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Cole snapped on 1985!!!!

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But in such a j cole way, amazing

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Exactly! Probably why it’s my favorite from my initial listen of the album.

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'Cause that's exactly what's expected when your skin black

They wanna see you dab, they wanna see you pop a pill

They wanna see you tatted from your face to your heels

Man. Cole keeping it real.

You ain't thinkin' 'bout the people that's lookin' like me and you

True, you got better shit to do

Then he follows it up with this, with such perfect flow it's ridiculous. You can fucking hear his disgust so clearly when he says you get better shit to do

Def my favorite song on this album for sure.

It has the same message as the story of o.j by Jay Z, which I think is dope

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Its no forest hills drive but I'm still a fan

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This is probably my exact opinion. I still gonna be listening to this for a while tho🔥

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The only thing separating his last two albums from being the best, in my opinion, is the simplified production. But I know it’s to emphasize the lyrics so I can’t not like them. The lyrics are some of his best. It’s hard for me to rank any of his last three albums

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simplified production?! I guess you didn't hear him on the record when he said: "I've been on a quest for the next wave "...

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Then he said “never mind that was just a segue”

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I think I like it better than FHD personally. The concept (and the execution), the lyrics, the beats, the flows. We’ll see how it ages though.

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I don't think he'll ever top Forest Hills Drive

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Kevin’s heart is so fire

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KOD = game changer.

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That line where he talked about how no one's worthy to be on his shit gave me goosebumps. So crazy he's on his 5th album now. I still remmeber when born sinner and yeezus came out on the same day. Time fucking fliess

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Imma drop the album same day as Kanye, just to show the boys I'm the man now like Wanyá

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“N I don’t mean no disrespect, I praise legends but this what’s next, the boy’s sick cant disinfect “ like gahdamn ...

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where did he say this? I wanna check it out

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Forbidden fruit

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Bruh there's 15 minutes of Leaks of the album on this sub

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I'm too hyped for this shit, I've been checking the sub on and off all day to see if anything dropped early, I'll be up all night listening

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Got me up all night

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All I'm singin is Cole songs

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This album has made me realize that the people around me are untrustworthy and don't deserve my attention. "For acceptance niggas will do anything." Photograph and the outro are a rude awakening that I think will change the relationships I have with people and end the ones that are toxic.

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Holy fuck the flow on FRIENDS

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Any truth to the rumors that Cole is actually dropping another album soon called “The Fall Off” as per his last songs title?

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We cant afford another damnation incident 😂

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bro, im still waiting for February when shit get scary when they drop.....

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I think it’s probably referring to how the mumble rappers are going to “fall off” their game eventually when people get bored of their shit rather than another album. Almost a “beginning of the end” idea.

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Edit: I take that back

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KOD is straight heat 🔥🔥🔥

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I think this'll be the one that'll finally put Cole in everybody's G.O.A.T conversation.

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I really don’t. I think you’re entitled to like the album, but I feel like a lot of people will find the album - and I hate to use this word in the context of J Cole because it’s gets used a lot - but I think a lot of people will find the album boring.

I think the album is pretty good. Nowhere near as good as Forest Hills, but I’m still enjoying it. But to say that this is the album that make people view him as one of the GOATs is a little optimistic.

J Cole stans will love the album, and that’s completely fine, and fans of hip-hop in general, like myself, will find a lot of things to like on the album, but it’s not good enough to fire him into the upper echelons of the all time greats.

My favourite track, musically, and most definitely lyrically (🔥🔥🔥) is 1985, which says a lot really, haha. I guess I’ll hold out for the next album that’s hopefully coming soon🤞

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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Well put. This is exactly how i feel about it.

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Word, well put. It's fairly common for me to take a while to get into an album, the first play through is usually "meh" because of the hype; but then I come back, listen to them individually, and I'll start to really enjoy some... But yeah; first playthrough I was hanging my head from how many times it went back to him just repeating the same phrase, over, and over. Really repetitive to listen to as an album - I'm starting to really enjoy these on their own though.

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Cole and Kendrick are the only two currently relevant rappers that should be in that conversation. Choosing between the two is so hard

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'90s - pac and big '00s - eminem and jay z '10s - kendrick and cole

every decade has a crazy duo that push the industry so much, that they get out of it and grow on their own. then you'll have the waynes, drakes, big seans, that are amazing artists, but grow inside the industry and can't brake the barrier. and to choose one (of each duo) will always be a personal choice, 'cause they're so good that it's impossible to say with certainty who is the real G.O.A.T.

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How can you forget Nas

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Preach. Nas never gets the respect he deserves. Much like J Cole...

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nuh im pretty sure Nas is given his respect. The made "the most creative LP to ever hit stores"

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Ye needs to be there somewhere

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Ye, nas, andre

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00's - to present = Kanye as well

Lyrically, he may not be on the same level. But he can't be left out of the talks of GOAT status. What he's done in the industry is unprecedented.

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oh, but that goes into a different category for me. i have a whole vision of the rap game and the people in it, so to be understood i would have to explain all. i don't care tho...

Kanye and Dr. Dre, for me, are the the ones that define culture. Dre did it with nwa, and aftermath, beats, the whole thing. Kanye did it by his music, the music he produced, his sneakers, clothes, and himself (Kanye is also a product of his). but i can't put them in the same list as other rappers because they're so much more than that, work so differently and will go down differently. that's why i don't see his work in the industry as goat material, but as a type of messiah of the game.

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Couldn’t agree more. Well said

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I'm not sure what barrier you mean, but I'm pretty sure Drake (prolly Weezy too) has broken it

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Ocean Wisdom

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forgetting someone

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Joey Bada$$ is up there as well

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Love his work so far but I️ feel like he needs another classic to get into the GOAT conversation

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Their definitely in their own lane together, no one is really fucking with them on that level, not even Drake if im being honest with you.

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Drake is no where close. You can’t be in the conversation if you have ghost writers. Same thing with sports and PEDs. Also Drake makes chart toppers not critically good music.

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I agree 100% but if there had to be a third... it’s him

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I️ see where you are coming from, I️t all depends on what your criteria for being the GOAT is. For me I️ want concepts and storytelling and other aspects of rap other than mainstream popularity. Although I️ love a lot of Drake songs, there are a lot of other rappers who I️ think have better artistic talent

Edit: Just wanted to say that I️ prefer old drake over new drake any day

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Nah I'd say joey badass

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I think their all in there own lane I've always like the 3 lane theory Hip hop:cole Hip Pop :Kdot pop:drake

It's made up in this video


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Sure Kendrick had a poppy song or two in the last album but I don’t think that makes him “hip pop”

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Songs like swimming pools tho and bdkmv

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Yes I️ agree about that, I️ guess I️ never thought about I️t like that Bc my favorite Kendrick songs are always the hip hop or experimental tracks not the somewhat poppy tracks

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Honestly I like everything he and cole do not a single album I flat out dislike

For cole I can listen to like sideline story and cole world but also like land of the snakes or foldin clothes

And kendrick from swimming pools to rigamortus and mad city it's all amazing

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I️ agree I️ can listen to anything by the two of them. My personal favorites from Kendrick though are Sherane and u

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Every Kendrick album has a different sound, and I️ can confidently say that TPAB is definitely not pop. GKMC is all hip hop.

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yeah, i’m there

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Nah I don’t think he’ll ever be in that conversation mate

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He needs at least one classic first lol

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FHD is easily a classic.

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So who do we think 1985 is dissing specifically?

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All the Lil mumble rappers

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Lil pump

Edit: wait not so sure about this, lil pump isn’t black right? So why would he talk about him like he is black.

Could also be lil yachty

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Lil (insert drug/gun reference)

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Lil pump def, but the line about being black makes me think smokepurpp, yachty, all these random ass "lil" rappers and soundcloud rappers

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Ya my first thought was pump but all the references to being black made me question it

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ATM goes harrrdddd

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So does motiv8

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So many slaps on this

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i heard something about the release being at 11:15...any truth to that?

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Yea iTunes releases stuff a little early. Happened with DAMN.

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Is it available on Amazon music?

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Dropped!! See y’all in 45

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KOD (the track) goes hard as shit oh yes

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Finished my first listen. Wow. Powerful messages over kicking snares. Hip hop needed this. Impressed after the first time through . I will need a few more listens to say without a doubt but it's as good as 2014fhd, immediate reaction. Definitely harder than 4yeo. Waiting on that Cole Kendrick album tho still!

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BRACKETS was very thought provoking. Focusing on financial standings from each level of society plus the beginning and end adding his own perspective of the fucked tax brackets was very nice. A decent glimpse away from the overall theme of the album

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Photography is 🔥

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That beat had me mesmerized

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i didnt get it? how did it fit in to this album?

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Holy fuck kod and atm so far are so good

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Window pain is probably my fav so far

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i feel like ATM is gonna get a lot of plays just not right away

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Anyone know where I can listen to the album? I recently got rid of Spotify due to religious reasons but like it's Cole and I really want to hear the album.

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if you don’t mind me asking, what religious reasons?

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I'm Muslim, music is haram(not allowed) but 95% of Muslims listen to it anyway. I recently came across the story of why it's banned and thought at the very least I should cut down.

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Its haram if you are really into it and believe it, do what the artists tell you to do or like become in a state of trance till you cant think for yourself when listening to the music. Other than that music is still fine in islam. Even the early muslims played the old drums (dk what its called) to greet the prophet if i rmb correctly

[–]NachoDipper 14 points15 points  (2 children)

Could you explain why music is haram? I'm genuinely curious.

[–]sarcasmskills 4 points5 points  (0 children)

If I'm honest I don't think I would be able to do the explanation any justice and I don't want to give any misleading information, but defo Google it my man.

Edit: here this is the the video that first made me contemplate this decision https://youtu.be/7iF0mYjsyAY

The person referred to Adam here is Prophet Adam the first human in the Abrahamic religions and this story talks about his sons. Shaytaan is the Arabic name for Satan. If you have any other questions let me know I'll try help where I can.

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Lol this dude stupid, music isnt haram.

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All music is banned?

Music is like oxygen to me, I can't imagine living without it.

As for your original question that nobody answered: if you really want to listen to it when it drops without paying for a streaming service, you'll have to either buy it from an online store like Google Play music or you can pirate it...

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Thanks man I ended up getting Amazon music 30 day free trial

For the music being haram it was to do with instruments and how music led to adultery. As for more recent times most of the artists these days have some very crass lyrics which are clearly immoral. Having said that Cole is clearly different and I would probably still listen to him acapella if I could.

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Ah yes, I forgot about the trials! That's a surefire solution!

Whispering quietly: If you need the album in MP3 format, PM me.

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The fuck thats ridiculous

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40 more minutes boys let’s go

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Is it coming out at 12 eastern time?

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Yes. Ib tweeted it was

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im nervous... why am i nervous. IS ANYONE ELSE NERVOUS!

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Does anyone know if this is going to be released in vinyl and where to get it?

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Ohhhhh shiiieeettttt mang

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FRIENDS is so good man

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J Cole albums slowly turning into Black Mirror episodes.

The man is on another level.

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Cole could be going all out on this one It might be his best

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Am I the only one that reckons this album is just fucking shit. Lacklustre beats on average hooks

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It's okay. I was hoping the simple beats to emphasize lyrics was a 4yeo phase. I just don't see we can't have another album with KOD's fire lyrics with the same banger beats that made me love FHD. If I wanted to listen purely for words I'd listen to slam poetry or something.

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The beats are meant to be simplified to emphasize the lyrics. Did you miss Cole’s first three albums? The production was top notch.

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It's just alright. Typical J. Cole. He never seems to evolve like Kendrick.

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2014 FHD was the she shit but will he out fart it...?

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instant classic

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that would be cool

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We almost there boys

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Lets gooo almost 12 am

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It’s time!!

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Choose wisely

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Just finished it and while I need to do some listens this is one of his strongest albums imo. It has both bangers like KOD and also more thought provoking songs that he's known for. Not really sure how I felt about the kill Edward features though.

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BRACKETS is quite cool, KOD is next level too

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This is a satire by J. Cole?

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The first part maybe

[–]Spleen_McQueen 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Yeah, like a satire then revelation at the end.

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7 great tracks on this tape: photograph, atm, motiv8, kevins heart, brackets, friends, window pane

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Never thought one song could relate to my messed up relationship with my mom like Once an Addict does. Luckily my dad is a superhero and plays both parent roles.

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Verse 2 on Brackets is awesome

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Pretty underwhelming album tbh.

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The cut off is pretty nice

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Bumpin the intro right now!! Cole world!

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    As you enter the symphony

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    I don't know if i liked the trap-influence on the album?

    [–]Reepicheep8 2 points3 points  (1 child)

    It's satirical

    [–]Simonkjj 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Ah, thanks

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    It’s so god damn good

    [–]Galifrae 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Friends is the best song for 420. Fuck I love J Cole

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    is it just me or does anyone hear drakes flow from started from the bottom on 1985

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    Is anyone else pretty disappointed with this album? Like I really love jcole but I was expecting more.

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    I was pretty disappointed until I changed the order of the tracks. Realized I hated the order not the songs themselves.

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    First time listening to J Cole. Really impressed with KOD. It kind of reminds me of Damn. though. Which isn’t bad. But it has an overall production & tone similar to Damn. Production is great. Really solid album as a whole. Not at all what I expected.

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    He really snapped with FRIENDS, wow. so much truth in that song. Once an Addict is great too. Both of those are def in my Top 10 Cole.

    The rest...is good to average, lacking greater meaning for me for the most part. I think this is his most underwhelming record for sure.

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    kill edward is 100% unimpressive. THATS who he chooses for his sole feature?

    [–]parkerjg13 16 points17 points  (2 children)

    Kill Edward is J Coles voice pitched down FWIW

    [–]two30s 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    ahh makes sense. nonetheless- could DEF do w/o this “alias”.... Cole seems to have got lost in a whirlwind of social consciousness, but has been unable to translate that into GOOD music. too preachy, w lackluster beats. im gonna start calling Cole “Nas 2.0”. he may be able to take the crown from nas for the best rapper w the worst best selction at this point.

    love Cole- super talented - but this one let me down just about as much as Logic did w “Everybody”... & that’s saying something.

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    Cole is definitely Nas 2.0. One amazing album but other than a few gems here and there, pretty overehelmingly average. The sad thing is that J. Cole could absolutely be top 10 if he takes time to put some polish on these albums.

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    so much for triple platinum with no features /s

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    Photograph has a ski mask the slump godish flow

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    Good Lord, The Cut Off

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    Window pain - outro...sheeeeesh🔥🔥

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    What does kevins heart sound like, its too reminiscent of another track from somewhere

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    Thought that about Photograph too, like I had heard it before. Loving the album after one listen...

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    Anyone who disses him after this album is jealous

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    Great album overall, just wish it'd be more like an hour.

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    What song is kevins heart reminiscent of?

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    DOPE . Lit beats and every line a reason to contemplate.

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    Anybody got a link to that purple pic that he had up on twitter??

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    Photograph seemed like a filler song to me..

    Was it anything that i missed?

    I get that its about how obsessed we are with social media etc. but didnt quite see how it fit into this album

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    I’m old and out of touch with music but I’ve always liked j cole, is this album worth buying?

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    i love it so far, think it’s worth it

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    Not really feeling it sadly. Hate to agree with the criticism of Cole but I find this album a little boring and flat.

    4 Your Eyez Only wasn't my favorite from him but in retrospect compared to everyone else it was still one of the best rap albums I've heard. The title track is a career highlight, some of the other songs like Changes and Immortal are awesome, he has some goofy or fun songs like Neighbours and Foldin Clothes or talks about love in songs like She's Mine. It's a great album. I feel like he is sitting on a pedestal trying to preach to rappers below him in this one or making his production basic like theirs. Idk, maybe it will click in later. The ambition is clearly there with KOD and he seems to think it's great, just that it means Kids on Drugs, King Overdosed and Kill Our Demons at once is a lot to unpack

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    that incessant descending riff on Window Pain was totally unnecessary

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    kod and atm could pass for logic songs

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    I'm giving it a 2/10, if not, 1/10. I'm so sad about how it turned out. What a waste 😞

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    Yeah this dude an Illuminati sell out

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    the perfect album to help me sleep tonight