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Hello Everyone,

It is September here so and yearly goals w.r.t fitness coming along? or have you stopped exercising? Hitting your PRs? Tried the trek route you wanted? Running a little faster than when you started a few months back?Any changes to the lifestyle to attain a more healthier approach?

Discuss your workouts and share it with others.

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Last week's issue - 14/09/2018| All Threads

Every week on Friday, I will post this thread. Feel free to discuss anything related to hacking, coding, startups etc. Share your github project, show off your DIY project etc. So post anything that interests to hackers and tinkerers. Let me know if you have some suggestions or anything you want to add to OP.

The thread will be posted on every Friday, 8.30PM.

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In an interview, Francois Hollande has confessed that Modi Govt wanted Anil Ambani as the partner on Rafale deal.

Link to the article in French -

“ We did not have any choice in the selection of Ambani, Indian govt proposed Reliance. We worked with the interlocutor that was given”.

This looks so bad on Modi now. Is this the final nail ?


I went to the office canteen yesterday and ordered a grilled sandwich. While waiting I noticed another customer casually walked to the counter and took the common ketchup bottle to his table, where a couple of his friends were eating. I got irritated. I wanted to tell him that the bottle is common and he should bring it back. Or I thought, once I get my sandwich I will walk over to their table, pour some ketchup on my plate and walk away, thinking that this passive aggressive approach would teach them lesson. I kept playing these kind of scenarios in my head on how to handle these inconsiderate jerks.

Finally my sandwich arrived, and I took it and just took it and walked away. The waited asked me if wanted ketchup.

I panicked.

I just told him I don't like ketchup so I don’t need it. And quickly ran away and ate my sandwich without the damn ketchup.

Today, I went to the canteen again and ordered the same sandwich. And I noticed the ketchup bottle was just sitting on the counter. I smiled to myself, finally I will be able to enjoy my sandwich with some ketchup!

Then when the sandwich came, I noticed it was the same waiter who served me yesterday.

I panicked.

How can I possibly pour some ketchup in front of this guy after telling him I don’t like it? I will be caught in my lie. How will I face him again? God dammit!!

I walked away again without any ketchup.

Why am I like this?

EDIT: Thank you all for the support so far. Some of you have given me some really good actionable items, which I plan on really trying.

Some of you have simple asked me to not be the way I am, which is not super helpful, I appreciate that as well.

I have had some requests to post some other similar situations I have been in, will do that soon.

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Hey Reddit: Want to write better? Eliminate grammatical mistakes, wipe out wordiness, and let your ideas shine. See for yourself why over 10 million users are hooked on Grammarly's free writing app.

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This has to be one of the most pathetic moves to gain publicity in the history of Indian politics. Do you see America celebrating the killing of Bin Laden or the fall of Saddam or Gaddafi, or Israel celebrating the Nuremberg trials?? Even though these are way, way more significant than some random airstrike?

This is like a new guitar learner recording an album of them playing the scale.


Hello /r/India

This is an UPDATE on the Sansad Watch project. I had posted about the idea here, we got a lot of response (thank you for that) and we are now working full throttle to make something of it.

We have registered Do cheggit (although there is not much on it right now.) By WE, I mean me & /u/aakash93. But we are looking for more volunteers to join us!

So here it goes.

For the first version, the idea is to create a community of Parliament vigilantes, who will be able to follow the Parliament whenever time permits. Primary objective is to create a forum where these vigilantes can post stuff they see/hear/find.

To begin with contributing, there are 3 places where help is required.


Designers and UX experts can help with improving the basic bootstrap powered layout. Right now, we are using a normal 2 column layout to show the site. Icons are powered by font-awesome, but we need some small icons, and illustrations from time to time.


Data Scientists, and engineers can help with data collection, and tagging of the same from the Lok Sabha website. Basic scrapper to get PDFs and documents is done. Only English documents are being targeted right now. We need help in categorisation of this data and NLP on the same.

/u/aakash93 has been talking to some Data Scientists already who have suggested a few algorithms we can use to give structure to the data. The idea is to present the data in a manner which is most easy to consume, and understand.


The last part for which help is needed are the beta users. From the next month onward, we will start making small features live every now and then (I'll make announcements for new feature additions here as well). We will need help to test them out and make it ready for the real world.

We have added a Chat feature on the website for now so that people can leave ideas/comments as we build the website. We will make the source code available publicly after a few months once the code contribution process is streamlined. BUT if anyone wants to contribute on the site-building end, please ping /u/Aakash93 and he will figure out how you can do it.

He told me to add this particular sentence to the post (which means no sense to me): "We are using React and Ruby on Rails as our techstack"

If you are someone who can help with any of the above or all of the above, please get in touch!

And thank you for your support Reddit India. Congrats on reading 1,50,000 subs!



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Get your Bob Ross on with the Reddit Gifts Art Supplies exchange! Sing up by October 1st to get matched!


So I was at this kid's play/entertainment place called Awesome place with my daughter and nephew. Since only one parent is allowed inside , I volunteer allowing my wife to get an hours breather.

I notice it is mostly women and their kids inside and just another fellow dad in there. We see give an understanding nod and move on. After about 15mins, the kids want to go to the open section and do some crayoning.

I make sure i am always about 5ft distance from them as my nephew is a clumsy oaf. I sort of notice that one of the parent/guardian lady is sort of looking at me and shifting uncomfortably. I mean I know a lotta of women who are uncomfortable around men like my neighbor lady in Pune who used to cover her head and walk away whenever i am in her line of sight. But here , i also notice a tinge of disdain in this lady's eyes and in a few minutes i notice this feeling is definitely towards me. I am not a fat lady whisperer , so i just shrug it off as one of the many weird things which weird people do.

After about 15mins , i notice that she removes a infant from under her clothes. Then it flashes that this lady was breastfeeding her baby there while her other kid is playing around. And was uncomfortable with men being around. Not that i cared or even noticed she was breastfeeding , i just thought she was just a fat lady sitting there and giving me death stares.

i wish I had cleared this up with her. Anyways kids had fun, wife laughed.


lets compliment the other thread.


I'm not particularly close to this specific school friend now. But I know about her life including who she's dating currently.

The pictures look private in nature. I have tried and am in the process of contacting the website and trying to take those specific pictures down. I'm, however, scared that if somebody has those pictures, nothing stops them from uploading them elsewhere.

Do I contact her myself? Do I get a female friend to contact her? Do I contact her at all? What do I do?

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