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The /r/Political_Revolution subreddit will be hosting an AMA with Peter Jacob on Wednesday, August 23rd from 4:00 PM-6:00 PM EST.

We will post and cross-post reminders within 24 hours before the event and are happy to have Peter as an AMA guest. For now, check out our Campaign Resources Masterpost to learn more about Peter and get your questions ready!

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Welcome to a subreddit dedicated to electing Peter Jacob for Congress to represent New Jersey's 7th Congressional District.

At this time, Peter has only begun his exploratory campaign. This thread will be updated regularly to include new links and aspects of the campaign which you can use to help.


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Snapchat- Peterjacobnj

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"Let me begin by thanking you all for the support you gave me and this campaign since announcing our exploratory committee last week. The amount of calls, emails, and messages online has been overwhelming, which is a clear sign you are ready for progressive leadership.

Show your support by donating $3 before the deadline

Last night, the newly formed group, Progressive Hunterdon Democrats, held a Forum for the 7th District here in New Jersey. This event was, in some ways, the first test of the exploration process. Last night confirmed that running a campaign on compromise, on incrementalism, is not the way forward.

Medicare-for-all is supported by most Americans, and with the harsh fact that 22 million people may lose their health insurance under Trump’s Wealth Care bill, it is more important than ever to vote your values, and make sure there is health care for all, not just health insurance for some.

Republicans have shown they are not willing to work with Democrats on an issue as important as health care, so we must push for the will of the people, and work on flipping the House and Senate so that we can fight for what is right.

Tomorrow, Friday, June 30, is the first filing dead line of the campaign, and we need to send a strong message to Leonard Lance, that the people of the 7th District are ready for new leadership.

Please consider donating $3 to fight for a future where we can provide health care for all, not just those who can afford it.

In Solidarity, Peter Jacob"

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Dedicated to support Peter Jacob's 2018 congressional campaign for NJ-07.

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