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We are the Dutch National Police and the Public Prosecution Service. Together with International Law Enforcement Agencies we just powered off Webstresser.org. Ask Us Anything. by OperationPowerOff in IAmA

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~ DA2

EDIT: Thanks for the gold, furthermore it was not my intention to harm any feelings. The question was so broad I felt like an accurate google search would provide all information needed

I am Owen Husney and I was Prince's manager by Owen_Husney in IAmA

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First its doo do do do daaaa bum bum bum-ta doooo! Then its all dededededededed eeee oooop

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I am receiving Universal Basic Income payments as part of a pilot project being tested in Ontario, Canada. AMA! by such_hodor_wow in IAmA

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Do you not see the resemblance between us now and you then and the hypocrisy it involves?

Putting the despicable drunk driving aside for now, you complain about having to work a job you don't enjoy while your boyfriend sits around playing drums for 6 months while you pay the bills with your hard earned money.

Now you're the drummer quitting your job to "freelance" and "pursue your dreams" while the rest of us work jobs we don't enjoy to pay for your lifestyle. And suddenly it's a great system in your opinion? Bullshit, it's the same but you're the drummer now not the taxpayer. You just enjoy the free money that comes from the hard work of others while hating the same system when your boyfriend was enjoying it while you were on the other side of the fence.

Loving a system and extolling it's virtues when you benefit from it but hating it when it costs you at the expense of others is hypocrisy manifest, I hope you realise this.

I am receiving Universal Basic Income payments as part of a pilot project being tested in Ontario, Canada. AMA! by such_hodor_wow in IAmA

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Are you sure this is Universal Basic Income?

where people who met the criteria (namely, if you're single and live under $34,000/year or if you're a couple living under $48,000)

If there are criteria like this it's not UBI. UBI, as it's name indicates, would go to everyone regardless of their other income levels. This seems more like a sort of welfare for low income earners. I notice in your picture of the letter it says Basic Income without specifying Universal, so they're not even calling it UBI just BI.

you were eligible to receive a basic income that supplements your current income, up to $1400/month.

I believe in genuine UBI everyone would get the same amount, not "up to" a certain amount depending on how much other income you have.

I am receiving Universal Basic Income payments as part of a pilot project being tested in Ontario, Canada. AMA! by such_hodor_wow in IAmA

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/r/canada is cancerous.

I live in the GTA and think UBI is a great idea. I see the impact that poverty has on my students and the cycle it creates. I hope the pilot program brings in meaningful data and a strong program can be developed!

We are NASA Flight Directors. Ask us anything! by JSCNASA in IAmA

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Our whiteboards are just as impossible to erase as everyone else's. While I've (happily) got "Tough and Competent" permanently etched on my board with dry erase marker, I've also got years of other ghost scribblings lurking underneath my most recent scribblings. You can land a man on the moon, but you can't.... :) - Ed (Carbon Flight)

I'm a news reporter in Portland, Oregon. A montage of me saying dumb things on air hit the front page this week. Ask me anything! by tault002 in IAmA

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I'm going to answer this-- but I want to be thorough. I'm gonna answer some shorter ones and come back to it.

Nobody let me forget!

Edit: I've talked this over with my coworker Cole Miller, an outstanding reporter who is driving me right now, and we think our best answer is to keep pressing and hold your local journalists accountable. Accurate, thorough reporting should be demanded. And I hope people realize that with local news organizations, your voice really matters. We don't have millions of followers. We read what you say, and if you make good, rational points, it will affect decisions moving forward. Maybe don't write us a thesis, but definitely write us. And let people know when you think they've done a good job, too. Also definitely don't ever comment on what the women reporters are wearing.

Regarding corporatization, I think people would be surprised at how little corporate influence there is in our coverage. Of course I can't speak for Sinclair stations, but i personally have never had management at any level try to alter the tone or direction of my political reporting. Reporters at the Sinclair station in town have told me the same thing. Having said that, I personally think requiring stations to run commentary across the country with a definitive political slant has no place in journalism and I don't know a single journalist who disagrees with me.

Ultimately, everybody should double check where they're getting their information. Read things from all news levels, and read things from sources with stances you don't agree with. I think the beauty of the internet is that it allows you to learn from places and people you would have never previously experienced. I'm a much more empathetic person because of places like Reddit. But there's also so much media from so many different perspectives that if you aren't careful, you'll fall into a trap of simply seeking confirmation bias. Always be on guard against that. Just read a bunch. You'll be better for it.

When all of that fails I recommend you take 8 double stuf Oreos, put 'em in a glass, fill it up with milk and eat it with a spoon

I'm a news reporter in Portland, Oregon. A montage of me saying dumb things on air hit the front page this week. Ask me anything! by tault002 in IAmA

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"The weather outside is sunny and 70. No idea what it is in Portland. Probably raining. Fucking Pacific Northwest."

We are attorneys and legal analyst Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams Ask Us Anything about the controversial court cases we’ve covered! by Grace_vs_Abrams in IAmA

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Hi Nancy. Quick question: having been given another show, is your career the first dead thing you’ve badgered back to life, instead of the other way around as usual?

Hi Reddit! I’m Staff Sgt. Cathrine "Katie" Schmid, one of the thousands of transgender people currently serving in the U.S. military. I'm also a plaintiff in Karnoski v. Trump, the case against the #TransMilitaryBan. Ask Me Anything! by lambdalegal in IAmA

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So a good friend of mine from military college - still serving - is transitioning male to female. While it is unquestionably odd to see your former brother walking this path, she seems far happier now, and the quality of her performance remains stellar.

I'm an old-school combat arms kinda dude, but I have zero heartache about this, and I'm with you that the medical costs should be borne by the Crown, not the member.

I'd certainly much rather serve with a happy sister than with an unhappy brother. Frankly, those that oppose you can go fuck their hat.

We are the IKEA Home Tour Squad – we help IKEA fans across the country complete a total room makeover – ask us anything! by IKEA_USA in IAmA

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This is a cool challenge! It may work a bit better to move your bed to the corner of your room, just as you enter and place the nightstand to your left side of the bed. As you enter your room, place your desk on the left wall with your bookcase on the right side of it. Lastly, place your dresser in front of your bed and mount your TV above it. DM your email and we’ll send you a quick sketch we put together