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I started season 6 tonight and in the first two episodes Ava shows a lot of cleavage she hasnt shown before. She also doesnt have a scar where Dickie shot her in the chest any more, at least in episode 2 she doesnt


It started as a joke, but it's such a good show that everyone on the sub loves it now.


Walton Goggins is on FIRE. I dont see Tim on anything.

Sidenote: Who here watched Six?


To start I rank the seasons:


2: Bennett family is definitely my favorite crime family. Dickie Bennett is a hoot to watch (and his "school yard" friendship he makes with Dewey is even better). The scene where Rayman faces off with Coover is one of the most intense in the series.

1: I know it gets a lot of flak for being monster of the week but I think the villains here all had some flavor to them. Not all, but most. The scene where Art Chase's down the old man only with both of em ending up on the ground winded is heart warmingly good. And Episode 8, Hatless, is probably my favorite episode of the series.

4: Dixie mafia finally showing up and throwing weight is something we've been waiting for a while and Nicki Augustine is great. Add to that Constable Bob being a great sidekick to Raylan (and a tough son of a bitch). Drew Thompson was getting a bit dragged on but it went over well. And you gotta love Ellen may and her sad puppy dog eyes. Though this is the season they started mentioning sodas and showing off beers and whiskey. Forced product placement is always jarring.

6: The showdown between Boyd and Raylan was good, but Raylan going rogue and then it all bring glossed over after Vasquez made a show was kinda strange. I liked the military crew Markham had but I also liked Boon. Crazy kid but another creep hitting on Loretta. Good to see Raylan met his match. Lots of cleavage shots of Ava this season which was nice I guess. Kinda odd considering they never focused on that before.

3: Limehouse just seemed too stereotypical of a black hillbilly boss. Though Nobles as a whole is cool and Quarles was decent I think it wasn't all that much entertaining.

5: Honestly skippable. The crowes aren't that interesting and nothing happens that really brings you in. Boyd going to heroine and Mexico was dull. On top of that he fails Mr. Yoon and Alberto dies yet suddenly he's off the hook? I imagine Yoon would send more men to find out what happened. Raylans girlfriend of the season is also a bore. Was kinda hoping he would bang Wendy Crowe. Art getting shot is about the only thing that matters.

Love the show. Would probably rewatch seasons 1 and 2.


NPR has this podcast Embedded, the current season is about coal and coal miners, and so Kentucky has made appearances throughout.

A new one came out today, Coal Stories 4, that has a really cool connection to Justified.

It opens up with a story about how a small part of the largely white Harlan County became home to a lot of black families, who all settled in the same part of town.

Part of the reason is that way back when coal was huge, there was this skinny white guy who would drive his pickup truck down to Alabama. He would offer coal jobs to black folks working as sharecroppers and drive back to Harlan County with whoever wanted to come in the bed of his truck, which was also frequently filled up with salt, sugar cane, or corn. He would set them up with jobs as miners, and when they paid off their debt to him, he would drive back to Alabama to get their wives and kids.

The skinny white guy with the straw hat who recruited all these black families and brought them to Harlan: his name was Limehouse.

Anyway, I thought it was a neat connection and hope you guys like it too. It is all in the first couple minutes of the episode if you want to listen (the whole episode and this series has been very interesting). It makes me really curious about other historical connections. I caught a bunch in Harlan County, USA. I bet there are more.


First Dr. Pepper, then Diet 7 up, Mr. Pibb, mountain dew, Jack Daniels and stellas taking screen time.

It's getting pretty jarring. I'm at episode 12.

I thought this was the final season so I thought it was a cash out move. Hopefully season 6 gets better


I've been rewatching Justified these last few weeks and finally got to season 5. Dewey Crowe got his $300,000 and all was good. Then I saw Michael Rapaport and had a bad feeling.

No I have nothing against the guy. I've enjoyed him in other roles but god damn his attempt at a Florida accent is just horrible. I remember it being bad but forgot just how bad it was.

I don't know how he got the role. Whoever was in charge of casting him deserves some sort of punishment. The person who went through with airing these episodes after seeing him on screen and hearing that accent deserve some sort of punishment.

Am I being too harsh?


Does anybody know where they can be purchased?

I know the show auctioned them off when they finished, but I'd like one of my own if at all possible.

For reference this is the poster.

Posted byu/[deleted]1 month ago

I looked at the wiki and only see the "No. Not for the money..." line but it was never explained why he did what he did. Judging by his actions later in the season he seemed like a psychopath


I am honestly a little sad that the other Marshals aren't really getting a lot of time and story. Don't get me wrong I really like Raylan and the ilk his life has connected him with; however, I got to say I really want to learn more about Deputy U.S. Marshal Tim Gutterson and Rachel Brooks.

I have just finished Season 2 Episode 11 so maybe this does get done, but I am definitely wanting to see more.


He served no narrative purpose after he got shot and retired. His role in season 6 could just as easily have been done by Rachel. I think Justified in general was a little too shy about killing their main characters.


Something I noticed with Boyd and Limehouse is that Boyd talks normally around people he knows, but uses fancy vocabulary and obscure literary references when speaking to outsiders. On the other hand, Limehouse speaks to strangers in a country bumpkin drawl, but sounds much sharper and more intelligent when things get dangerous.

Kind of shows how Boyd feels the need to impress everyone, while Limehouse just uses every advantage he can get.


And really liking this so far. I work from home so discovering a new show with this many seasons is a real treat! Hopefully people here are still looking and interested in talking show with me as I make my way through it!


hates his way of speaking at first but have grown to love it and i love when other characters bring it up but boyd said "ive been accused of a lot of things, being inarticulate is not one of them" made me laugh because of how true it is. any other good quotes that stood out?

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