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Welcome to the Post Episode Discussion!

S01E08 - "...And Finally: Black Bolt" Billy Gierhart Rick Cleveland & Scott Reynolds Friday, November 10, 2017 10:00/9:00c on ABC

Episode Synopsis: It's brother versus brother as the final showdown between Black Bolt and Maximus takes an unexpected turn - one with lasting consequences for all of Inhumanity.

Billy Gierhart worked a steadicam operator for many years on the television series Pacific Blue, Huff, Swingtown and The Shield, making his directorial debut on the latter series penultimate episode "Possible Kill Screen" in 2008.

His other credits as a television director include Lone Star, Terriers, The Chicago Code, Sons of Anarchy, Torchwood, Breakout Kings, and The Walking Dead. He also directed 11 episodes for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Rick Cleveland is an American television writer, playwright, and monologist, best known for writing on the HBO original series Six Feet Under and NBC's The West Wing. He has also written episodes for The Man in the High Castle, Mad Men and House of Cards.

Scott Reynolds is a writer, most known for his work on Dexter and Jessica Jones. He received two nominations for a Writers Guild of America Award for his work on Dexter.


Hey guys, just been confirmed that we can announce this. Jeph Loeb, the Executive Vice President of Marvel Television is coming on here to do an AMA on Thursday 7th June at 11am PST/2pm ET!

(Same day as Cloak and Dagger Premiere hint hint)

Proof Pic

This is a huge opportunity to ask Jeph Loeb questions about his involvement in ALL of the MCU TV shows.

Heres is IMDB to check out everything he's worked on

Please try to think up some interesting and original questions (and not just that one thing I know ya'll wanna ask)

Also this AMA was all set up by our favourite Reddit Admin, /u/Chtorrr, so send your thanks over to her!

401 points

Anyone with Hulu that wants to do a rewatch, the entire series expires in 12 days.

  • Obviously, I would petition for more budget to do the Inhuman powers properly.
  • Make Crystal a force to be reckoned with and maybe recast the role.
  • Give Karnak his powers back with no brain damage.
  • Use stilts and CGI for Gorgon and ignore the zombie storyline.
  • Let Medusa have all of her hair back by episode 1.
  • Let the fam teleport to Attilan with suits and help and get the dome back up and running in the first episode. Get the people BACK to Attilan. Move it to Himalayas if need be but don't keep them on Earth in Hawaii
  • Use a "healing ray" or whatever to revive Mordis
  • Revisit the final ominous warning from Black Bolt about the hidden enemy coming - Make it some Kree creature/team sent to eradicate them. They have to break Maximus out to help them.
  • Give Maximus the power of telepathy/Mind Control and/or technical genius like the comics
  • Maybe tie the Kree coming for the Inhumans with the AoS Kree future stuff they've been doing. Maybe a Kasius family member was originally responsible for creating the Earth Inhumans?
  • Use much more of the Kirby style for design on costumes and whatnot, like Ragnarok
  • More background inhumans, and in various shapes, sizes and colors. Think Star Trek The Next Generation alien crowd scenes, or Guardians of the Galaxy. Heck, even the Orville does it better.
  • Show more of the Royal Family. There was a Tree guy and a Lion guy and others, IIRC.
  • Maybe tie in with the MCU Cosmic side - Maybe Benecio Del Toro guest star?
  • Like the MCU films, decide what the theme of the season will be - crime drama, disaster movie, Dystopian society, etc. and not wander and get off track with things like Pot growers and militant surfers

This series was too rushed, if even had a chance of rewriting the first season, re-shot or remake something it would be great, because let's face it guys, If the shows is cancelled, so is cancelled in every situattion, including making the movie, or a reboot, or something. If it's cancelled now then there wont be anything for the series. And simply "make the series un-canon and make a movie" is just a stupid idea.

The only way we could had a chance to see the Royal Family is if the series didnt got cancelled, but as what we seem so far, it is. Remember, ABC wont renew Inhumans because the fans see's hope, they only care about profit.

But here's the thing: If the series is cancelled and there wont be anything about the Royal Family anymore, so... what will be the future of the series and the characters?

Dammit, I love the characters, the actors and everything. Is just sad that the series is bad, because it had so much potential. Honestly I wish the seires had a S1 reboot with reshots and re-writing, because is kinda nonsensical how it ended, pretty rushed and with a important plot detail from the comics which is totally scrapped in the final episode (you know what). Also, it needed more cash for make the Inhumans more... inhuman. Like Triton and how Gorgon should like after what happened to him in the last two episodes. And how the series shows the inhuman population is like a bunch of poor people which doesnt has a home instead of alien-sapiens power-strange looking.


I was wondering, as I’ve seen posts about it, if anyone successfully managed to make a re-edit of the show into two hour movie? If so could you share it, and did it make the show any better?


Hey everyone, so I was REALLY excited for this show before it came out.. then.. I heard nothing but bad about it so I never watched an episode, I've decided to give it a chance and see if it was as bad as what people say!

what do you all think of it?


Someone please explain why such a big studio went all cheap?


Cause Ansoun Mount is casted in the Star Trek Discovery s2


I know it’s hopeless at this point, but I want to know if Inhumans is gonna get its soundtrack uploaded to iTunes. I need that opening theme for my MCU theme song collection. 😫😫😫


I don't think Marvel will spend an even bigger budget to try to make a full season for them, what about a Netflix movie done right or some kind of one off crossover? I'd hate to see a reboot. What do you all think?

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Marvel's Inhumans - premiering September 2017 in IMAX and on ABC.

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