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Hello Reddit! My name is Scott Kelly. I am a former NASA astronaut, a veteran of four space flights including a year living on the International Space Station that set the record for the single longest space mission by an American astronaut, and a participant in the Twins Study.

I wanted to do another AMA because I was astounded to learn that that according to the 3M State of Science Index, nearly 40 percent of people think that if science didn’t exist, their everyday life wouldn’t be all that different. I’m here to talk more about why it’s important that everyone values science and appreciates the impact it has on our lives.

I'm ready to answer questions about my time in space, the journey that got me there (despite initially being distracted in school and uninterested in science), and hear from you about how we get more people to appreciate and recognize the importance of science.

Here's proof:

Ask me anything now!


Join us over at /r/Libertarian for this AMA starting in just 10 mins!

Hurricane Maria leveled massive devastation across Puerto Rico, and the government's response has been, in a word, awful.

The Startup Societies Foundation believes there is a better way through the use of Special Economic Zones, new technology, and private industry.

We've gathered dozens of players in the blockchain, crypto, and green infrastructure world as part of our Puerto Rico Summit at George Mason University next month.

Several of those experts are here with us today for this reddit AMA and Facebook livestream, including:

Nathalie Mezza-Garcia of Blue Frontier

Tom W. Bell of the Cato Institute

David Geeter of the Commerce Dept. of Puerto Rico

Gustavo Diaz of Restart Week

Jesse Levin of Tactivate

Joe McKinney of Startup Societies Foundation

The AMA starts promptly at 2PM, but we are starting early to give you all a chance to ask questions. If you have a specific question for someone, let us know and we'll make sure they are the ones who answer you.


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