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I'm looking for more music that gives me the vibe of being slightly intoxicated and sexy vibes, the examples I'd use are: Echo and the bunnymen - killing time Sylvan Esso - coffee Glass animals - gooey Rhye - the fall Wolf Alice - silk Stars - undertow Slacks - st south Tessa violet - dream The cure - lullaby

Obviously different genres but all have a certain vibe,any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Looking for something more subtle that kind of imitates the feelling/vibes of nature, so no rite of spring kind of stuff, closest I could find was heitor villa Lobos ( symphony 6)


I want a show to binge watch that'd be funny and have characters you get attached to. Apart from Arrested Development and IASIP, I'm already intending to start them.


Looking to get an early jump on Halloween this year and wanted to add to a playlist. Lyrics preferred, but there's plenty of instrumentals in there too. Here's what I have so far.

As you can see there's some classic ones, silly ones, and simple instrumental tunes. The only thing I'd ask is to avoid debstep-esq songs. Other than that, I'd love any and all suggestions if you have a song you think I'd enjoy!


So I’m looking for songs like “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” (P!ATD) or “Champions” and “Centuries” (FOB), but it definitely doesn’t need to be that genre. I’m looking for songs with lyrics that either pump you up for success or celebrate it.

If you can think of something that even might fit, please throw it out there!


Pretty much what the title says. Iean u want songs that criticize mindless consumerism, talk or about sexual frustration, or the advertising epidemic, or even general anti-establishment sentiment.

Note: anti-establishment doesn't necessarily mean anarchist punk songs.


I'm a huge fan of classic rock, especially progressive rock, as well as some basic grunge. But, I haven't really discovered any bands that have that sound and lyrical style that aren't 60's - 90's (i.e. bands that are still around and making music). I know they're out there, I'm just not sure how to find them.

Some bands I love, in no particular order: Rush, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton (all associated acts), some of the older works of The Beatles, Bowie, Queen. As for grunge, I haven't explored much beyond Nirvana, although I do love Our Lady Peace.

Thanks guys!


I'm aware of all the other grunge bands from that era. What I'm specifically looking for artists that fallow their style of having both very quiet and melodic sections and very loud aggressive sections all in the same song.

Examples being:

  • Pixies - River Euphrates

  • Pixies - Gouge Away

  • Frank Black - Los Angeles

  • Smashing Pumpkins - Today

  • Nirvana - Lithium

  • Nirvana - In Bloom

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


i know they're all really different shows, but i feel like i've watched every single episode of all of these series multiple times and, i hate to say it, i'm kind of bored of them. any other suggestions?


I remember an old snes game called Alundra, and similar titles like Star Tropics, Secret of Mana, and the glorious Zelda: A Link to the Past.

I'm really hoping to find a game with similar gameplay for the PS4, but the genres are so broad it's hard to really hone in.

Bastian didn't do it for me... the art and style was nice, but it was a bit too much of a beat-em-up for my taste.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


Heyo, looking for good music that doesn’t use instruments, the song that made me start looking is Interlude 1 by Alt-j. If anyone knows of some similar music please share!


Just looking for some jazz songs for some late night listening. Something that's smooth and sexy and makes me feel like I'm in some kind of noire movie. Thanks in advance.


The White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl:

Another good example is

Sex Bob-Omb - Threshold:

Basically this distinct low quality garage-y sound. I prefer new, intentionally lo-fi to just old poorly recorded punk rock.


I have some really special musics I love to share when I tell people I listen to everything, even the weirdest genre. Do you have some of that kind, that you genuinly love but you know a few people will like?



This Is Me (3:30, after the bridge, where the swelling oh-oh-oh-oh's overlap with the soloist going wild)

All These Things That I've Done (3:20, around 'I got soul but I'm not a soldier' reps)

Lollipop (2:40, the vocals don't get louder but the accompanying sax definitely goes pretty crazy)

Somebody To Love (3:40 especially, but really the entire song has that gospel choir sound)

A lot of Glee covers of songs have the kind of sound I'm talking about, but are generally done a capella without much focus on the instrumental. I'm looking for songs that have a good balance of both, with instruments kind of leading the way into the swelling vocals. Any help is appreciated!


I want to find other songs that have the same peaceful feel as the xylophone sounds they use in the song.


Looking for some house music with a little bit of a funkier flair


Old school piano beats, Chill vibes, and good lyricism. All recommendations appreciated.
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