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[AMA Request] Person who initiated the 'accidental' ballistic missile alarm in Hawaii on Jan 13, 2018.

  1. What were the circumstances behind the test?

  2. How did it end up going live?

  3. Did you realise what happened as soon as you did it?

  4. What happened immediately afterwards?

  5. What were your personal repercussions?

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4.9k points · 6 months ago

I think that person won't be talking to anyone for a while yet

611 points · 6 months ago

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[AMA Request] Someone who loves me

[AMA Request ] A friend

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Ancient alien here, whachu' need to know?

Ayy lmao

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Nice try CIA

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Maybe we'll get someone pretending to be the guy.

493 points · 6 months ago

That's me

No I'm Spartacus

I’m Spartacus?

I'm Spartacus.

128 points · 6 months ago

Hey Billy Mays here.

It’s a me, Mario!

Hi! My name is Troy McClure. You may remember me from such other AMA threads such as “Serial Killers, What made you want to kill so many people?” and “Kim Jong Un, Why you do dis?”

7 points · 6 months ago


I am Batman.

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We’re men! We’re men in tights!

You expected the Spanish inquisition but NO IT WAS ME DIO!

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points at real Spartacus

He's Spartacus :/

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,How much is it?

Florist: It’ll be eighteen dollars.

Johnny: Here you go, keep the change. Hi doggy!

Florist: You’re my favorite customer.

Johnny: Thanks a lot, bye!

Florist: Bye bye!

11 points · 6 months ago

Oh hi mark!

I did naaaaaat

5 points · 6 months ago

I didn't do it! I didn't hit the button! I did not!

Throws bottle of water

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hey its me ur brother guy who tells people to watch out n stuff

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Hey its me ur accidental missile alarm guy

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Comment deleted6 months ago

scuba diving?

Yes actually. Without a tank.

Wearing concrete boots.

Some guys take strength training to extremes.

Wow, free-diving, that’s ambitious in those currents.

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What systemic failure allowed people to make a mistake is the root cause and what needs to be addressed, people are considered unreliable and cannot be blamed for weak processes. Unless that person knowingly and intentionally chose not to follow procedures, that person should not be reprimanded but the process sure needs to change.

people are considered unreliable

WOPR time, then.

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RIP, person.

it wasn't an accident, it was an averted disaster.

the accident story is a cover up

Whoops, seems you got this mixed up with r/conspiracy.

11 points · 6 months ago

No, then it would be an attempt by the Deep State to force a fatal error from Trump.

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  1. They have done this test every shift change (8hrs) since November without issue. The reason they test it so often is because if it were a real emergency you would only have 12-13 minutes to react compared to a hurricane which can take hours if not days to be a threat.

  2. You go through each step one by one and the last step offers two options; "test" or "actual" followed by an "are you sure?". This test is performed by one person. That one, unnamed, person clicked "actual" then "yes"

  3. unknown

  4. A cancellation message was sent out. What this message does is stop further messages from sending. It does not send any messages itself. The emergency Management office that sent the original message was not prepared for the event they would need to cancel that message. They had to draft a message from scratch and it had to be approved by FEMA before it could be sent. While this was happening government officials and emergency personnel were posting that it was a false alarm on Facebook and Twitter. The emergency management office also had to contact PACOM and ensure that a missile was not in fact inbound before sending out a cancellation. From the first message to the last was 38 minutes.

  5. Unknown

Source: I was with my wife when this happened. I very closely watched the press conference held yesterday at 1pm. I am just a soldier, I do not work for the emergency management office.

38 minutes... that's exactly how long a Stargate can stay connected.

You've cracked it!

Fuck they are on to us!

You go through each step one by one and the last step offers two options; "test" or "actual" followed by an "are you sure?". This test is performed by one person. That one, unnamed, person clicked "actual" then "yes"

Looks like that procedure is going to be getting a makeover. Sounds like a horrendous UI issue if someone could mistakenly send that message out. What do you want to bet that it will now require a second human to authorize an alert now?

Is this the only thing the person is responsible for? As in "You had one job!"

They did announce that policies are changing to integrate two person integrity. The software will remain unchanged however. One person is still able to send the message if they want.

Considering the sirens are controlled by a second person. It's likely that this was their one job.

The easy quick interim fix would be to just have the previous shift employee wait in the room to supervise the test being run by the incoming employee.

Then you'd just have two people to fire.

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The software will remain unchanged however.

Dumb. A second confirmation for "actual" would probably prevent a similar false alert.

6 points · 6 months ago

But then you'll never get to test the second confirmation dialog

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46 points · 6 months ago

When I delete a software project online it makes me type in the name of the project.

The "are you sure?" part is useless.

The "are you sure?" part is useless.

Yes, especially if the task is repeated often enough to form "muscle memory"

I would have the "test" path not include the "are you sure" question, so that you don't develop that muscle memory and are forced to think a little harder when you're on the "actual" path.

Used to do CAD work all the time. Was common procedure to ctrl-S to save, X to close, "are you sure?", "Yes".

Of course, about once a day someone would shout "SHIT!" because they'd hit ctrl d or something instead and had the program closed and confirmed before their brain even reacted to making the typo. An hour or so of work could be lost.

Worth noting- they didn't think they'd saved. They KNEW they'd typo'd the S, but the rest just followed so quickly that before they could react their fingers finished the sequence. Habit/muscle memory is weird, and I agree- clickable "are you sure?" message boxes do NOTHING. :)

4 points · 6 months ago

Doesn't cad keep the last drawing with its edits as a temp file when it's closed?

It does now I think, depends on the software package. Older versions of AutoCAD had an auto save that would fire off every 15 minutes (or whatever you set it to). But often when working on very large and complex things, you have to shut off auto save or increase it because saving the drawing could take a few minutes and having that happen every 15 minutes all day was irritating as hell. :)

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Agreed. The news is saying it's a mistake so the UI clearly isn't making it clear enough what action will follow the confirmation button.

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Unless they have changed procedure (highly likely, my info from family is about 20 years old now), they used to have to have authorization by NORAD before emergency services could issue a warning on a nuclear strike. And it used to be SOP to never let one person control any one procedure, it was my understanding even tests were done with two people to ensure fail-safe equipment was functioning properly as well.

If it's changed thanks for the new info, this was morbidly fascinating to read about yesterday. I can't imagine what people did for the ~30 mins they thought missiles were inbound...I bet there were some interesting decisions made bc people thought they were about to be nuked.

I wonder how many people said or did things they wouldn't normally do, and now have to deal with it.

I can't even fathom the hell that must have been for them, my condolences go out to everybody that had to endure that. What a horrific event to have occurred in your life. The only consolation is that it wasn't real, thank God it wasn't real.

Thanks, man. What a wake up call it was. The silver lining to all this is that we found out that all the emergency sirens that were supposed to go off didn't. I hope this forces the county to get new ones. Every month we run tests and most don't go off because a lizard or cockroach got in and shorted it out. SMH

Didn't the sirens not go off because they weren't activated?

That system is separate from the one that sends out emergency messages. You have to activate the sirens just as you would to send the original message. Both systems are tested every quarter or month so you know they work. Which was kind of telling if you live here, you see the message on the phone and we were expecting the sirens to go off, but no sirens. So it was like oh this real?? Plus the national news wasn't broadcasting anything. We were thinking if this was real, the news would have something on it asap. Live in Hawaii so it was an experienxe, everyone who lives here had a laugh after but it does make people look real stupid when you say a wrong button has been pushed. Whattt???

I live here. That's one of the reasons I didn't get out of bed. No sirens, no emergency.

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"Samantha, I just want you to know before we die that I think you're a total bitch. Always have."

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Lots of babies in 9 months!!!

36 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Don't know about you, but kinda hard for me to get an erection when I am not sure whether or not I'm gonna die.

Edit: die in the next 15 minutes you fucking sandy little buttholes. You people are vultures of nonspecific things.

I refuse to die with full balls. But that's me personally.

Say that when there's a nuclear missile headed your way and the nearest decent looking single female is scared outta her mind and her life is flashing before her eyes and all of the sudden General FULL FUCKING BALLSACK plops his furry sasquatch balls menacingly on the table and expects her to suddenly become horny as fuck.

18 points · 6 months ago

I don't know about you, but kinda hard for me to get an erection unless I am not sure whether or not I'm gonna die.

I am sure I will die. I am quite sure you will die too.

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22 points · 6 months ago

Lots of divorces incoming due to 1) cheating and 2) admissions of cheating.

VERY true

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My first was how many people killed themselves rather than live with the aftermath of the hit.

Yeah... there have to be some real horror stories about to come out because of this mistake.

I never said I would. I have a kid to worry about. But considering all the crazy stuff going on in the world I would think at least one person thought about what they would do if a nuclear war was ever in the future. Just a thought. No need to get angry. Hope your week is full of reasons not to kill yourself.

I can't possibly predict how I would have reacted to the alert, but to kill yourself to avoid the fallout before you know it will even happen for sure requires a lot of, I'm not sure, something. To be going about your day like always, get the alert, decide to kill yourself, decide on the method, and take action, all in 38 minutes is pretty drastic.

I would like to think I would either wait to be killed in the initial blast, or wait to assess the situation if I survived it.

Now, the number of people who had heart attacks could be tragic.

I live in Hawaii. My reaction was to go back to sleep.

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They did announce that policies are changing to integrate two person integrity. The software will remain unchanged however. One person is still able to send the message if they want.

Thanks for the information, hopefully they do a real evaluation of their processes after this.

From some of our friends stationed there- some of them huddled under staircases or in bath tubs with their children. Others just sat in the living room and called family on the mainland to tell them bye. My understanding is there isn’t many places that are appropriate shelters.

My heart aches for what they would have been going through. I can’t fathom what I would have done.

That's what I commended about the interview I saw with one of the representatives for the state (apologies for not getting her name, I do remember she was a Democrat, and it was a CNN piece), she emphasized the fact you had 15 minutes, nowhere to go, no hope to survive if this was true. I can't imagine getting that message.

Tulsi Gabbard, maybe?

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I live in Honolulu. To be honest, I just went back to sleep.

My house is single wall construction. By the time an alert about a missile was sent, it'd be what, 15-20 minutes away, at most? If it's headed to my island, in any close vicinity, I'm fucked.

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My husband, 8 month old, and I sat in the concrete stairwell of our hotel building. Once in there, I realized I'd brought nothing with me (literally nothing, not nappies, not water, we just booked it - nuclear attack didn't even occur to me, I was just imagining regular bombs at first so my thoughts were to avoid immediate danger, not prepare for hours or days) and then wondered the whole time if I should be trying to go get supplies but also figuring I was probably screwed regardless, so let's just make the baby giggle as much as possible.

Since he loves stairs and discovered his echo, I think our half hour in the stairwell was probably the highlight of his Hawaiian vacation. Me not so much. Ready to go home to New Zealand after that.

I sat in my bathroom with my two month old baby calling people on base to figure out if it was real. And ended up just sitting there crying holding him thinking we were going to die. It was truly the scariest moment I have ever experienced.

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23 points · 6 months ago

I live in Hawaii and just thought, wouldn’t that be the perfect time for North Korea to actually send one? Because by the time it’s here the false alarm message is sent out? Or I’m just an idiot.

35 points · 6 months ago

You know that NK is not actually retarded and have absolutely no incentives for a first strike like that. Their nukes are just a tool to insure that they are left the fuck alone to abuse their populace.

It would not be a tactical advantage, no.

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During the press conference the emergency management office said they did contact PACOM to confirm that no missiles were actually inbound before canceling the message.

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The Pacific fleet is stationed in Hawaii. I would hope there is at least some semblance of ballistic missile defense. AEGIS has to at least be able to hit it according to some tests.

Even if there was a missile I give even odds on it turning out fine.

There is no practical stopping of ICBMs, especially with relatively lightweight aegis system and missiles. Some tests were done with shorter ranged ballistic missiles (lower reentry speed) but a lot of data about the trajectory was known that otherwise wouldnt be.

Its a "bit" easier with NK than lets say Russia due to lower tech ballistic missiles. Lower throw weight, not MIRV equipped, no (?) countermeasures, questionable later stage maneuvrability and accuracy.

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Yeah, this is absolutely not the fault of the person who was sitting at the console. The only way a mistake like this happens is horrible UI design.

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1.0k points · 6 months ago

I’d love to see him/her turn up in r/TIFU

265 points · 6 months ago

Maybe after the investigation. This guy/gal is gonna be on the hot seat for a little while.

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Original Poster105 points · 6 months ago

Either way, I want the story from the horse's mouth lol.

495 points · 6 months agoGilded1 · edited 6 months ago

We never should have put a horse in charge of that alarm.

EDIT: Obligatory Gold Thanks

This comment, at 4:51 AM, has me laughing quite loud. Hope I don't wake anyone lol

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"Tifu by sounding an alarm"

I think you’d be just as likely to get Kim Jon Un to do an AMA

42 points · 6 months ago

No he prefers to be just a "supreme reader!".

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238 points · 6 months ago

Has anyone actually ever answered these requests? I don't think I've ever seen one answered before.

200 points · 6 months ago

There were a few but in general those requests are more karma farms than anything else... especially when they are in regard to a current hot topic.

They at least are making progress by requiring five questions to be asked. Next step would be proof of posting to social media that they have tried to contact the person in question.

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I feel like people don't tend to reply directly to the requests, but I wouldn't be at all shocked if, for example, someone's publicist saw an AMA request, and told the celeb, "you should consider doing a Reddit AMA next time you have a movie coming out" or whatever.

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Yo yo yo. The computer is in the bottom of this old bunker, and I have to type this code in every ten minutes or planes start to fall from the sky and I hit on enumber wrong on an 8 hour shift, and they should really put a safety switch on the thing.

We have to go back!!!

17 points · 6 months ago


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21 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

The show had so much potential, and then it fucked itself with a barbildo. Edit: I refuse to apologize for this comment. Lost was a great show at first, but by the end, the writers were so confused by their own plot that they couldn’t come up with a half decent final season.

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4 8 15 16 23 42

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Goddamn captcha...

so they were in hawaii the whole time.

It was actually filmed in Hawaii.

In the event that there's another person who initiates an accidental ballsitic missile alarm in Hawaii on any date, I hope we hear from them too.

Original Poster21 points · 6 months ago

I agree, just thought I'd be specific LOL.

I'm betting it'll be a This American Life episode about human error in about 10 years

You'll think they'll wait that long? They'll probably add a clip from this person when they tweak and rebroadcast episode "#634: Human Error in Volatile Situations" a few months from now.

This American Life tends to have a ton of "tweaked reruns" like this in their Podcast feed.

Act 1....

Comment deleted6 months ago

I feel sorry for whoever "pushed the button" or whatever. If it really was just a single switch with no safeguards, then the guy shouldnt even be fired. I dont know the exact details, but considering the extraordinary consequences of the mistake, you can't pin this on one low level guy.

Everyone has fuck ups at work. I cant believe what this guy must be feeling.

30 points · 6 months ago

If it really was just a single switch with no safeguards, then the guy shouldnt even be fired.

If it really was just a single switch with no safeguards, then the guys who designed and approved that system should be fired.

Are you sure? y/n

These warning systems are designed to be easy to use and durable because its impossible to know the state of the world in the situation where they would be used ahead of time. As much as people seem to think someone is in trouble and some crazy system of checks and balances needs to be in place, they are wrong.

When the Dallas tornado alarms got hacked it was done with a radio signal. I'm sure they updated a little but you still have to have the system be easy to use in the event of some end of the world scenario.

The warning going off is more important than making it stupidly hard to set off.

8 points · 6 months ago

The warning going off is more important than making it stupidly hard to set off.

I certainly agree with that. But we've been told that someone "hit the wrong button", the implication that it was something super easy to accidentally do. A simple second confirmation step is far from making it "stupidly hard".

And what happens now is a review meeting where they do change something like that, not the public castration of some poor dude like some people seem to want.

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Even my delete spam, gets a confirmation request button.

Could you imagine?

"Employee that caused mass panic in Hawaii, dead from suicide"

"Ha, yeah right."




"Well, I guess this one wasnt a false alarm."

I mean, you don't get a much better cry for help than texting everyone in the state saying that it'll all be over soon

In Soviet Russia he would be found dead of natural causes: 2 9mm cerebral hemorrhages.

In Soviet Russia, natural causes done by YOU!

Thank you sir. I needed this chuckle.

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Hi I’m Troy McClure!

You might remember me from such educational films as

Phony Tornado Alarms Reduce Readiness

91 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

6. Why were some phones not notified?

Edit: anecdotal evidence from other redditors suggests that some phones just weren't notified. Different manufacturers, different carriers, different islands.

I'm on an Android and on Verizon and I was notified, doesn't seem to be something that can be generalized

42 points · 6 months ago

That's even more strange. Half a dozen Verizon subscribing Android users on Oahu didn't get a notification, myself included. Now I'm actually questioning the effectiveness of the entire system.

Well at least now you know how we feel about you. Sorry.

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37 points · 6 months ago

Look at it this way. If there ever is a nuke, you will go blissfully unaware.

Except for everyone panicking and screaming and running everywhere

11 points · 6 months ago

where's the fire guys?

Is that not normal in Hawaii? I've never been

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My parent didn't get the notification but me and my other one did and were all on the same network. Must be been terrible to be woken up by your child asking if the nuclear bombs on their way were real.

Nonono I assure you there was no mistake in the system

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Different carriers have different "gaps". The emergency management office is working to reduce and study those gaps. The reason not everyone got the message was because a cancellation message was sent out shortly afterward. The cancellation message does not send out a second message but stops more messages from being sent.

Verizon Moto Z, both messages received.

Verizon has their own emergency alert system and missile defense satellites, they didn't detect anything so they didn't send an alert.

Source: This is all bullshit, I have no idea.

i completely believed you, just so you know

Emergency alerts, sure. But missile defense?

Some people on Reddit don't think for themselves but are waiting for others to make them an opinion.

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It's not required under new net neutrality rules.

I thought this was real, LOL. I didn't read the missile defense satellites part.

Those subscribers who paid to join our "I don't want to melt in a blazing fireball" plan DID receive notifications. If you feel your family are worth the modest $23/month fee, click <here> to update you billing details.
Our browser injection script has detected a non-subscriber.
If you want to use html links on websites, don't forget to sign up to our "Use the internet like everybody else" loyalty scheme for only $89/year by calling our endless customer service tree on REDACTED.

Perhaps it's not a completely instantaneous process, and was interrupted before every batch was sent.

I’m using iPhone at&t and I never got notified either until after it said it was a false alarm. But that was from a news app that I had and not an emergency alert

I'm on an Android and on Verizon and I was notified, doesn't seem to be something that can be generalized

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How about 6. How is unemployment?

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When I was working IT for a hospital, we had a employee find out about netsend and tried to mess with a coworker by sending a message that said “You are the bomb, I’m gonna blow you up” needless to say it went to the entire hospital and they took it as a bomb threat.

The guy that did this to Hawaii, definitely won’t be sharing his story any time soon. But I’m sure it was an accident

I think he has a brother in my small town in Japan -_- we've had air raid sirens twice this month...

Really? That's crazy. Would you tell us what that's been like? If there were a third, would you take it seriously?

How is it that you could press one button by mistake and scare the shit out of an entire island, when I have to have a password and thumb scan to unlock my computer?

The Governor was being questioned about the incident. He was referring to an employee who accidentally pushed the wrong button and they're currently investigating. Then the camera pans over, the guy was standing right next to him off camera and says it was me. I did it. I think the were were trying to come up with a good cover story first by not identifying the individual when suddenly, the guy makes his second fuck up after pressing the button by stepping forward and claiming responsibility and admitting how easy it was to accidentally trigger a missile alert.

So I'm not the only one who heard that response! I'm not crazy!

He only says something to the effect that he's ultimately responsible because it's his department. The reporter also asks if he was there during the incident, to which he replies no.

I really thought that was what he was referencing. Thanks for clearing it up. Poor Vern.

No, that was the culprits supervisor, Mr Miyagi (not joking), who wasn't present. He's taking responsibility for the training failure that allowed it to happen.

Have to say, that was classy af of him to do, as opposed to throwing his subordinate under the bus.

I accidentally set off a smoke detector yesterday morning and I felt pretty bad about that. I had really upset the two other people in the house. I hope they can find it in their hearts to forgive me.

Here’s the actual report released from HI EMA. It will answer most of your questions. The rest of your answers will follow in a follow up Hope that helps.

Did you get .... Lei'd... off?

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lmao dream on. These ama requests are getting ridiculous

9 points · 6 months ago

If there actually were a missile attempt and it were shot down, would we know about it or would it be better to think it was all a big mistake? Sorry no coffee yet so I’m in conspiracy theory mode. The silver lining here is that people are thinking about it now...what to do where to go etc.

No way Trump could keep something like this secret.

“Little Rocket Man tries to nuke Hawaii but our brave men & women in the military shot it down. #VeryStableGenius”

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definitely not going to happen

Yeah this is so not happening

I think they should do a Snickers commercial.

I know where you can find him.

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Whoops, Apocalypse

"accidental" is right. 3 different emergency systems tied into one button, sure.

Would you like fries with that?

would you like to play a game?

Did you really have to date the incident ?

Hey where has it been said that this was initiated by a person, and not some sort of automated system or a programming error?

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No we need a tifu

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I think he realized it when he received it on his own phone probably

In spite of living on the mainland as I do, I think I would have liked to have received this warning in real time in spite of it's bogosity. It is probably not the worst idea in the world to get such advance notice of a possible attack on American soil, even if it turned out to be bogus as it was in this case.

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I want an AMA with the people who thought they were about to die.

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Useless request, nice karma farming though

3 points · 6 months ago

Not to be overly conspiratorial, but there's a real possibility that person does not exist.

According to my BIL/SIL, someone hit the big red button at shift change. And now everyone is walking around the sub whistling “99 Red Balloons.” If you think YOU had a bad day, she is 8 months pregnant and high risk and woke up to that.

Source: BIL is a nuke on a sub stationed in Pearl Harbor.

23 points · 6 months ago

Your brother in law is a nuclear warhead?

Yes. We call him “fat man”

Has anyone considered that this is the result of hacking? I don’t think the govt would necessarily tell us if it was.

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lol this request, are you serious man?! what were you thinking

It's the governor of Hawaii.

It was an employee at the emergency management office.

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