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United Healthcare has a hospital/doctor fixed indemnity insurance plan that is good. Premium depends on your age and the exact plan. Example for a 40 year old, in the range of $100/mo to $200/mo.

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Are you intending to stay in the current plan but you want to 'insure' the deductible/OOP?

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The minimum deductible to be eligible for an HSA is $1300.

My current plan pays 80% after $2000, with max OOP at $3,500.

I want to find a gap insurance which has a deductible >$1300 and can cover up to $3,500 and look at how the premiums line up. I'd figure it would be decently cheap, as the max they would pay a year is $2200.

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There is no true gap insurance to insure the deductible. You'd be better off putting away funds to cover the deductible.