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How much did it cost to build the resort?

Did you get a loan, or pay all cash?

If you got a loan, how easy was it considering you are not a Mexican citizen? (I'm assuming you're not a citizen - please correct me if I'm wrong!)

Have you purchased or built any other property in Mexico?

Do you still find time to travel, or does the resort take up too much time?

Do you offer discounts to Redditors? ;)

Edit: How does Mexican cuisine differ from New Mexican food and Tex-Mex?

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How do you like the spicy Mexican food???🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 Someday I will visit you over there!

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We love Mexican food and we also eat a lot of spicy food at home, particularly Thai & Korean dishes.

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I think I missed the window but I've seen you around and I've been wondering - How do you pronounce your username in your head?

Because "Oaxaca" is pronounced like wah-HAH-cah, right? So do you call it wah Mike?

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I just "say" it as Oaxaca Mike.

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How do the animals like dealing with the guests? Having a dozen animals of my own, I'm sure the dogs would love it, but we would have a few angry cats!

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Our personal home is on the grounds but separate and all of our cats stay enclosed. We have one cat door upstairs out onto the balcony and another cat door into a small fenced garden in the back.

We also built a dog park (it's really just a fence area but we call it the dog park) for the boys last May and so they're not just free to run around, either.

It depends on the guests how much we put them on their leashes and bring them down. When we have dog lovers here we do and when guests aren't animal people we don't.

Right now we have a couple who are here for their 3rd time and they love the dogs...they actually packed about 1/2 of their suitcase with treats for Prime Time and Mike Jr. :)

All up the dog barking can be a small problem at times but it's not too bad...both our dogs are rescues and it took Prime Time a long time to get used to trusting strangers but they've now learned that meeting guests usually means getting treats!

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Do you feel safe? Been reading about drug cartel violence spilling over into resort areas.

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Yes, we feel perfectly safe.

This part of the country is very chill.

There are precautions we take living here that we might not in a fully developed country but as a general rule our lives here are the same as anywhere else. For one thing, it's not as though my home country (USA) is devoid of violent crime and danger.

The biggest impact violence/safety has on us is how it affects tourism as a whole.

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Can you share some adorable stories about your guests?

Thank you.

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Talking about previous guests online can be a bit faux pas, particularly since a lot of our clientele come from Reddit - so I'd better stick to the good stuff instead of diving down the rabbit hole of 'difficult customer' stories :)

Fortunately there aren't too many blacklisted guests...but there are a handful for sure.

But I think that the most adorable story is a couple that we had here on their honeymoon:

They had ordered the honeymoon package which includes a welcome gift basket and a bottle of bubbly waiting for you when you arrive...and anyhow, when I showed them to their room the man turned to me after seeing this stuff and he said to me, "Do we get to keep all of this?"

And a little perplexed (given that they'd ordered the honeymoon package) I said, "Yes, of course."

And he started to tear up (as I am now as I type this) and said, "Oh, wow."

Without giving too much personal detail about the couple because they're on Reddit, the gist was that they'd had the absolute most basic wedding possible so that they could afford a honeymoon. They didn't have great paying jobs and were struggling with life in general for a number of reasons and I could just see the look in their eyes when they arrived that this was the first time in their life that they got to experience a little luxury.

It was very touching for us to be able to provide such a special experience for them.

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Thanks for sharing the story. Very Sweet.

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Do you think the Illuminati killed Tupac?

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I'm not too big on conspiracy theories but I do think that the WWF peaked right around WrestleMania III and it's all been downhill since then.

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