21) for £47 Rtn. That way, you can both fly from the same airport.

    If you insist on flying from separate airports, this is what you get:

    Berlin - Budapest - £25.95 Rtn on the other hand, London - Budapest - £140... not great but if both prices combined, works out at £83pp

    Berlin - Milan - £42.95 Rtn London - Milan - over £100 on those dates..

    London - Ancona - £59.95 Rtn Berlin - Ancona - £200! See the pattern?

    The only reasonable one is probably:

    London - Barcelona - £46 Rtn Berlin - Barcelona - £99 Rtn

    Porto will be around £99 for each of you too from both airports.

    But if both are flying out from London, then the £46 Rtn Barca will apply to both. (You can find that one on the BA sale page, but hurry).

    Rather than look for flights only, check out this link too where you will find cheap holiday for that period starting at £90pp including flights and hotels: https://www.teletextholidays.co.uk/serp-es#/overseas/Any_Destination/2018-02-13/Any_London/boardtype=anyboard/nights=7/adults=2/minstars=3/byprice

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      I can see how those dates/times would cause you a problem. My search has come up with just one direct flight which will fit exactly. 119 Euro


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      I want to get to japan, based in munich. Tipps for the cheapest tickets?

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      Currently, there are cheap tickets for Japan (Osaka and Tokyo) from Frankfurt at this link here for the upcoming cherry blossom season:


      Normally, the departure airports move around Europe depending on which flight operator is having a deal. Normally the best way to find these japan trips is to search for indirect flights originating from European cities via russia or china. You will be best able to find them from 3 to 6 months ahead of time too so if you are flexible, that is half the battle. Hope that helps.

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      Do you have suggestion for US based customers the best way to search for cheap flight? Expedia? Google flight? Travelocity? etc etc

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      I would say it's best to run your search on a few different sites to see if a cheaper deal shows up. Oftentimes, one search site might not have the cheapest booking website as part of its panel so gets missed out and so you end up paying more. If you've found it on Google flights after you set a fare alert, try the search on Expedia and see what you get, could be worth the few extra seconds.

      Setting your price alerts and hope it goes down isn't the most efficient so keep a mail account or folder just for airline and booking sites as some have great deals. Setting a few up will increase the chance of a hit.

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      I plan on going go Brazil this summer, and I currently live in Arizona, any tips?

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      The states are a big place so opting to fly from an airport which isn't phoenix is fairly tough. More airports get you better deals as they open more doors. However, it's not to say there won't be a great deal to Brazil this summer. Don't leave it too late, it's best to look around right away for a flight deal if you know when you'd like to go.

      Being flexible is going to be half the battle though as the best deals will be on date combinations which the airline chooses, not you. Run some initial searches in Google flights and Skyscanner to see what you come up with for the month you are going to get an overview of cheap days in the week for that route. Then try those days the next week and so on until you get a hit!

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      Thank you very much, I’ll start my search right away!

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      I have a few questions.

      How do you perform searches for open jaw tickets? Is there a length of travel time that is the cheapest? i.e. a week, a month, a few days, etc. Is it advisable to buy tickets to asia from north america and then buy tickets for local travel separately or book something multi city? I am thinking of seeing myanmar and maybe some other countries in the vicinity.

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      It is fairly easy to search open jaw tickets on large flight search sites by just selecting the "multi city" option at the top (next to the "return" and "one way" buttons. You will then be allowed to input different start and end destinations for each leg of the journey. So you may wish to depart London, fly to Shanghai, then fly back to Paris and see that the price is around half of what flying straight back to London would be!

      There isn't necessarily a cheapest period of stay, it can vary by the day so 7 days may be cheaper than 8 days which is cheaper than 6 days. There is no hard and fast rule, whatever the airline determines should be the price for that day is what they will set.

      If you book multi-city tickets, the search site will simply output those extra flights from the new carrier into your itinerary so it will not actually be any cheaper or more expensive than booking them separately. I normally book each airline separately for simplicity as you don't want to be looking through a long itinerary which could contain errors and not notice until after you've booked which is too late.

      Book your ticket from the US to Asia, then book your one way flights from that Asian country to the other and so on until you get back to your embarkation point to return home to the US. Best and most efficient way.

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      Hey! Thanks for this, it's really handy. What can you find from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Lyon, France?

      [–]Vedran_Beader[S] 3 points4 points  (1 child)

      Assuming it is anytime in the near future, the best option would be to fly direct to London with Norwegian Air. They are known for doing generally cheaper flights than others and I'm getting £280 each way at the moment. Then it would be an easy flight to Lyon from London for around £24 return. In the absence of any current deals this is the best you will find at the moment. So about 14500 Pesos for the flight in your currency.


      [–]eternator 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Thanks! This is really very useful.

      [–]merylbeep 0 points1 point  (2 children)

      Have any advice for finding cheap flights to london, england from ontario, canada? What month is the least popular and cheapest? International flights are not really cheap here in canada. Any other advice would be cool too, thanks.

      [–]Vedran_Beader[S] 2 points3 points  (1 child)

      If by the province of Ontario, Toronto is your closest airport, then there are usually fairly good deals to London from there.

      In canadian dollars, on a good day, you will be looking at return flights around $400. A quick search now shows flights around the $530 range. These are direct flights I am quoting you as that is what I imagine you would prefer. However, indirect flights via Iceland are also popular and can be closer to the $400 mark. It's always a pleasure to stop over in Reykjavik for a night or so and you could consider it a bonus but it depends on your schedule.

      I would keep a close eye on Wow Air, West Jet and Air Canada. The first two have regularly cheap flights whereas Air Canada announced today that they have a big sale on for this particular route so its a good time to check it out.

      No hard and fast rule with flights from Canada to the UK and deals can generally be found year round. Do regular searches on Google flights and Skyscanner using their monthly scheduling feature to browse cheapest days in any given monthly period. Sign up to the three airline's mailing list I have provided and monitor the situation. Don't pay over $4-500 round trip for this route as you will be paying too much.

      I have found flights to Canada from London (Return) in the $300 CAD area during crazy flash deals which last a couple of hours so it is possible for the reverse to happen also.

      Here is a link to that $530 odd flight for your reference:


      [–]merylbeep 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      thanks for the advice, I never thought about going to iceland but it would be nice.

      [–]bragovski 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Hey! I'm 22, froze my last year of college so I can do some more traveling. I'm an aspiring photographer and I researched a bit about how to make some money out of it. How did you make money when you started traveling? Can you find me a good flight from London to Lyon any time this month? Cheers and keep the travels flowing!

      [–]officeworker2017 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      When is the cheapest time to visit London from Los Angeles?

      I would like to go there for my honeymoon.

      Do you recommend staying in London 9-10 days?

      [–]Vedran_Beader[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      There isn't really a "cheapest time" to go to London but there definitely is a "best time". London is notoriously lowsy for weather so to avoid disappointment, come between May and September. The British summer is very pleasant and will appeal to you if you like t-shirt weather which isn't at all humid or stuffy. Almost perfect.

      As for being in London for 9-10 days, I would not recommend it. In fact, I would say stay in London for maybe 3-4 days, walk around, take in the sights, enjoy your honeymoon in a nice hotel etc. Then, go and see the real UK. Maybe take a few small trips to other parts of the country (its a small place) like York to see Historic Britain, If you are outdoorsy types head over to Cornwall and St Ives. Maybe even combine it with a 2 night break to Paris on the Eurostar Train which can be had for about $40 during sales like the ones on now.

      Flights to our fair isles can be fairly cheap nowadays from LA, use the likes of Norwegian Air who tend to fly direct and you could grab a bargain for about $300 odd bucks round trip! Prices are currently hovering around the $400 round trip range but depending on when your honeymoon is, it could pay to wait a little while and check often. Here is a link to the current prices.


      [–]gibson335sg 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      Hi! Looking to get cheapest possible flights to Melbourne in mid may from Spain (flexible on this, that's just where we will be at the time). Any advice?

      [–]Vedran_Beader[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      I've just posted a deal from the UK to Melbourne laat week to our subscribers. That price was £397 return from London during that time.

      From Spain it's a little trickier. All the best deals leave from Barcelona and alot of them change over in the UK anyway as that is a major route to Oz. Those prices are in the £500's return. I'm not sure whether you are looking for an open jaw flight (so that you return to a different destination from where you departed) but this would work if you are going from say Spain, and flying back to somewhere like France or Germany.

      [–]ASDFGHJKL_101 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Could you help me find cheap flight to Dubai from Sweden (Gothenburg)?, like on Sunday/Monday etc. Like 1week. Please thanks in advance

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      My daughter and her boyfriend were looking for flights (from Gatwick) to come and visit me in Spain (Malaga or Granada airport) for a week at the end of July, beginning of August and said the tickets were already £230 return for the two of them. It seems very expensive although it’s the summer holidays. Where would you recommend they look , and how can they get the best deal?

      [–]Vedran_Beader[S] 0 points1 point  (2 children)

      It depends on exactly when at the end of July you are talking however I have found some flights. If they go a little earlier they can take this one:

      17-25 July - Flying out from Stansted and back into Gatwick £63pp return (Easyjet)

      If they fancy a bonus trip to Madrid, they can take flights from Stansted to Madrid from 1st August until 7th August and take ground transportation to Malaga. The price is also £77pp with Ryanair.

      Unfortunately there are no other flights to Malaga or Grenada at this time. Seville is the only other option which isn't much cheaper than the £230 you were talking about earlier.

      So, depending on whether they are flexible and can travel on the 17th July, they can come direct, otherwise the August option is there for them. They can rent a car and have a short road trip?

      [–]LazyBeach 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      Thanks so much for your quick reply. Neither of them drive yet so that is not an option but I will tell them about the easyjet one in July. Again, thank you very much.

      [–]Vedran_Beader[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      No problem, they can get night buses from Madrid to Malaga too so let them know. It could turn out to be an option in disguise!

      [–]MartyConlon 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      Are the cheap flight stewardesses more apt to have sex with passengers mid-flight? Asking for a friend

      [–]Vedran_Beader[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      You can direct that message to the relevant airline's customer service. I'm sure they will give you the answer you seek!

      [–]jammi_lee_curtis -5 points-4 points  (1 child)

      Why are British women so ugly?

      [–]Vedran_Beader[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

      [–]Smithyweather -2 points-1 points  (4 children)

      How can I get cheap, return Business Class Flights to California from Dublin?

      I can't find any under £1,700. My budget is strictly £1200.

      [–]Vedran_Beader[S] 0 points1 point  (3 children)

      I have had a look at the cheapest available is around the £1400 mark. If you do not wish to pay over £1200 then you may need to wait a while for some deals to come up.

      [–]Smithyweather 0 points1 point  (2 children)

      Thanks, I'm booking it around May. But I've noticed this year there haven't been too many deals, compared to last year's fare at 800-1200. Do you know why that would be?

      More demand? Currency issues?

      [–]Vedran_Beader[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

      While demand certainly could be in an issue as every flight I've taken recently, and I've taken alot, has always had its business class cabin full. I think the dip in the pound is a major contributor as most airlines are valued abroad.

      Still, I think a simpler reason still is simple economics. There is fierce competition for economy class seats as they make up 80-90% of a plane's capacity so airlines oust each other on price, some even taking a loss to fill their planes. Business on the other hand, is where they make some of that money back as the type of customers who book these flights, are oftentimes unconcerned with cost (as they might be companies, high net worth individuals etc) and seats always sell out. With that I'm mind, cutting business class flights is not a priority.

      I reckon the future will bring a standardising of business fares but these will still be over 5 times the cost of economy. For the meantime, we do our best to grab the error fares or one hour flash deals airlines put out!