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I am a Chinese Acrobat AMA

Hello, I am Jia Wei, from the Wuhan Acrobatic Troupe. I perform the "Icarian Games on a Spinning Wheel" Act, which won a Silver at the Monte Carlo Circus Festival. I am in the role of the flyer in the troupe, which means I am one of the lightest in the troupe to be able to be thrown, carried, and kicked around in the air, while on a spinning wheel, going up to 10 metres high. AMA!

Some photos of the act:

Some video clips of the act (Mainly of me being kicked and spun around on that wheel):

*Thank you all so much for all your questions! I had fun answering all of them :) If you have any other burning questions, drop me a message and I will be glad to answer them! It is off to training i go


I have no adrenal glands... AMA


I have very rare genetic diseases called PPNAD (Primary Pigmented Nodular Adrenocortical Disease) and Carney Complex. I had an over 7-hour long surgery in which my adrenal glands removed, when I was in 11 years old.


I had to have my glands removed, as they were over producing cortisol and causing my body to deteriorate. I gained about 50 pounds in about half a year, which was over half of how much I weighed then. I also had constant migraines so bad I would throw up. These symptoms were caused by Cushing's, which results from PPNAD. At 11, I was given the choice to have them removed or die in my early 20s.


  • I have to take Hydrocortisol and Fludrocortisone daily or I'll die (within 2-3 days).

  • I have an almost non existant immune system, which causes me to get very sick quite often. I have had 2 near death experiences just from getting stomach bugs, because my body cannot absorb my medication when I get dehydrated, sending me into "adrenal shock". My body goes into a coma like state and I am treated with the urgency of a heart attack patient.

  • I also have chronic, nightly nausea which has kept me up almost every night since I was 10. (yes. every night.) No one knows what causes it. I have been to the National Institute of Health and even they are stumped. We know it has something to do with my circadian rhythm, as it is every night at almost the same exact time (9:30-10pm). When I travel to different time zones, the nausea realigns with the same time, once I recover from jetlag.

  • Understandably, this has all affected my mental health as well.


I have a ton of freckles (username checks out) in really odd places: on my lips, inside my mouth, on my eye and eyelid, ect. It's part of Carney's.

I feel like all of this is proof enough, but here's a picture of me and a portion of my emergency medical documents. (covered over my name and other important info with sticky notes)

Feel free to ask about the condition. Most medical professionals I meet know little about PPNAD, because it's so rare, so I'm fine with explaining it in more detail. I have some pretty interesting stories about being hospitalized at a research facility, near death experiences, and living with disabilities.

So... AMA?


I make robots for a living, AMA!

Hi, I'm Szymon, founder and inventor of Turtle Rover (, which I'd love to see someday as humanity's milestone when it comes to having robots as obvious and widespread household or work-related items. Besides robots, I'm interested in CGI and ...robots - damn, this project is my life! So, if you feel like asking me anything, don't hesitate :D

Proof -


IamA (American scuba shop owners in Cozumel, Mexico) AMA!

My short bio: We own ScubaTony Cozumel. A successful, boutique scuba operation that affords us to dive when we want and meet interesting people from all over the world. I am a full cave and tech certified instructor for 17 years and Adam is my business partner.

My Proof:

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