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Posted by
The Immortal Iron Fist
3 months ago
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Season 2 Episode 1: AKA Start at the Beginning

Aired: March 8, 2018

Synopsis: While Jessica deals with a rival PI and a paranoid would-be client, Trish digs up a medical file that could unlock the mystery of Jessica's powers.

Directed by: Anna Foerster

Written by: Melissa Rosenberg (created by)

No spoilers for any other episodes in this thread.

Posted by
The Immortal Iron Fist
3 months ago
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Feel free to talk about anything regarding season 2 of Jessica Jones below! If you want to discuss a certain episode click on any one of the links for the episode you want!

Warning: potential spoilers/spoilers for all of S2 below

We all have been waiting a little while for season 2 of this show!

Happy binging to all of you!


I'm curious if anyone else notices this. Does it seem like the series gets a lot less money than the other netflix shows(except maybe Punisher?)? Like its bare bones by comparison, particularly the 2nd season. Not a lot of use of her super powers also and not much fighting by comparison. Do you think it's because she's a woman? That they focus on more emotional stuff than with the other netflix super hero series?


For context, I am wondering why there is mention of a scene with Jessica Jones and Cheng in summaries i've seen, but in the episode, I do not see such a thing at all. The episode starts out with Jessica and an older woman in a RV. Am i watching the same thing as others? So confused.

Note: it starts with tape sounds and Jessica waking up to the older woman and the episodes revolves around them, then escaping the police, etc. I think I watched the last episode first without knowing it. :(

Is there any hope to get enjoyment out of it now?


Hi everyone -

Jessica Jones (codenamed Violet) was shooting in South Slope today! It has begun. Also, it was in a bar covered in black tarp, so nothing was visible.


I would be interested in a straight Jessica Jones podcast, or podcasts that touch on Jessica Jones as a stand alone or in the Defenders.


S2 E11 David Tennant quote:

"Much the addictive work product for certain Doctors recently, lad."

At about 18 minutes in.

I made a record of this my text alert on my phone. I could bother to post a wav if you want one or get a better clip directly and post it for me! I just replayed the scene about a hundred times to record it perfectly with my phone.

David Tennant is my favorite Doctor Who so hearing this from him got me moment I heard him say it.


Seriously, I don't get her moping at all. Sure, she was raped by Killjoy but why does she blame powers for that? If she didn't have powers she would probably be dead instead, how is that better? And why is she blaming that doctor who is clearly a good guy in this story?


I'm mostly using this as a ranting place for this episode. I'm currently attempting to watch S1 E9 "AKA Sin Bin", and, maybe I'm to sympathetic, but I can't handle what Jessica is doing here. I hate it when a person, hero or villain, abuses trust, I also hate it when a character, especially the one we're supposed to be rooting for (which has temporarily stopped), taunts someone's traumatic past. Even to that bastard Kilgrave. I also felt incredibly bad for him in this one. He's probably playing his case (I had to stand up) but seeing anyone curled up in a corner dealing with psychological torture. I hate him, but it was slowly breaking me seeing someone like. I know what he did to her, but I'd much rather've seen him 6 feet under than 1 inch deep in electrified water.


What kind of storylines would you guys like to happen in season 3? What should the characters (Jessica, Horgath, Trish etc..) be doing this time?


In S2 its brought up a lot of how Alisa is double Jessica's strength but they got it the same way. Do you think this a way of them foreshadowing her strength to increase or that Jess is somehow supressing her strength out of guilt? It could also just be for some reason shes stronger than jess just because but upon rewatching both s1 and s2 aswell as defenders it seems like they are hyping up Jessica to get evem stronger or maybe even fly. I also could just be a comic fanboy and want the over the topness the comics bring lol. Thoughts?


If Phillip Jones (Jessica's brother) was the relative that survived the car crash with Jessica instead of her mother; Alisa?

Going back into Season 1, Jessica showed quite a lot of regret for not being the best sister to Phillip, her feelings for him were so strong she couldn't even bare to go into his room when Kilgrave redid her childhood house.

I personally loved what they did with the Jessica/Alisa dynamic, but I can't stop thinking about how cool it would've been to watch a sister and brother as grown ups bonding over losing their parents and how their years separated from one another has changed them. Plus I think Phillip and Trish competing over which sibling is better for Jessica would've been more tense. (I know we already saw that with Trish and Alisa, but I just think it would be more powerful.)

On a side note, I guess Malcolm already projects the brother figure that Jessica treats him as. What do you guys think?


got a song suggestion for y'all then...

Superhuman by Slender f/Eric Leva (Spagg Heddy Remix)

either way, i feel that this song totally could represent Jessica.


Matt Murdock.

Jessica's dynamic with Matt was one of the few things I loved about The Defenders miniseries, and Charlie Cox/Krysten Ritter's chemistry feels very natural. Despite how their interactions were a little short compared to Luke and Danny's, their relationship actually developed a lot from the little time they spent together (From not being very fond of one another to caring and understanding each other). Much like Luke and Danny, they're both very different from each other but they actually share lots of similarities and I think there is more to explore between them.

I don't want them to become a couple, but I want both of them to have a very deep friendship paralleling to what Luke and Danny have in the comics and are starting to develop in the shows.


Look at Trish in S1. She's a good-natured, kind, and tough female character. She wants the best for Jessica, and she wants Jessica to be a hero. Trish is a fun, likable protagonist....except, when she got her hands on Simpson's pills. See, S1's fixation on Jessica's conflict with Kilgrave means that one crucial detail got overshadowed: the fact that Trish is an addict. She's a former addict that is doing well, but still an addict none the less. And that’s something that never leaves you. In taking Simpson's pills, Trish got a high that she had never had before, the high of having powers. And that kind of high, that feeling of having the whole world in your grasp? Now that’s a high that you can’t let go of. But the crash down back to earth, that hurts. You’re a god and then you are a mere mortal. Cut to S2. Trish is now a woman on a mission, to expose the truth of IGH at any costs. She wants them to pay and she does this for Jessica? No. Trish does this for herself, to find that high again. Because if she can save a god, then she is one too. Sure, Trish still cares about Jessica, like family, but she wants that rush of being a hero. How bad does she want it? She wants it so bad that she is willing to take a drug she doesn’t even know anything about to “help” Jessica. She doesn’t even hesitate. And then she is hooked. She has power again. And it controls every aspect of her life. She is addicted again. So she is a woman obsessed and addicted, and that’s a dangerous combination. And addicts will do anything to justify their addiction. "I need it," "it’s for the best," "it isn’t so bad", Trish uses all of those excuses. They don't change that Trish is an addict. And addicts will go to great lengths to feed their addictions. And Trish has a powerful addiction. One that's so strong, she tries to get Karl Malus to give her a dangerous surgery to give her powers. She says it’s for Jessica, but that turning point, that moment, when she kidnaps Malus to give her powers, that’s when it’s obvious about what Trish wants. She wants to BE Jessica. Moreover, she thinks she can be better. But when it goes south, she still can’t give up. If you can’t get powers, she can have them for a second. Trish's addiction proves to be a struggle and it’s ultimately a battle she loses. Her addiction made her a murderer. And that’s something she’ll have to deal with. She might become Hellcat, but she got that through her addiction. She has blood on her hands and it will never wash off.


What real life pop star do you think could cover this Patsy(Rachel Taylor) song from the show best???

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