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CPCU study materials

I'm thinking about taking the CPCU but had some questions about the study materials. I was planning on buying the course guide/textbook and practice exams on TheInstitutes though a lot of people here recommend using the study materials on BigDaddyU. If I buy the study materials on BigDaddyU would I still need the course guide from TheInstitutes?

Also is the practice exam for BigDaddyU done online like the ones offered by TheInstitutes?

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Commercial UW5 points·1 month ago

I took 500, 520, and 530 all in this last testing window, and I only used The Institutes online course material. I didn't use any paper of printed materials. However, I know a lot of people really like BDU, but I don't think that you would need both. I would recommend either choosing Institutes online course, BDU, or the Institutes hard copy materials instead of duplicating materials.

Commercial Underwriter1 point·1 month ago

Just curious, are you saying you didn't use the textbooks at all? Or you just didn't use the course guides (white book)?

Commercial UW1 point·1 month ago

I only used the online courses. I believe that they might contain the information from the study guide, but I don't know for sure. Each assignment is split into sections, and each section has a reading and some interactive questions to test your knowledge.

Auto Adjuster - my posts are my opinion only.3 points·1 month ago

Technically yes, if you have the experience. My company pays for the books and tests along with a study aid. I always read the books and did quite well. Other colleagues just watched the video and did the practice tests. They passed the test but didn't learn a thing.

Probably wouldn’t need the course guide. The institutes also has an APP. If you you buy the course on he app you get access to all the quiz/test questions from the online course also.

Never used the bigdaddy materials, but I know some of my colleagues swear by it for CPCU 540.

I used Big Daddy. I never felt the need to read the text or course guide

I didn’t use Big Daddy just the regular course materials, but I know some coworkers found it helpful for 540 and 530. Just know a few of the exams are pretty simple (500, 555) and minimal materials are needed.

Piggybacking off of this post so I apologize -

My employer pays for none of this stuff.

I'm finishing up the CISR courses right now and I want to move on to the CPCU courses next. It's just so expensive. I've found some used books that weren't too bad but man.. adding up the study materials plus the testing costs is a bit much.

Is there any way to do this without spending a lot of money?

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