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Didn’t you do this same AMA a couple weeks ago? It’s just a lame attempt to get people to invest in a bad idea.

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Yes I did, actually a week ago. I do hope to collect some of your ideas and see what I can improve. Do you have any specific reason you think this is a lame idea?

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What kind of Proof?

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Proof that you owned a silver mine? Proof that you own the company?

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Which investment bank did you work at that you personally had such exposure to a single investment?

Where is your MBA from?

What were the metrics that drove you in acquisition of this particular mining company?

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Credit Suisse, and my client mostly are southeast companies in mining, plantation or oil and gas. I was a corporate banker, then switched my career as a investment banker. I initiated many loan transactions and equity tranche investments and later enter into the acquisition side.....

There are multiple metrics when you want to buy a company. First depends on your purpose, meaning how many years you want to hold such investment. If like me I want to hold it for a long time. You will not just be looking at the financial metrics, ROA, ROE, EBITDA... or some of the common metrics...You will need to look into their operating side of the business, which can be tricky.... First, the integrity of the founder and the management is a must. You are buying a team of talents and you need to know you can trust them. Second, the potential capacity of this mine site, which means how much more metals you can potentially bring out. For a long term investor like me, I am looking at a 10 years high quality production. Third the operation, with my years of experience in mining, I have learned what type of machines are better, what are their capacities. How can Caterpillar machines still be fully functional after its recommendation maintenance cycle.... and more. Forth, you look at their numbers, for me as a banker number is curial, but after years of learning on site I know you may get blurred by that. OF COURSE... you need a lot of connection, need to know a lot of people.... so when there is any movement in the market you will be the first one to know. Good deals seldom happen.

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How did you get personal exposure? If you were at Credit Suisse how were you personally exposed to this investment? Are you telling me you went around your own company's back, gathered investors and loans, and personally took over a company that your company was investigating? That didn't happen.

I know all about M&A, this is a bullshit generalist answer. Be specific. I also know a lot about the mine to finished goods jewelry industry as well as custom jewelry sales/business.

I'm quickly calling nonsense, especially since you didn't answer the MBA question, and for some reason you said Credit Suisse in the present tense. If you're owning this company, your not sitting at your desk doing M&A analysis for them 10 hours a day, you're busy with your company.

MODS: This isn't real or at least is very misleading and being used as a marketing tool to garner pity.

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OHHHH get it. I dont have a MBA degree. I used my own money to acquire this company. Its not company related.

The plant was forced to shutdown due to the drop of the commodities price. I just simply cant afford the loan and all administrative cost. I did manage to sell my machines and secure some sales but not enough close to my cost. I can either take a lost and sell all of sliver inventories... or to find another way to survive... This men's jewelry brand.

I am still in investment banking, i was explaining to you on my past experiences. If you know a investment bank, maybe you are one, you know you have your time, if you manage it well.

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Before going all in on silver, what were you investing in?

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I have been in mostly commodities, focus on silver, gold, some in coal. I help clients to make decision in whether they should invest on new equipments, help them to find fund, support them to restructure on their financial model....

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What’s your take on crypto currencies?

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I am not a crypto currencies guy.... i focus more on gold and sliver. Mostly consult my clients with their decisions and help them with structuring the operation procedure and financial model.

But I think Crypto currencies its a safer currencies compared with gold or transitional currencies. It started from the black market transactions and will gradually become more mainstream. There are many up-coming crypto currencies in the market. If you want to invest on it, i might be able to give you some tips...

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How do you feel about bit coin, specifically?

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Bitcoin is still good even with a drop in recent months. From $18000 to $13000 i think. But I think the demand of such currencies will continuously grow. And a total value of 21million limit, make such investment attractive. I have a friend in Malaysia has a 10 arches data center just to mine coins, and it makes a lot of profit with low electricity fee.

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I have a friend that invested, when investing was good. Cashing out is an issue of of contention, because of the taxable aspect... the whole thing is such a crazy reality to me ... I’m thinking about creating my own currency too .. LOL.. j/k 😂

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well... competitive market. Why dont you try mining? Go to a country where they have cheap electricity fee and just buy lots of hardware and start mining.... Profitable at least for now, but need a lot of capital. My Malay friend just bought a jet because of this year of investment...

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Wow! I guess that it is just too risky for me.

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Ture. I think so too. He is even thinking getting loan from banks and expand his data center business.... I think i will just focus on my jewelry business..

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Good luck to him! We may be sitting back and then finding ourselves kicking our own butts for not jumping onboard.... 😬