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I’m Meg Myers. I'm on Tour this fall and my new album, ‘Take Me To The Disco’ ( is out today. Lets get weird. Ask me anything. Today at 2pm PST.


EDIT: Thanks everybody, I enjoyed answering your questions. I hope you enjoyed the album. I appreciate all your support and hope to see you all while I'm out on tour in the fall.


In 2015 we were faced with an empty nest. Our 4 boys had grown up and left the house to start their own lives. We read Vagabonding by Rolf Potts and The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. Those two books created a paradigm shift for us and helped us realize that we did not need to wait for our Cancer years and hope that we had the ability and resources to travel as we always wanted to. We spent the next 2 1/2 years purging, paying off debt, and creating an income online that was not location dependent.



Right, so:

I'm a prosecutor of six years. I started in the lowliest throwaway job at the county jail (literally inside it) doing the graveyard shift arguing about probable cause and bond conditions for every arrest that came in. I eventually moved up to the trial level for misdemeanors, then felonies.

I've prosecuted everything from fishing without a license (yes, I know) to attempted first degree murder. I've worked on things like undercover drug and sex sting operations and DUI checkpoints. I work with a lot of detectives, cops, and other agents like social workers and even the Secret Service (once). I've seen great cases and terrible ones. I do trials, make plea deals, and drop and file charges.

I can tell you almost anything you want to know about The System. Ask Me Anything!


In May 2017 I walked into my doctor's office and told her that I wished to have my testicles surgically removed. My doctor sent me to two doctors who specialize in transgender and gender nonconforming health. They performed a brief psychological screening, told me the risks, asked me why I wanted the operation and gave their approval. My doctor then sent me to a urologist who gave his approval that I was fit enough for surgery and I was placed on a waiting list.

On May 28th 2018, I walked into the operating room at the University of British Columbia Hospital and underwent a bilateral orchiectomy, removing both of my testicles despite the fact that they were more or less healthy.

I am a transgender woman, and this procedure is relatively common in the trans community, although we rarely discuss it in mixed company. I do not wish to ever have sex reassignment surgery.

I'll be sharing a story about my relationship with my own masculinity and my castration on Wednesday the 25th at an event in Vancouver, Canada called Expressions of Masculinity.

One of the reasons I'm doing this AMA is to demystify transgender women's bodies as well as to clear up some misconceptions about this operation. Even in the trans community there's so many wrong ideas about orchiectomies and assumptions about what it means for your body, your sexuality and your overall health. If you're in the Vancouver area and you want to hear more frank discussion about trans women's sexuality, you can check out my workshop Making Love to a Trans Woman at The Art of Loving. The next workshop is on October 10th and space is extremely limited. The workshop is open to everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

I sent medical records and photo ID to the mods of this sub as proof that I had the operation, but here's more public proof that I am who I say I am (my Twitter may be nsfw).

I'm heading out for coffee but I'll be back in 2 hours to start answering your questions. I'm hoping to keep this AMA mostly focused on my elective castration, but feel free to ask me anything.


EDIT: This is being re-posted after receiving permission from our company to include links for anyone who may want to apply! We hope this Q&A can help you decide if this would be a good fit for you.

My girlfriend and I did OTR and expedited as team drivers. After taking a break from the industry, we finally got hired with our current company. We work as traveling health technicians across a 4 - 5 state region; conducting health screenings for factory, railroad, and airline workers.

Even though we both hold a CDL-A, only one is required per team. This job is less driving and more customer service. During the last 6 months we have a TOTAL of 6,000 miles driven! Our company is looking for new teams now that a few current teams are retiring.

We are paid monthly and we also get weekly Per Diem. Having a CDL-A bumps up your monthly pay; for example, I do all the driving, but because my girlfriend also has a CDL-A we both make the higher monthly salary.

We are on the road 6 months at a time (which can be hard for some) but we are in hotels every single night and do NOT work weekends. In 6 months, we have worked one Saturday for 4 hours, and were given Monday off to make up for it.

We want to help our company find good drivers - and we want to help truckers get into a great company. Ask us anything!!

Here is the link to our company's advertisement on working couples



Hey there! My name is Joe, and I have a rare brittle bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) which causes my bones to fracture easily, and be deformed.

This is the same genetic disorder that Samuel L Jackson's character Elijah Price, has in Unbreakable and the upcoming Glass. Elijah Price had one of the least severe forms of OI called Type 1. I have one of the more severe called Type 3. The character was obviously not based on me, and most people (hehe) with OI are not psychopathic super villains, but the films have helped spread awareness in pop culture.

I estimate that I have had around 250 broken bones in my lifetime, though I don't really keep count.

OI is caused by mutations to collagen molecules in the body. As such it can also effect other aspects of your body such as skin, teeth, hearing, and even your heart. Most people that have OI experience the majority of their fractures before puberty when the body's bones are still developing.

My type of OI (Type 3) is considered severe/moderate which is why I have never walked and am around 3 feet tall. I also have low respiratory functions and I am partially deaf. I use an electric wheelchair to get around and hearing aids to hear.

Despite what many may consider disadvantages, I have always tried to live my life as fully as possible and attack each day like a honey badger!

You can lean more about OI by asking me questions here, or from the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation, where I am on the Board of Directors.

Also, I did a similar AMA a few years ago here.

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