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Starting today (5/14/15) any posts with an infographic that is clearly made to promote a product, company, or website will be removed and the poster will be banned

We understand that some of you like to promote your own small website/company/etc. Unfortunately, that is NO LONGER ALLOWED.

YES, that means a few ruined it for all. At this point all posts coming through the subreddit are spam that aren't even making the effort. I'm sorry for those of you that are genuinely putting up a small website with your infographic, but the spammers and relinkers ruined that.

The links posted must be direct image links. This is a sub for infographics, but many links redirect to porn sites or other spammy websites.



OK (Won't be removed but could be better)


Notice that some of the good examples have sources or made by: - that is entirely ok! Attribution is important for the creator to get recognition - however, we do not want spam or site/company promotion.

Follow these rules. We are trying to make this a good and solid collection of infographics that isn't simply a facade for advertising.

If you need anymore clarification feel free to message the mods or me individually and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!


/r/Infographics mods    

PS: The front page might still look bad for a couple days after this post goes up - all the posts are grandfathered in. I will only remove posts posted today and after. Thanks.

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