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Don't like the new user profile pages?

r/IdeasForTheAdmins is a user-run subreddit; while we hope some of the admins read our subreddit for ideas, we the mods and most participants here are just normal everyday users, like you. This means we can't actually change how reddit works (functionally). Telling us that you dislike the new profiles isn't very useful, because we can't do anything about it.

What you can do is tell the admins in one of their official forums to voice feedback. That means posting and voting in the next r/announcements thread (here's the previous one), and in the mean time, probably using r/beta (ed: if anyone knows of a better place for this, let me know). "I don't like this" is a useful thing for the admins to hear, but it's not a useful thing to have here; we'll be removing these posts to keep it clear for more concrete ideas on how to change the site.



Delete Really Old & Inactive Users So New Users Can Get Better Usernames (Not My Idea Originally)

In practice, there would need to be a lot of ways you could prove to have an "active" account, but I think for those who truly don't use reddit, having new users get the usernames they want would make the experience so much better.

My username "journey"

ColonelSanders -Taken, obviously Colonel_Sanders-Taken _Colonel_Sanders-Taken ColSanders-Taken ColSanders1-Taken ColSanders5-Available


Ban this guy who is trolling r/ideasfortheadmins

I made this post and then he got banned. But he made new accounts and is continuing to blatantly troll on this very sub.

He is making comments faster than one person can comment. I think this must be one of those warehouses in Russia where they hire people to spread fake news or something. I seriously don't get it.


Actually ban trolls who disrespect the site with their illegal activity

I mod for every sub. Automod removed your comment for being too gay, I can see it on your profile but not this thread.

I also haven't used that alt account in a longass time, I didn't even remember it. So feel free to report lmao, I've already switched to a different main from this one

That's what u/shoutsoutmymucus said.

One of his other accounts is u/og_beeper.

He gets on Reddit for the sole purpose of spamming, and I am one of his targets.

I don't know if he has hacked Reddit or what, but this guy must be reported to law enforcement. Much of activity is actually illegal.

Aside from imposing his sexuality on others, he has actually made really serious threats, even to me.


Placeholder subs to stifle competition should not be allowed.

There are a few subs that do this sort of thing. Think of it as Reddit's copyright trolls. Mods make subreddits whose names are closely associated with the sub they're growing. They lock the similarly named ones for fear of someone doing it better. Classic hall monitor & despot syndrome. For example, imagine a sub called "numbers", the mod of that sub then proceeds to make one called "digits", "numerical", "123", etc. This is all done in an attempt to preempt and prevent any competing subs from propping up. This goes against the vision of Reddit. Sure you could make "numbersbetter" or some other wacky out of the box name, but that's not as marketable, won't stick as easily. Every sub that's made should have a good faith effort put in to actually developing it.

Mods may run a particular subreddit, but they don't own the idea that subreddit is about.


Hide the 'reply' buttons for locked posts.

I just got done writing several sentences only to be greeted with a 'lol this post is locked'.

This would help avoid the frustration that comes with writing something, only to be told you can't post it.


Have a 'Next Article' navigation menu within the comments of a post

I just would like to stay on one sub and jump from the comments section from post to post without having to leave and come back in. Nice to have, not a need to have. Thank you.


"Comment activity" should be a sorting option

It's a shame when I check new on a subreddit and see a post sitting at 0 with tons of comments. It's also a shame when a heavily downvoted comment has a ton of replies. Clearly there is something that a lot of people want to talk about but the majority opinion of the users is hiding it from being seen.

Discussion/debate subs like changemyview have a real problem with the sorting algorithm - people tend to upvote if they agree with the OP and downvote if they disagree even though the downvoted posts might provoke better discussion and be worthy of being seen by more people. I think giving users an option to sort by comment activity would help fix this issue. Mods for debate subs could make it the default system if they like.


Feature allowing users to subscribe to keywords (like the search results) along with subeditors.

Example: "Taiwan News" - all Taiwan news posts (search results) show up on your regular homepage feed - ideally it'd be sortable like your homepage already is (new, top, etc.)

Would help users find and be exposed to content they are into that we might not have a subreddit for yet.


Bring back up/down vote counts on posts. You said we'd eventually get used to it and like it. Time has proven that to be false.

I know it was always a fuzzy at best depiction due to reddit's anti-bot algorithms, but I feel once we lost the ability to at least have a feel for if a post was truly controversial or not, posts with negative karma became magnets for more frequent and more aggressive attacks. Reddit became a more hostile place, I believe, as a result of this change. In short, I know they are of little technical value but I believe they are of massive psychological value and should be reinstated because people react differently to a post that is simply at a -10 than they do to a post that is at a -10 because more than a thousand people have upvoted or downvoted it. Please change this back.


The option to hide all nsfw posts from your front page

I'm subscribed to a few (or more than a few) NSFW subreddits, and sometimes I feel like I've too many NSFW pots on my front page.

A tiny button to hide all those posts from my front page would be a great feature.


Suggestion: allow limited viewing of upvotes and downvotes

I have an idea for a moderation bot of sorts that would track a user's upvoting and downvoting and participation in a given subreddit, and control their access to that subreddit using their metrics. Basically, people who aren't attacking the subreddit with numerous downvotes get to stay.

To do this, I would need to ask people to make their upvotes and downvotes visible; however, I myself wouldn't want to make my upvotes and downvotes visible to everyone. I'm okay with them being visible to one or two people, or perhaps a bot.

For this reason, I think it would be nice to have the ability to allow specific users to see a person's upvote / downvote history.

It would be even cooler if their upvote / downvote visibility could be limited to a particular subreddit; but, I understand that's meaningfully more difficult.

Thoughts? :D


Add an optional text box to link/image posts

I want to post an image with a description that gives important context. I don't want to print this description directly onto the image file. I don't want to post the description as a comment that won't necessarily be the first thing people read after seeing the image.

Thank you.


Reddit chat API

Hey, it'd be awesome if a reddit chat API could be released so I can enjoy that part of reddit too in my favourite reddit app on iOS. It's the only thing that's missing I feel. Using the reddit app as well feels like a hassle to me and I'd much rather use just Apollo which I like more.


Ability to search your profile.

There have been times when I'm searching for something I either saved, upvoted, commented on, etc way way back and sometimes it's too difficult to sift through the hundreds if not thousands of comments, upvotes, etc that I have made. It would be nice to simply have the option to "search" our reddit history.


Democratic Moderation

Can we change to a democratic moderation system instead of the current autocratic system? Any form of democratic system where the community votes on the moderation would be a big improvement. Maybe a party system or a direct democracy would work. Or even just a way to rate the current mods of a subreddit. Thoughts?


Scrolling broken intermittently.

sigh, I was one of the last holdouts before accepting the new layout. I'm not a fan, but I understand tthings must evolve. However, the biggest problem I have is that commonly when I enter a post, I'm unable to scroll down (or up). Using Windows 10, Chrome. The only way to fix it on my side is to exit the post via the esc key or refresh the page. This didn't happen in the prior layout, but I'm willing to try suggestions.


Allowing the OP to pin their comment on their own post

I had this idea because I thought about how useful it would be for image, video and link posts as they could make titles shorter and put everything they need to say in the comments (and that comment won't get hidden).

Would this be possible?

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The arbitrary restrictions on crossposting should be removed

The restrictions I am referring to are:

  • the subreddit must have you subscribed or moderating it

  • the post rate limit.

The first is completely arbitrary, people post to subs they aren't subscribed to all the time.

The latter doesn't make sense. I mean sure, in terms of general limitations, keep it. But I think crossposting should have a far lax timer or none at all. These are meant to be shared across multiple subreddits at once, and having this timer puts an infuriating limitation.


`j` and `k` vim movement keys for comments is the best thing ever... but...

to reply to a comment you have to press `r`... since `i` doesn't do anything can we alias that to `i` to reply, as well? :D


Post specific Search options

Can we have a search button to navigate through post comments to avoid asking the same questions and finding answers sooner without scroling as much?

Sure I can search on my browser but can't on the app.


Hide images for NSFW/18+ content gets unchecked when CCleaner is run

By this I'm deducing that the option for checking that box is a cookie on my device. It would be better if it was an account wide option saved with my Reddit profile on a server instead of on my device...


Saved Posts should be separated by channel

please organize the posts we save by channel so it is easier to find old saved posts


If a user deletes their post or comment, their Karma should be adjusted accordingly

If someone deletes their upvoted post or comment, currently their Karma is unaffected. Why?

I've seen users with tons of Karma and zero posts or comments.


Make it so downvoting disables your ability to reply.

The downvote is supposed to be used to bury content that does not contribute to discussion. I see people get downvoted all the time just because someone disagrees or doesn't like their opinion. But then there will be hundreds of replies from people that dowvoted them. Clearly it was worth discussing.

If you downvote something because you dont believe it contributes to discussion then you should not be able to reply to it. If you want to reply to it (AKA have a discussion) then you can't downvote the comment/post.

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